1966 BSA Lightning (650cc) A65L

1966 BSA A65 Lightning

Price: US $3,500.00
Item location: Swansboro, North Carolina, United States
Make: BSA
Model: A65 Lightning
Year: 1966
Mileage: 12,000
VIN: A65L 13330
Color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
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 1966 BSA A65LGeneral:  The bike is an unrestored  original bike.   It is an easy starter. runs smooth and strong and has no major shortcomings.   I would not hesitate to ride it on a long trip. It does not smoke or burn oil.   Leaks are minimal.   Everything is there.   It is not perfect and is not show quality. but it can easily be restored to that level.   It is a mostly original. matching numbers (A65L 13330). solid bike that I rode for pleasure but with three other bikes it pretty much stays in the shed.   The bike was ridden  modestly and has been well taken care of. History:  I bought the bike in Colorado in 2004.   They guy was a kind of wheeler/dealer who had never started the bike.   He bought it from another owner that also had not registered the bike.   So I think there were four owners. two of whom never registered or rode the bike.   It was not running when I bought it.   I took it home and went thru it changing all fluids. battery. plugs and points and condenser and ran it for about a year or two  It ran well with no problems.   I think the bike had about 3500 miles on it when I got it.   Thatís what the odometer  read and it was working. It now has about 12000 miles on it.   I started to get a slight knock and checked the end play.   It was  out of tolerance so I decided to rebuild the motor (see details below).   I have ridden it on an off for the past 5-6 years but with three other bikes it gets ridden very little.   I prefer my other BSA's so I have decided to sell this to give me some more storage space. Motor Work:  I rebuilt the motor about 5-6 years ago.   The rebuild included a valve job. rebore of cylinders. new pistons (. 020Ē over) and rings. align bore of new TS bushing.   I replaced the primary side roller bearing with a deep groove ball bearing (JAF) so as not to have to mess with endfloat.   The early A65ís had a ball bearing instead of a roller.   The crank measured out for . 020Ē under rod bearings and required only polishing.   I cleaned the sludge trap.   I checked the cam and bushes and went thru the entire transmission finding no significant wear on anything so that all got put back together as it was.   I inspected the oil pump (early type) and found no problems so I reinstalled it.   I have somewhere a list of all the parts and  receipts for the stuff I put into the motor.   The motor may have 5000-6000 miles on it since I rebuilt it.   The motor makes excellent oil pressure (see below).   The speedometer  is no longer accurate and the tach needs a new cable.   I had the speedo rebuilt by a supposedly reliable rebuilder but it never did work exactly right. Other work:  I converted the ignition to Boyer with new 6 volt coils. plug wires and a Podtronicís regulator.   I still have the original points plate. nbsp; AAU and 12 v coils.   New gaitors.   Tires are  Chinese K-70 replica on the back and a ribbed on the front.   Tires donít have significant miles on them.   The bike had 930 concentrics that had replaced monoblocks.   The concentrics were worn out so I replaced them with new concentrics when I rebuilt the motor. I installed a HD type cannister oil filter.   I have replaced the original oil pressure regulator (OPRV) with a design of my own that relieves excess pressure directly to the tank.   The bike idles with approximately 20-22 psi idle (hot) and 55-60 psi at cruising speed with 30w oil. Gauge is fitted above clocks.   The original bike does not have provision for a gauge or  idiot light.    I can switch the bike back to original in about an hour and will do this if buyer desires.   I have painted both the sidecovers and tank.   The frame has not been repaintedShortcomings:  Small hole in seat cover.   (Seat might not be original).   Small ding in gas tank near headstock.   You have to look to find it.   Some light rust on wheels and headlight mounts.   The badges are aftermarket and not real good.   I have the original badges and with a little careful paint work they can be made to show room quality.   The mufflers are repoís and the left side has battery acid drips on it.   It has an AGM battery.   The front fender had the lip cut off  but the chrome is very good.   The chrome on the tank is excellent for a   48 year old bike.   I am sure there are other very minor shortcomings that I canít remember but it is unrestored. nbsp; complete. nbsp; and ready to ride and is in excellent overall condition.   It idles well and has excellent power.   Call me or e-mail me for other information or questions.   (mrmike@embarqmail. com)  Phone (252) 342-0635.  

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