1913 Indian Board Track Racer tribute. FULL custom not a replica. Top quality

1913 Custom Built Motorcycles Other

Price: US $5,995.00
Item location: Riverside, California, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Other
SubModel: GC160
Type: Board Track Racer
Year: 1913
Mileage: 7
VIN: 8675309
Color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
Contact seller: Contact form

I am selling a Taylar Cycles board track racer tribute cycle. It was just finished 6-12-2015. (Still awaiting some brass pieces which will be installed prior to pick up/shipping)

This cycle is what is for sale. I do not have any parts or take orders for custom builds. Please contact Taylar Cycles directly for custom builds.

If you are in the market for a Board Track Racer there are many choices. Tribute builds (made to emulate or look similar) are available everywhere and the price range for a decent one is about 4-8 thousand. There are a few "replicas" (not found on ebay) which range from 42-60 thousand. (We wont even mention the cost of a real one :) If you are looking at getting one of these for the look and do not intend to "ride" it save yourself the money and buy one of the others that started out as a $150 Walmart bicycle and have about $275 in cheap parts and a pretty paint job and stickers. They go for $1200-$2500 typically. Some look amazing. You are paying for the Artist's work not acycle that performs well on the road.

My goal is to sell this. However I will be more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions to help you make the right choice. (Even if not to buy this)

Taylar Cycles are made 100% from raw material. EVERYTHING used is the best. Thick wall steel polished/plated parts nuts/bolts graded for the vibrations Sealed bearings laser cut parts and the highest quality welds. Frame Fork Tank Oilers Toolbox Dropouts all custom and done for the build. (Not bicycle) Wheels are built from relaced hubs for motorized use. Tires are diamond tread 26 x 2.35 with thorn resistant tubes. Chains used are for motorcycles. Front/Rear drum brakes not a coaster brake intended to stop a 30 lb bicycle.

a Honda GC160 4 stroke motor (no mixing fuel)that have been fabricated/dressed to look a little more correct and pretty. Special brass velocity stack knurled fuel/oil/starter pulley. Torque converter (no shifting) with polished mounts and sealed bearings.

Very reliable and easy to operate. Sound is deep andthumps like the originals. Doesn't sound like a chainsaw. Much torque and can get you to 45-50 MPH regardless of your weight (Unless your 500lbs)

3 piece bars with infinite positioning. The handlebars can be positioned to accomodate your riding preference. Depending on your stature the bars can be trimmed easily for a more narrow hand position.

We ride these here in Ca and never have issues with police/sheriff. They can be licensed but it'snot necessary. I paid $19 for a lifetime registration/license plate for a build done in 2012. I ride the poo poo out of it and will never have to pay fees to the DMV.

They are considered pedal/motorized. Last week a group of us rode about 80-100 miles throughout the county. Good times except one of my friends had diarreah and almost had a blow out. I wont mention Kirks name in my ad he might get angry. On the ride we came across a few officers of the law. I cant be certain but I believe one of them may have smiled at us...

I am happy to answer any questions about this cycle through ebay or if you provide a phone number I can talk your ear off.

Before you ask about shipping...

It is not a big deal to ship within the U.S. Price can range from $300-500 depending on the factors (distance time frame you allow crated/blanket/general shippers mood etc)

I have had many antique motorcycles shipped to me and I found the cheapest way isusing Uship.com. They bid on the shipping of your freight. The more flexible you are with the time frame the cheaper you will find the quotes. Vehicle transport companies earn extra money if they can pick up your freight on a route they are already traveling. I shipped a cycle in 2013 from Ca to Tenn and it was only $275. You never know what you're gonna get :)

If you are wealthy or cannot allow a time frame there are a ton of shippers that you can contact and get an exact quote. I paid $425 for a 1927 cycle shipped from Georgia to Ca (not too bad!)

3 weeks ago I had a antique (crated) cycle sent by railway from N.J to Ca. It cost me $275! Have no idea how to arrange that the seller did it at his end. It went to a local warehouse and I had to pay the $75 when I picked it up. You may wanna inquire.


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