Classic Benelli not Morini, Moto Guzzi, Laverda, Gilera

Price: £499.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Swindon, United Kingdom
Make: Benelli
Model: 654 T (Touring not Sport)
Type: Tourer
Year: 1982
Mileage: 30,423
Color: Burgundy, Maroon
Engine size: 604
Gears: Five-speed manual
Start type: Electric start
Drive type: Chain


This fine piece of Italian engineering (no. really!) with relatively low miles was last legally on the road in 1993. I have had the bike for about 18 months with the intention of restoring it. but a series of postings away from UK have scuppered my chances. My loss is your gain as this is a very worthwhile project. virtually complete and with several new parts already bought which will come with the bike. But let us be clear; this is not a weekend’s work. It does not presently run and will need sympathetic restoration and re-commissioning.  It will not pass an MoT without preparation. And you will need a van or trailer to take it away. That said. I have found these Benelli fours quite straight-forward to work on. advice is available from enthusiastic Owners’ Clubs in UK. Holland & Germany and many parts are available off the shelf from Selwyn’s (The UK Benelli Guru in Cambridgeshire) and Benelli Bauer in Germany. Many ancillary parts and spares (like the Brembo brakes) were common on Guzzi/Morini/Laverda/Ducati models of the day so are still widely available.   

New parts with the bike include a bank of 4 brand new Dellorto carbs which are unused. These will replace the existing Keihins which someone has clearly robbed from a Jap 4 and fitted complete with Jap cables and twist grip. I am sure they had their own reasons for doing so. You can also sell these separately to offset costs.    A brand new rear Brembo brake is supplied complete. incl pads. New Brembo front and rear master cylinders also provided – the rear will need the mount adapting to fit as NOS replacements are unavailable.    

Engine turns over off the crankshaft bolt with no nasty noises and with plenty of compression demonstrated. Recent experience of a Guzzi 400 GTS rebuild (very similar engine) indicates that with care there is no reason why this one should not wake from its hibernation and run well. They are essentially a robust engine. Bike is currently SORN’d but there is no other service history with the bike.

Missing are:

Petrol tank cap key. Petrol Cap is present. Bank on resealing the tank once you have had your locksmith get into it. New caps are not available; so care required!

Seat lock key. Seat is unlocked and does not need the key to stay latched (an MoT requirement) so access to battery/electrics etc is OK.

Handlebar fairing and mounting brackets. Drive chain. tool kit. mirrors and battery are all missing.


Front and rear indicators are present but non-standard and the rear mounting lugs on the passenger grab rail have been damaged. The front indicators would have been fairing or headlamp 'ears' mounted.  Good condition standard chromed headlamp 'ears' are included. Very similar headlamp fairings were fitted to Guzzi Imola etc and do appear on eBay if you feel you want to upgrade.


Jobs that will need doing that I can think of - but this list is not exhaustive:

Change tyres – old ones are still fitted. Early 1990s air provided free of charge…

Change engine oil. change oil filter (supplied). New spark plugs and new air filter required.

Change brake hoses. Note the linked brake system is still operating. Some hoses are aftermarket braided ones.  All hoses are present but they all need replacing.

Front brake callipers will need rebuilding.

Wheels will need blasting – checking for deterioration and repainting.

Change Rev Counter cable. Original is present and working but damaged.

Change Rear shocks for something more modern; Hagon have advised me that they can do a period set to match. Inspect wheel and swing-arm bearings/bushes.

Points cover present but is damaged – these are available NOS.

Change fork oil – stanchions are in good order having been hidden behind fork shrouds. But you would probably want to do the seals anyway for safety. An easy job.

Exhaust will need replacing: down pipes are surface rusty/OK but the cross-over pipe is badly rust damaged and the two original silencers that were fitted as standard have gone.   The replacement Dunstall-type mufflers are also not long for this world.  I was talking to OS Systems in Staffordshire about a replacement system in stainless steel which. if you were thinking of keeping the bike. would be the way to go. NOS are unavailable in Italy or Germany. I have looked… Diagram shows what the originals looked like. Last picture is an almost complete bike which shows you what they were like at the time - but even that one has no front indicators!

Original maroon paint and black frame should ideally be re-painted. Chromed cycle parts will need cleaning - there are not many - and headlight rim is OK. Headlight/shell/rim not fitted for picture but present and complete. Will need repainting.   

All the original electrics are present (for better or worse) and mercifully unmolested.

With the bike is an original Owner's Handbook in English (part number 62 90 00 20) and reprinted in English (but very good) Official Benelli Parts Manual and Workshop Manual. So you have more than a fighting chance.  I also have the Benelli Special Tools - numbered 61 92 74 00 & 61 92 75 00 - which are the timing plate and pointer used to set the valve timing - available to the winning bidder by separate negotiation.   

V5C present in my name. Bike is in Swindon area on Wilts/Oxon border. No reserve and pick up needed within 3 days after balance of funds clear by bank transfer please. Contact from the buyer and a 250 pounds paypal/bank transfer deposit 24 hours after the auction closes is necessary or the bike will be relisted. If you cannot comply please do not bid. I have done what I can to describe this accurately. but there may be problem areas that I have missed or am not aware of.  I have spent some time with this bike and it is far too good to break so please do not ask.  Best to come and have a look if you are in any doubt.

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