Museum Piece, Movie bike actual, Yamaha XJ650 Seca Turbo 233 actual miles.

1982 Yamaha XJ650LJ Turbo

Price: US $8,500.00
Item location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States
Make: Yamaha
Model: XJ650LJ Turbo
SubModel: Seca Turbo
Year: 1982
Mileage: 233
VIN: JYA16G0002411
Color: Gray
Engine size: 650
Vehicle Title: Clear
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For more pictures visit my website or my Facebook (Sam's Cycle Service).Click the video to watch the bike running!

Museum piece out of a time capsule!Actual James Bond film use!Yes 233 actual miles.Please only bid after you:1.have calculated your pick up or delivery costs.2. You have read this entire ad.3. You have clear and available funds.With a minimum $500.00 deposit I will end this auction immediatly for $12500.00 plus DMV fees and tax if you are in California. If it first bids above $12500.00 then the auction will resume and it will sell for the high bid price onJune 1st at 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.Yes you read that right. This bike has 233 miles actual on it. I put on ten test miles my self after fully servicing it.This is one of 3 Seca Turbo's that Yamaha Motor Corp. Amsterdam location gave to the movie producers for use in the James Bond / Shawn Connery / Never Say Never Again film of 1983. My friend was involved in this film and ended up with all 3 of them. Two were modified and ridden hard as seen in the Youtube video Never Say Never Again Car Chase. He said that one of the modified bikes kept blowing the front tire off the rim when they jumped it out of the truck as seen in the Never Say Never Again car chase on Youtube. The stunt completion required dressing up a Yamaha XT550 to look like the silver Turbo bike in order to jump it and keep the front tire on. This very bike that I am selling was a standby bike that was left all stock and was not jumped or harmed.Back in 1999 I had bought 2 of the 1982 Yamaha XT550's from him that were also used in the film. I sold those 2 back in 1999 and they had less than 50 miles on them.I bought this bike from my movie industry friend Lee Faulkner. He was nice enough to write and offer up this very unique and interesting history of this rare bike.This part was written by him:


Staring Sean Connery and Kim Basinger

This was the only Independent Bond film made with Sean Connery as 007.

The film was produced in 1982 by Jack Schwartzman with private financing . Distributed in the U.S and Canada by WB.

I arranged for Nippon Herald Films of Japan to acquire the Japanese Distribution Rights for $5000000 . This was the first investors in the financing of the film .

I had known Jack Schwartzman for 15 years when he was a lawyer for Ringo Star . Ringo was one of the first Major stars to make commercials for me in Japan.

My name is Lee Faulkner my company produced commercials for Japan with major film stars like Sean Connery Paul Newman Kirk Douglas Ringo Star Sylvester Stallone just to name a few also I rep. one of the Major Japanese Film Distribution companies ( Nippon Herald Films) . My other company did product placement in films . Sean Connery was one of my clients . Sean had heard that Yamaha had a new Turbo Bike (XJ650) . He had only seen photos of the bike and through it would be good to have it in the film. He ask me if I could contact Yamaha main office in Tokyo Japan because of my connections with the advertising company Dentsu Advertising Agency whom Yamaha was one of there clients.

Dentsu and (Nippon Hearald Film Invested in the film for the Japanese Distribution Rights )both helped me convince Yamaha company to give us three(3)of there new Turbo XJ650s

Yamaha did not want to ship the bikes from Japan to Europe.

The main office ordered the European office located in Holland to give me the three bikes that were need.

I then flew to Amsterdam Holland to the head quarters for Yamaha in Europe to make arrangement for the Bikes to be send to Monte Carlo Monaco.

Two of the Bikes were painted and the 3rd one was a back up bike.

The two bikes that were used in the film were both wrecked because of the Jumps the bikes were too heavy .

The Back up Bike was shipped to Los Angeles in case we need to do any pick up shots that might be needed.

My company did Product place in the following films:

“ Back to the Future “ JVC Video Camera used by Michael J. Fox

“ Rocky lV “ Everything in the film

“ Miami Vice” Hugo Boss suites

These are just a few of the films that my company did product placement inn.

If anyone has any questions they can contact me at the following :

Lee Faulkner


My name is Sam Plonski of Sam's Cycle Service Inc. I have been servicing and selling quality and unique motorcycles from this same Southern California location since 1976 and full time since 1982.I am just thrilled to have been given the opportunity to put wind back into this Turbo bike and show it some actual daylight.March of 2015 I personally reveled this gem by removing boxes and personal storage items like Japanese furniture from the 1960s to 1980s from Lee's climate controlled storage building in Palm Springs Ca. I was shocked when I grabbed on to the grips to roll it. The grips felt like I was holding a brand new bike. The front tire had no air in it but pumped right up and held with no visible dry cracking noticed at that moment. We found the keys I loaded it up and took it to my shop for inspection. I was dumbfounded not just by the odometer reading of just over 200 miles but most of all the shine I could see inside the gas tank with my flashlight. This bike does not have one single speck of rust anywhere on it! The seat condition was and is mind boggling soft just like the grips and other rubber items. Even the rubber battery strap looks and stretches like it was on the showroom floor and I was back in 1982. Please see over 100 pictures and watch my video and the Never Say Never Again car chase video on YouTube.In my Pictures I show the minor blemishes from years of storage. I also point out the title in my name labels anditems like the little rubber vibration damper that is still hanging on to the left side of the motor with the original glue.My storage revival went as follows:I removed the tank carburetors and spark plugs. Just to be on the safer side I sprayed a full can of WD40 into the spark plug holes and intake manifolds. With a jumper battery and a towel draped over the top of the valve cover to keep WD40 from shooting everywhere I cranked then engine and blew compressed air into the intake manifolds. Once clear I took a compression reading and found perfection with no more than 3 PSI variation between the 4 cylinders. The ignition spark looked hot so I cleaned the turbo oiler check valve and found that it did not actually need to be cleaned. I exposed the turbo enough to check and lube it. Again all like new. I broke down the carburetors completely and was pleased to see that there was only minor varnish at the bottom of the bowls. The float needles were stuck but they came out with a little gumout spray. I replaced them with new ones. I used all new rubber gaskets and o-rings I was surprised when the slides came right out and the rubber diaphragms looked new and still soft. I attribute this great condition to the fact that there was no sugar(ethanol) in our gas back in 1982. You can read my storage warning on my website if interested.I completly rebuilt the carburetors after 20 minutes in my newSharperTech 10 gallon Ultrasonic tank. I did the same with the petcock and other fuel related items.I installed new OEM factory Honda fuel hose and clamps. I installed a new Yuassa battery.I powered up the fuel pump and watched it pump about a half gallon of fresh VP C9 fuel into a catch bucket. I put the fuel system back together and added 2 gallons of ethanol free VP C9.The front brakes were sticking a little so I removed the master cylinder and the calipers and rebuilt them. Again I was surprised that all the internals looked good and I probably could have simply bledthe brake system. I also did the very 1st oil and filter change final drive / Hypoid oil change and air filter. I did put the original spark plugs back in as they looked like new. I removed the clutch lever to grease the pivots at pressure lubed the cable.During the detail protect and shine routine my daughter Paige looked closer at the tires and noticed that yes there is some expected yet very minor dry surface cracking on the tires. The bike was properly stored on the center stand. If you are planning on riding this bike far you may want to replace the tiresjust to be on the safer side. If you are a collector then you may want to leave them stock original.I have a new California title in My business name Sam's Cycle Service Inc.We did find the old registration card with the VIN and my film industry friends name on it.I also have his business card as he is still involved in the film industry.He is currently working on a film to be named "A Warriors Heart" which I think was part inspired bythe recent success of American Sniper.He has offered to answer any questions that anyone may have on this unique and interesting history.

Title and Registration

We have the clear title shown in the last picture. I am licensed and bonded with the California DMV. I am also a licensed vehicle verifier. If you are in California then I will also collect the sales tax of 8% plus $120.00 registration fee plus a document preparation charge of $65.00. I will give you a temporary registration permit on the spot and your new registration will come to you in the mail. You will not stand in line at the DMV and there will be no surprises. If you are outside of California and you ship by common carrier then you will pay only the purchase price and I will hand you or mail you the title. I must have a copy of the shipping contract from the driver when picked up or a bill of lading.Without proof of shipment via common carrier I would still need to collect the 8% sales tax.Bid with confidenceCheck my healthy 100% positive eBay score. Your satisfaction is just as important to me as is my reputation. Since 1976 I have been in this same Southern California location near Palm Springs and 40 + hours per week since 1982 asSam's Cycle Service Inc. I have well over 30 years here selling and servicing thousands of quality used motorcycles and ATV'sThis is not my website. This auction is linked to my eBay store and shows my eBay score.PaymentI require a minimum good faith deposit of $500.00 immediately through Pay Pal or over the phone at my shop. If you somehow missed this then please contact me by e-mail or phone within 24 hours of winning my auction.Phone is 760-343-3131 My preferred method for the balance due is cash in person or to use my credit card terminal here at the shop but what ever you are comfortable with will work as long as funds clear my account within 10 days of the auction end and also before pick up or delivery.Please do not pay in full through Pay Pal as the fees are too high.To clarify legitimate intent method of delivery and payment please contact me within 24 hours after winning a vehicle from my auction or using buy it now. If you are new to eBay or have a feedback score rating of zero or less then please contact me before bidding or using buy it now. Sorry but because of spamming I would otherwise cancel your bids.If you don't have a pay pal account I will accept a credit card payment at my shop for the required minimum good faith deposit of $500.00 or payment in full.If I don't receive at least the good faith deposit within 48 hours I will assume buyer default. I would then re-list the item and send negative feedback. SHIPPINGI have sold and assisted with shipping of motorcycles all around the world.No charge to deliver to a local shipper or your home if less than 25 miles. For a fee I may also be willing to deliver if less than 150 miles each way. I will deliver to San Diego area or Los Angeles area for $175.00 paid in advance.Most shipping services do not require crating and many specialize in motorcycle transportation and do not require crating.Most of them quote a fair door to door price.If not I can deliver to your shipping company if arranged and paid in advance.Remember I am here to assist and once paid in full I can store your motorcycle inside my shop fully insured for free up to 60 days.I do have a loading dock and will be here to meet YOUR chosen shipper at 34044 Bob Hope Dr. Rancho Mirage Ca. 92270Phone: 760-343-3131 Sam PlonskiYou can find these shippers on the internet for your shipping costs:Fun TransportHaul bikesI have also used these smaller shipping companies before with good success. You can try them.Wayne Rants phone: (805)-889-7398.Transport Service phone: (909)-900-8288.Motorcycle Transport Mike Gregor phone: (714)-920-9877Mountain Transport Inc. Micheal Considine phone: (562)-228-9309

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