Can-Am Spyder F3-S SM6 Brand New Leftover at Used Price w/Factory Warranty!

2015 Can-Am Spyder F3-S SM6 6-Speed Manual Trans

Price: US $1.00
Item location: Bensalem, Pennsylvania, United States
Make: Can-Am
Model: Spyder F3-S SM6
Type: Trike
Trim: 6-Speed Manual Trans
Year: 2015
Color: Steel Black Metallic with Chrome Accents
Engine size: 998
Vehicle Title: Clear

Spyder® F3-S SM6The cruising riding position of the Spyder F3-S – customized just for you with the new UFit System – enables you to sit back and confidently take in the scenery...or the stares from onlookers. And with its Rotax 1330 ACE engine, -frame design and seven automotive technologies, ou can count on a thrilling and confident ride
5 Trim and Badging

  • As if the bold styling of the Spyder F3 wasn't enough, e add special S badges and accents, ncluding splashes of red – the color of passion and intensity.
6.5 Gallons (24.4 L) of Storage
  • Keep your gear safe and protected. The Can-Am Spyder’s trademark lockable front storage features 7 gallons (24 L) of watertight space.
6-Speed Transmission with Reverse
  • This 6-speed transmission offers the perfect balance of comfort and fuel economy thanks to a sophisticated hydraulic clutch system. Cruise comfortably at low RPMs with your choice of manual or semi-automatic transmission. Both include, everse. The semi-automatic version uses left thumb and index finger paddle shifting.
Anti-Theft System
  • The Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) helps protect the Can-Am Spyder from theft or other unauthorized use. The vehicle will not start unless the rider uses the correctly coded electronic key.
Black Suede Seat with Red Stitching
  • Suede seat helps keep you in place during the ride and provides a nice contrast to the gloss surfaces of the bike. Red stitching also adds a premium appearance.
Cruise Control
  • Set a comfortable pace so you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery.
Cruising Riding Position
  • The Spyder F3 riding position is laid back and relaxed, n an authentic cruising style. It also lowers the center of gravity and extends your legs for a thrilling, ynamic feel in corners.
Dynamic Power Steering
  • The electronic power steering system provides a varying amount of assistance depending on the speed of the vehicle. So it’s always easy to maneuver and steer.
Eco Mode Smart Assist
  • Optimize your shifting behaviour with the ECO mode smart assist. The gauge light indicates the best time to shift to, educe your fuel consumption on long trips. Combined with the fuel efficiency of the Rotax 1330 ACE engine and 6-speed transmission, t gives a range of over 252 miles (406 km) per fill-up.
Fox Podium Shocks
  • Gas-charged front shocks with an anodized-aluminum body and threaded preload adjustments for sport-tuned handling.
High-Performance Brembo Braking System
  • Higher-performance brakes specifically designed for Can-Am Spyder from the world leader in braking technology ensure excellent stopping power and consistent performance every time.
  • Multi-function LCD segment / analog gauge, achometer, dometer, rip & hour meters, ear position, emperature, ngine lights, lectronic fuel gauge, lock
Machined Front Wheels
  • Designed specifically for the Spyder F3, hese wheels evoke boldness and confidence. They're machined, eep black high gloss, or a super-premium look.
Multi-Function LCD / Analogue Gauge
  • State-of-the-art LCD and analogue gauges display all critical information so you can access fuel levels, peed, nd more with just a glance.
Muscular Styling
  • A totally new style in open road riding. Bold and modern, he Spyder F3 exudes confidence and performance. Exposed constuction adds authenticity and premium materials and finishes mean you'll see something new every time you look at it.
Refined Front Fenders with LED Lights
  • Front fenders with integrated LED light pipes for greater visibility and a striking look.
Rotax 1330 ACE High Torque Engine
  • The Rotax 1330 ACE engine is an in-line triple-cylinder configuration for maximum torque delivery in every gear. It delivers excellent roll-on acceleration and response, nd it has a unique sound with lots of character. It’s also efficient, aking it possible to ride up to 252 miles (406 km) on a single tank*. Plus, t’s extremely low maintenance. *Tested at constant speed. Fuel
Running Lights
  • 2 halogen headlamps (55/60-W)
  • Black Seat
Standard Passenger Seat
  • Don't keep the Spyder F3 experience to yourself – bring along a companion with the comfortable passenger seat with built-in handholds.
Trims and Parts
  • Metallic Silver: Rear sprocket wheel, ront and rear shocks springs, xhaust tip and heat shield
Ufit System
  • The exclusive Spyder F3 UFit system lets you precisely position the pegs according to your height and choose the handlebar based on your preferred riding style — ensuring a truly customized riding experience. *Custom handlebar sold as an accessory.
Vehicle Stability System
  • Developed in partnership with BOSCH and inspired by automotive technologies, he Vehicle Stability System integrates anti-lock brakes, raction control and stability control for confidence taking on the open road

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