1979 Yamaha IT 175 F Dirt Bike Enduro Complete Very Nice Many New Parts Street

1979 Yamaha Other

Price: US $786.00
Item location: Wentzville, Missouri, United States
Make: Yamaha
Model: Other
Type: Dual-Purpose
Year: 1979
Mileage: 4,029
VIN: 2W6000684
Color: White
Engine size: 175
Vehicle Title: Clear

I am the second owner of this 79 IT 175. Everything works and there are no issues that I know of. Always starts on the first or second kick when warm, nd on the second or third when cold (choke is functional). It is currently inspected, icensed, nsured, nd street legal here in Missouri
I bought this locally with the intention of teaching my girlfriend how to ride a motorcycle, ut after one lesson she lost interest. I then decided I would put some tlc into it and just use it to do some trail riding and to zip around town on. It definitely served that purpose well, ut after a few weeks, started to realize that I wasn't making the time to ride it, nd I hate to just let it sit in my garage.
This is a engine/frame matching numbers bike, nd the original owner told me it has never been rebuilt, r the engine removed (but I cannot confirm that). This is a remarkably solid non-rusted bike. The title is free and clear and in my name.
I have spent lots of money that I know I will never get back, estoring and replacing any parts that needed to be done, o get the bike where I wanted it to be.
The Yamaha It's where not a full blown enduro motorcycle, o this did not come factory with a battery, linkers, tc... like a typical enduro would. I wanted it to be street legal for here in Missouri, o I added a functional adjustable mirror on the left side, 12v (very loud) horn, nd brake light switches from a 1979 Yamaha DT Enduro. All of these additions are a simple bolt-on, nd can easily be removed if desired. For the front brake light switch, simply swapped out the lever housing from the DT, ut I kept the original lever, nd it will be included with the sale.
Some other miscellaneous parts will go with it. light bulbs, gaskets, ail light lens, anual, tc.
The original fairing/number plate is also included, removed it because I didn't like how it looked with it installed.
If your looking to do a mint original restoration, his would be a very easy one for you. I am not a expert on these IT's, ut I cannot find anything that is missing that I know of.
Parts I added to make it street legal:
Since it did not come factory with a battery, nd just used a 6 volt lighting coil for the front and rear headlight, added a 6 volt regulator for a little extra insurance for longevity of the bulbs. I made a bracket to mount the regulator that used a existing hole for the side cover, o no holes where drilled to mount it. I have installed a brand new OEM Yamaha Lighting coil, o the bulbs are nice and bright.
Instead of converting the bike to a 12 volt system for just a horn and brake lights, added a small 12volt battery in the rear storage compartment to power a 12 Volt LED rear brake light, nd a 12 Volt Horn. The LED brake light is just snuggly wedged inbetween the license plate and the tail light, nd it will NOT fall out. No holes where drilled in the fender to mount it. For the horn I made a bracket that utilizes the fuel tank mount, o no holes where drilled in the frame to mount it.
The battery has a standard plug for any battery tender/maintainer, nd can go weeks or months before needing a recharge. A new battery will cost around $30 from battery plus, ut I bought the battery thats on it a little over a year ago, nd it is still like new.
I also added a rear license plate bracket for a license plate.
I had brand new matching DOT approved Michelin tires installed on 8/28/14, nd they have about 10 miles on them. The little nubbys haven't even wore off the center of the tires yet. Also had new tubes installed and have the receipts.
I had new fork seals and the forks serviced at the Yamaha dealer on 5/20/14 and have receipt for that also.
The seat had a rip in it, o I had it professionally recovered with the correct 1979 IT 175 seat cover. Also a new correct year rear storage bag was installed.
The tank, enders and side covers where originally light blue from the factory, ut the fenders had a couple small cracks, o I replaced them with brand new white fenders. The tank and side covers where sanded, rimed, ase coat and clear coated professionally white by a local body shop. The stickers are new and correct for the 1979 IT's, nd the tank stickers are the more expensive ones that resist gas pealing better (bought here on ebay). There where some bubbles that emerged several days after the tank being painted, o I poked a hole in them with a safety pin and they went back down, nd paint job still looks very nice.
The chain is not new, ut I removed it and cleaned/re-lubed it because all the links where in excellent shape with no sticking or binding.
Since I am 6'1 and 215 lbs, he original rear shock and spring where too soft for me, o I had a spare 1979 IT 175 shock redone by Race Tech out in California. Cost for that alone was $650. I will also include the factory original shock and it is still in great shape.
The bike had been sitting in a garage for a long time before I got it, ut thankfully the original owner had drained the carb before storing it, o all it really needed to get up and running was a couple new gaskets, ew spark plug, ew air cleaner, nd fresh fluids.
Any parts that I had to remove for one reason or the other, would sand blast, tch prime, nd repaint.
Any bolts that looked a little rough where replaced with correct sizes, nd I always chased the thread holes with a tap.
New gaskets and hoses where replaced where needed. The Gear shift o-ring is one of the gaskets I changed.
Brand new speedo cable, nd the odometer works as should.
Brand new fuel pet-cock that has built-in filter for main and reserve.
The off/on hi/low headlight/tail light switch works perfectly.
Inside of the the tank is super clean.
Front and rear brakes are adjusted and work perfectly.
Brand new tail light and I will throw in spare new bulbs, ut I've never had to replace any yet.
Brand new rear rubber shock mud flap.
I have rode this in 30 degree temps and 90+ temps, nd it has never failed me.
This is a 6 speed with the ultra low first gear. I have had it up to 60 mph a couple times, ut never faster than that.
Clutch is recently adjusted and works correctly.
I just did a fresh oil change with Yamaha gear oil to it.
Everything works on it! I cannot think of anything negative to say about this bike.
Again, his is not a restored bike, nd has never been apart, o if your looking for a mint condition restored 175 IT, his is not that. She just wants to be rode!
I'm sure theres other new parts and things I'm forgetting to mention, o I may update the auction if I think of anything else.
I have a link to many more pictures, nd one video, ere: http://s1104.photobucket.com/user/stormpatchkid/slideshow/yamaha
I have never shipped a motorcycle and would really prefer not to. I would prefer you to pick it up so you can inspect the bike in person, ut, f you are experienced in buying/selling motorcycles and working with shipping companies, will try to help you out best I can. I do have a enclosed trailer that I can use to deliver it locally to a shipper.
A paypal deposit of $10 is required at the end of auction, est of payment must be in cash or certified money order.
I will have clean title and bill of sale.
Let me know if you have any questions. I am also more than happy to talk to you about any questions over the phone.

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