Price: £1,375.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Model: XC 125 E VITY
Year: 2014
Mileage: 1,750
Color: WHITE
Engine size: 124 cc
Gears: Automatic
Start type: Electric start
Drive type: Belt
Extra Features: Case/Topcase

My own Yamaha Vity XC125E in Competition White (pearlescant white) is three and a half months old and currently has done 1700 miles but this will moderately increase with further riding.

I collected this scooter brand new from Tamworth Yamaha (Yamaha Premier Dealership) on the 1st July. just three and a half months ago as an introduction to scooters and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am planning to expand my experience with another Yamaha. Running in was carefully done by me. a mature owner/rider. amongst the country lanes of North Warwickshire. The important first service was completed on 31st July and 600 miles by Tamworth Yamaha and is a delight to ride. The sound and feel is just right. I would recommend Tamworth Yamaha for continued service and would happily point any owner to their local dealer if they live elsewhere.

See their website here; http://www. tamworthyamaha. com/

See the Yamaha Vity product page here; http://www. yamaha-motor. eu/uk/products/scooters/urban/vity. aspx?year=2011

20 months transferable and certified Yamaha Warranty until 29/06/2016 remains and will go to the new owner. The Warranty certificate and all associated paperwork provided by Tamworth Yamaha and the DVLA Registration Certificate will be included in the sale. This Vity is mine to sell and proof will be supplied of my purchase and full ownership from new.  

Read more here; http://www. yamaha-motor. eu/uk/services/faq/faq-wa. aspx#Q11

Why use genuine Yamaha parts and service?; http://www. yamaha-motor. eu/uk/services/index. aspx

The Vity is an incredible machine and very economical. Road Tax is £17/year. insurance obviously depending on circumstances should be moderate and fuel economy impressive at over 100mpg. Handling is predictable and sure-footed. braking by hydraulic front disc predictable. smooth and efficient.

The twist and go scooter layout is very similar to a bicycle. so you have the right hand brake lever controlling the front brake calliper and the left hand brake lever controlling the rear drum brake. The twist-grip (or GO controller) is on the right handlebar.

Starting is simple; Turn on the ignition and wait approximately three seconds for the electric fuel pump to prime the system (you can hear this). the engine check light on the dashboard will then go out. Then simply apply either of the brake levers and press the start button on the right handlebar and you?€™re good to go. No kick-start. no fuel tap. no messy mixing of oil and petrol. no choke lever. its all so clean. simple and easy to operate

The gears are all automatic with no clutch lever or gear lever. easy to learn and its so easy to use but most of all its FUN!

And for extra safety the headlight and tail-light are always on during riding and I also believe the bright Competition white colour is a ?€?safer to be seen?€? option too. A small extra. but an added safety feature. are the orange side reflectors just behind the dashboard that I have fitted myself.

The Vity has electronic ignition and fuel injection as standard as added refinement and the most important feature the Vity has is Yamaha legendary design and build quality and equally impressive dealer network covering where you live. When you make the investment purchase of something as important as your transport you need to know its the best of product and has a network of expertise to maintain it to the highest standards.

Security is handled by Yamaha magnetic profiled key fob activated shutter to help prevent tampering. A steering lock is standard. Side and main stands are standard and the main stand locks in the down position when the steering is locked for added security. For added rider safety the machine will not run with the kickstand down. The originally supplied spare key and Yamaha fob is also provided.

Storage is very useful; glove box in the dashboard with the addition of a curry hook. I thought these items were superfluous but I?€™ve used them often and find them very handy. Under-seat storage will take many helmet brands or a few shopping items. The fuel filler is next to the seat storage and both are under the locking tilting saddle (to unlock the saddle use the ignition key at the main switch).

As an added buyer bonus I have fitted a good quality Givi Monolock topcase in complimentary white and black. Also fitted is the extra cost correct Givi steel adaptor plate and Givi universal mounting plate that is needed to fit this topcase correctly to a Vity. So many are done wrong. this one is right.

The Givi topcase is capable of carrying an additional helmet or up to 3kg of shopping. The topcase can be unlocked to allow only for the lid to swing open giving contents access. Or. if the user wishes. the complete topcase can be unlocked. totally removed and carried away as a valise. by its integral handle. All of this using just one Givi key (spare is included). It can also give a more secure feeling to your passenger as a backrest and looks very smart and has become a worthwhile addition.

Fitted with a built-in YEC Indicator panel 150 so you know the battery state at all times. If the indicator shows a charge is required then simply plug in your charger and know your battery is being cared for. No more messing around taking out the battery and linking up to a charger with crocodile clips. its easy. (YEC charger required);

http://www. yamaha-motor. eu/uk/accessories/genuine-options/garage-items/yec-indicator-panel-150/YME-YECIP-15-00/details. acc?overviewhash=%23%2Fexplore%2F0%2F0%7C0%7C%7C0%2F%7C543784

Comfort is taken care of by a generous saddle with room for two if needed (167kg or 368lbs or 27 stone total weight limit applies) Suspension is firm with handling and road-holding a pleasant surprise. The flat foot-board makes getting on and off elegant and simple.

See the owners manual here; http://www. yamaha-motor. eu/uk/services/owner-manuals/index. aspx?category=atv and choose scooter/vity125

If you would like a good introduction to scootering then try a Vity. If you have one then you'll know already how good they are.

The first bid could be the winner. good luck!

Looked after and never been through a Winter. as good as new. So why buy a new one?

Payment by arrangement with buyer. cheque preferred with appropriate time to allow clearance before collection of scooter


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