2005 05 Yamaha Vstar V-Star V Star 1100 Classic Every Option + Tons Upgrades

2005 Yamaha V Star

Price: US $3,950.00
Item location: Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Make: Yamaha
Model: V Star
SubModel: 1100 Classic
Type: Cruiser
Year: 2005
Mileage: 18,000
VIN: JYAVP11E75A074045
Color: Black / Gold
Vehicle Title: Clear

You ask: Why is my description so long compared to others? The answer is that if I'm just selling a stock, are-boned V-Star, here really isn't much to put in the description, ecause anyone can just pull down the specs from the internet. My listing, n the other hand, s for a very special V-Star that has so many upgrades that it takes some time to present to the discerning buyer.
Why so many upgrades, ou then ask, nbsp;well, y friend, ave you ever sat in your car and look at all the blank punch-outs on your dash? You know why we all hate them? It's because they were meant for all the options and accessories that you convinced yourself not to get, ither because you were too practical or too poor, nd you regretted it ever since, ecause all those little blank punch-outs are constantly mocking your life choices every time you look at them, nd you wish you had splurged and bought them when you had the chance.
Well, ife is full of regrets, ut not this time!! Because I made the splurge and took the depreciation for you, o you can now enjoy all the finer things without paying the premium. If you are buying a used bike, o yourself a favor and don't settle for a stripped down bike like all the other poor choices you've made in life (you know what I mean...) Motorcycles are about options and accessories, ustomized parts and labor will cost more than the bike itself, ut in the used market, t's much cheaper to buy a bike already loaded at deep discount, han try to upgraded yourself later and pay a premium for parts and labor. So if you want a stripped down, actory stock V-Star at the bargain basement price, his is not it. However, or a few hundred bucks more than the stock bike at the Blue Book price, his particular V-Star has parts and accessories that are worth more than the bike itself. You may still weep every time you look at all the blank punch-outs in your car, ut not if you are riding this baby, ecause you will be confident to know that there is no accessory in existence in this whole Universe that's not already on this bike! Heck, here is not even space for another piece of accessory!
The Stock bike specs:
The Boring part: 2005 Yamaha V-Star 1100cc Classic. I chose the V-Star mainly because Shaft Drive + Air Cooled = Maintenance Free. No problems what-so-ever since day one. Starts on first crank, very time. Always fed Synthetic Oil and garaged, ven my office parking was indoors. Never dropped, ented, epainted, r involved in any accident man-made or act-of-god. BUT, et's be reasonable, t is a used bike, o it will have imperfections if you look for it, ut it definitely has a well-cared for and pampered life. Just look at below options I added onto this bike, ou just don't do that with a beater bike...
18,000 miles (plus a few hundred until auction ends). I'm the original owner with CLEAR title in hand. 16,000 of it was in the HOV lane of Virginia from 2005 - 2009. Then it sat in the garage for the next 6 years and driven only 2,000 miles in 6+ years. Why? you ask. Because my wonderful children reached school age and I decided to drive them to school, ust because I'm that kind of over-protective parent, ho don't trust bus drivers, rossing guards, lowns, trangers selling cookies in front of Walmart.... Anyway, s cool of a dad as I am, ome silly state law prohibits me from installing 2 car seats on a motorcycle, o since it looks to be 8 more years of Daddy Taxi Service, y beloved is now up for sale.
KBB Value for a basic stock V-Star is about $3500. But for a few hundred bucks more, ook what you get:
Appearance UPGRADES:
Enough about the stripped down stock bike, ets talk about this beauty here. You say you like CHROME? Here are the Chrome upgrades, VERY Yamaha factory chrome accessories are on it:
1. Yamaha Light Bar2. Yamaha Silverado Extra Tall Windshield3. Yamaha Front Fender Rail4. Yamaha Crash Bar5. Yamaha Billet Mirrors6. Yamaha Billet Handle Bar Center Cover "Dog Bone"7. Yamaha Control Covers (Both Sides)8. Yamaha Luggage Rack (with custom brackets for trunk)9. Yamaha Chrome Side Covers10. Yamaha Speedo Cover11. Yamaha Rear Passenger Foot Pegs12. Yamaha Front and Rear Fender Chrome flares13. Yamaha Master Cylinder Cover
Quite frankly, amaha just don't sell enough chrome, nd since there is no such thing as Too-Much-Chrome, added even more chrome:
14. Did you notice those Chrome foot boards and brake pedal? They came from Italy!! with studded leather wrap around! Where have you ever seen a foot board that fancy! Who even buys parts from Italy???15. Chrome Frame Covers (that curved looking thing)16. Chrome Axle Cover (Slight scrap/chip from a screw driver when I was upgrading the foot peg)17. Chrome License Frame18. Chrome tail light and Turn Signal covers with Smoked Lens and LED bulbs19. Billet Aluminum Oil Filler Cap20. Inspection Sticker Display (so they don't stick it on your fender or fork and ruin THE LOOK)
Chrome is not enough? You want LEATHER too? I agree, hrome and Leather goes together like peanut butter and jelly, ike gin and tonic, ike Taylor Swift and..... Never mind, uffice to say, very Yamaha Factory LEATHER + more are on it:
21. Yamaha Fork Pouch (what they charged for those leather pouches was a crime!)22. Yamaha Sissy Bar Pouch 23. Yamaha Tank Bib (Capitol letters R_I_P_ O_F_F Yes, amaha, ou!)24. Chilhowee Windshied Triple Bag25. Custom Leather/Stud Grips and Levers covers
Comfort and Convenience UPGRADES:
26. Mustang 3-piece Driver + Passenger Seats with Adjustable Driver Back Rest (This alone can be resold for few hundred bucks!)27. Yamaha Billet Aluminum adjustable handle bar Riser (for more relaxed riding position)28. Yamaha Chrome Saddle Bag Frame29. Leather Lyke Hard Saddle Bags (yes, ith studs and leather that matches the rest of the bike)30. XLarge ABS Trunk (the biggest trunk out there!)31. Adjustable Wrist Rest on both Grips (best invention for long rides)32. Leather and Stud Crash Bar Covers (Not Pictured, nbsp;for cold weather riding)33. Fleeced-lines Handles bar mounted Hand Covers (Not Pictured, or cold weather riding)
Performance UPGRADES:
What? You are not happy with just being comfy and looking good, ou want PERFORMANCE upgrades too? Boy, ome people just want EVERYTHING!!! Ok, ere they are:
34. Hard Krome 2.75 Straights (This sucker was expensive!!)35. Phat Performance Oil Filter Relocate (uses spin-on filter and no need to remove exhaust for oil filter change)36. Kuryakyn Hypercharger (butterfly flaps that open and close with throttle movement, t is definitely the coolest part about this bike!!)37. Yamaha Stainless Steel braided Cables (very expensive parts & labor)38. Metzeler ME880 White Wall tires (less than 500 miles on them)39. Upgraded Horn (it pains me to put a part from THAT manufacture on this bike)40. Upgraded Yamaha Headlight + Driving Lamps (Not the bulbs, he actual lamp units!! Over $300 for the Tri-Lamp set. Way over-kill)41. Dynojet Stage 1 Jets42. Iridium Spark Plugs (the labor was expensive, plugs for a V-Twin, o figure)43. Silver Star High Output Halogen (just to demonstrate that even the bulbs were upgraded)
Rules of the Road:
- $1,000 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit via Paypal within 24 hours to demonstrate your good intentions and financial stability. I will eat the 3% Paypal fee for the $1,000 deposit to show my good will against my better judgment and general distrust of mankind. Yes, t is intentionally set high and fast to weed out posers and wannabes, ire kickers and fence sitters. So DO NOT bid unless you are ready to commit and have funds in the bank, therwise, utomatic strike against your hard-earned 100% rating.
- Those with no eBay history and just created an account to bid? Don't bother, lease go elsewhere, will cancel your bid. I only deal with established eBayers. Yes, admit I'm a rating snob, ut look at how pretty my ratings are, lowing and flashing at 100 percent!!
- After I receive the deposit, he remainder is due within 7 days. The remainder can be paid with Paypal or USPS Money Order.
- Paypal is preferred, ut you must pay the 3% Paypal fee (*see last paragraph), ut in return, ou get instant gratification without ever leaving your Lazy-Boy, nd the bike can be at your house a week to 10 days sooner. How much is 3%? A simple formula: (Auction Price - $1000 deposit) x 1.03 = amount you send to my Paypal account. Example: if auction ends at $5000, hen (5000-1000) x 1.03 = 4120, he 3% Paypal fee is 4120 - 4000 = 120. Yes, lass, e must do the add/subtract inside the parentheses first, nd then multiply/divide.... No, ohnny, e don't care what your second cousin's friend's mom who was a rocket scientist taught you....
- The remainder can also be paid with USPS Money Order, ut if you use this method, ou must use Priority Mail or Express Mail with tracking number and provide them to me, nbsp;I will do the same with the title in return. If full payment is not received in 7 days and no tracking is provided, t is treated as Non-Payment. The "it's in the mail" without tracking as proof is just lame now a days, t had gone by the wayside along with mullets and disco. If you refuse to join the 21st century in using Paypal and insist on using snail-mail, lease purchase TRACKING service! Ok, ou're right, ay be mullets are here to stay.
-NO OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT will be accepted!! no wire, o personal check, o cash, ot even bank checks (yes, hat mean you, rince Isa Ahmed, ou still owe me from that bounced check from the Royal Bank of Nigeria!) Just Paypal or go to your local Post Office and buy a Money Order, hey accept Debit Cards!
- The bike is used and is sold AS IS. The low price reflects the fact that this is a private sale and not a dealer, herefore, t comes with no warranties, o refunds, o returns, o crying, o whining, o drama. The description and pics show EVERYTHING. It looks and runs great, ut again, S IS!!- You arrange for Shipping through the list of shippers that eBay provides via uShip. My part is to take a day off of work on the day that the shipper comes to pick up. I give them the bike and keys and verify it's going to you at the name and address that you provided to eBay, hat's it. Any problems or disputes after the bike leaves my house is between you and the shipper and eBay (you should go after them anyway, hey are much wealthier and better insured than I am....)
- I'm leaving the emblems and stickers and knick-knacks and whatnot on the bike so I don't ruin anything by trying to remove them. What you see in the pics is what you get. I won't add or remove anything. Heck, won't even wash it since it's going to be shipped. So, gain, HAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.
Goodness of My Heart and Customer Appreciation:
- If the transaction is free of drama and you live up to your end of the bargain by speedy payment, have unspecified number and variety of accessories, arts, oodads, tc. that I will throw into the bike's luggage compartment for you before shipping. But this is not part of the auction and don't ask me what they are or how much they are worth. It is solely at my discretion and are gifts, inda like those sample cosmetics that they throw in at Macy's when I buy make-ups (it's for the missus, swear). What I will say is that if you paid with Paypal and took the 3% hit, will make sure you will not regret using Paypal. So let that be an incentive for y'all to make this a smooth transaction!

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