1969 Yamaha 250cc DT1-C MX Enduro Project, Spares? - Vintage Classic Twin Shock

UK G-reg, ??3000+ spent, just needs finishing NO RESERVE

Price: £1,495.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Poole, United Kingdom
Make: Yamaha
Model: DT1-C MX
Type: Enduro/Supermoto (road legal)
Year: 1969
Color: Burgundy, Maroon
Engine size: 250
Gears: Five-speed manual
Start type: Kick start
Drive type: Chain

First of all. I want to make it perfectly clear that THIS IS NOT A FINISHED BIKE. so don?€™t think you?€™re going to get it cheap and ride home on it. However. all the difficult and dirty work has already been done. the very rare (and expensive) parts have been located and now the bike just needs to be completed. (It?€™s so clean. you could even do it indoors. !)

I bought this bike (one of two) last year. intending them to be my final restorations after some 40 years of motorcycling and some 50 rebuilds. including many similar Yamahas (RT3 360cc. DT3 250cc. CT1 175cc. etc). However. my chronic back condition has worsened and I now sadly find myself unable to complete the task.


Furthermore. my very elderly mother has just gone into a Care Home. so I have also lost my vehicle storage in her garage - hence why these bikes now MUST BE SOLD.

There is NO RESERVE and NO BUY-IT-NOW. so please don?€™t bother asking.  

The auction WILL run its course and the highest bidder WILL win - that seems the fairest way for everyone.

OK. if you?€™re still with me after all that. here are the details.

The Yamaha DT1 has been described as one of the most influential models ever built. as it introduced ?€?recreational off-road motorcycling?€™ to the general public for the first time. This bike is an early 1969 model. identified by the rectangular swinging-arm. Furthermore. the frame/engine numbers reveal that is also a VERY RARE DT1-C MX model. of which only about 2000 were ever built. This is confirmed by the GYT (Genuine Yamaha Tuning) high-compression cylinder head with its unique dual spark-plug configuration (different to the usual dual plug head).

Unfortunately. the bike (although running and. more amazingly. MoT?€™d) was in a terrible state when I bought it - for much more than it was worth! A massive oil leak was subsequently traced to a previously-bodged crankcase repair. and the only solution was now to rebuild the motor from scratch. using replacement cases. This was carried out by a very reputable local engine builder and classic Yamaha specialist. (Obviously the frame/engine numbers no longer match. but the old cases are included in the deal). All bearings. seals etc were checked and replaced throughout. where necessary.  

As the original MX had no tachometer. a tacho drive was also retro-fitted. along with an Autolube oil pump. as the bike had originally run on premix. The outer cases were professionally polished. along with aqua-blasting the petrol-tap. carburettor. head and barrel.

The clutch plates were slightly undersize. so replacements were sourced directly from Japan. and heavy duty springs were fitted too. The MX model had no lighting coil as standard. but a NOS part (yet to be fitted) is included here. As the bike was seen running. the flywheel magneto and coil are known to be sound.  

When bought last year. the bike?€™s minimal wiring was a joke (13A cable!) but a complete original DT1 loom (also yet to be fitted) was imported from the USA. along with associated components. Even an ultra-rare handlebar dip-switch assembly was found online and bought - at great expense! A brand new battery. horn. brake switch. NOS Yamaha rectifier and ignition switch assembly completed the electrics.

The frame and all allied parts were cleaned. shot-blasted and powder coated before the swinging-arm and engine were re-installed. The forks and rear shocks were also completely stripped and rebuilt. complete with the rare side-reflectors. The oil tank and air filter casing fitted were both incorrect (from a later model). so were replaced. the latter with the VERY rare vented model. unique to early DT1s. An equally rare steering damper assembly was also sourced. imported and fitted. along with the cylindrical toolbox and a much sought-after low-level front mudguard/fender.

The seat base (having previously been blasted/coated) was professionally re-foamed and re-covered. (I also have an original rack with aftermarket pillion seat. but I will be selling this separately; just ask if you?€™re interested in it. )

Replacement instruments were also sourced from the USA. along with a complete set of brand-new GREY cables (yet to be fitted) throughout (cost £100+!) and new grips. footrest/kickstart/tank-mounting rubbers etc.

The exhaust/muffler is in excellent condition and is complete with the original heat-shield. baffle and end-cap.

The petrol tank. oil tank and headlight assembly were professionally painted and re-decaled/pinstriped before being clear-coated; a pair of extortionately-priced ?€?Yamaha?€™ tank badges were then fitted.

Both wheels are original and in great condition for their age. with good chrome. Tyres were replaced with modern period-style dual purpose trials patterns. Brakes were stripped and re-furbished as required. A brand-new chain is also included. and finally. an expensive pressed metal black/silver ?€?G-reg?€™ number-plate completes the build to date.

So. there you have it. Clearly. there is still some work to do and some parts (such as the petrol and oil tanks. headlight. etc) have just been loosely fitted for these photos. The engine has yet to be finished. although this can be done with it already fitted in the frame. The wiring also has to be installed. although the loom is supplied. The last photo shows everything that comes with the deal; what you see here is what you get.

As you can imagine. I am gutted to have spent countless hours and well over £3000 on this bike to date. yet I will never get to enjoy it. Nevertheless. it is better that it does get finished and ridden by someone. especially now that simply ?€?storing it away?€™ is not an option for me.

The bike is registered at DVLA in my name (with the replacement engine number) and is currently SORN?€™d.

I am in Poole. Dorset. close to a Cross-Channel Ferry. so Euro-bids are welcome! 

The bike is currently at my house and is SOLD AS SEEN. so inspection is welcomed. even encouraged. by prior appointment. Having told you honestly as much as I know. I take no responsibility for any work done by you to complete the build.

The auction outcome is FINAL. as you have up to ten days to ?€?nit-pick?€™ beforehand.

As you can see from my considerable 100% positive feedback. I am an honest and reputable Ebayer. so you can bid with confidence. All I ask is that you be equally straight with me. By placing a bid. you acknowledge that you have read and agreed with the terms described above. If you have any doubts. then simply don?€™t bid; I have no time for idiots.

Although I am obliged to accept PayPal. this will just be for £100 deposit. with the balance in cash on collection - ideally. ALL in cash please.

Thanks for making it all the way through this lengthy advert. and if I?€™ve missed anything important. please just ask. and I?€™ll get straight back to you!

Good luck if you decide to bid - I?€™m sure there will be a lot of interest in this rare bike.

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