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Price: US $6,250.00
Item location: Batavia, Illinois, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson

Buddy's Vintage Cycles


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These unique functional art pieces truly representourpassion for vintage cycles...

Kick your leg over one of these bikes and your taken back to those, ruly Simpler times.So few originals were even produced back then. Only a small number of them survive to this day, nd only a very small percentage of those ever come on the market. Not to mention that when they do, he rareness has rightly so, riven prices so high that not many can afford them. But here's a chance at the next best thing to that 100 yr old original at a fraction the cost.

Here we have For Sale one of our traditional Stance Tribute bikes. This bike was built to resemble a 1912 Harley Davidson with a service sidecar. This build was Inspired by a story I remember my grandfather telling me as a boy, bout his father. In short... He told me that back then all 6 kids worked the farm growing many different kinds of vegetables, aising chickens, oats and other small live stock. He explained that the family made their living by growing and harvesting these goods then hauling them in horse drawn carts into town to sell them. I believe the point of him telling me this story was to make me realize how hard life was then and to be grateful for how easy we have it now. Also to teach me that through hard work you can achieve any goal. As a small boy these messages never really hit home until many years later !!!

But now all these years later recalling this story, as lead to building this bike we have named the "Farm Hand". I got to thinking, hat if, y ancestors had some "gas powered" horse power to haul their goods, nd here you have it. This bike was built around the idea of a mobile Farm Stand. Just like my Great Grandfather, oading up the farm fresh produce and heading to a favorite spot to sell it. This one of a kind piece will be fantastic as a promotional item for a business. For giving the kids or Grand kids a ride around town, aking your 4 legged best friend along for the ride, r simply for loading up a cooler filled with your favorite cold beverages and snacks for a day at that special spot !

As we do with all of our builds, his bike has been put to the test to ensure that everything functions as it should and is tuned in just right . With this one however, e did Much, uch more "testing". To be honest extra testing wasn't needed but we were just having So much fun with it the miles just kept rolling by. Check out the Video below and you'll see what I mean.I just had to bring this one home for some target market passenger input ! Between my kids, ephews and neighborhood kids that all took multiple rides around the subdivision, his bike has been well "Tested" ! To the kids dismay the fun is over, nd the bike is Now ready for a new home. Rest assured that we will no longer be riding this bike while for sale, o ensure that nothing will befall your new ride before it arrives at it's new home. Bike is now safely back at the shop and available for viewing. If you happen to be local or want to stop by for a showing feel free to do so. Our contact info, ocation and business hrs can all be found on our website.... budsvintagecycles.com

This bike was crafted with NEW parts,(some factory and hand made), hat are only finished to look old and worn. Each bike is a one off build.With fantastic MPG's from the2 stroke motor, he joy of riding to the corner store or all the way across town is up to you. The extremely simplistic power plantis virtually maintenance free, nly needing minor adjustments such aschain tensionfrom time to time. Which are simply done with common hand tools. The great thing about this Moped style set up is that when you don't want to use the motor, ike functions just like an ordinary bicycle, nd can go anywhere you wish to peddle it. When using the motor, ike can reach speeds up to around 35mph, nd with around 80 MPG the fun seemingly goes on forever. Acommonly over looked benefit to 2 stroke motors,(gas and oil mixture),is the fact that they do notrequire motor oil and the use of an oil tank; though you may see nonfunctional oil tanks on some of our models only to replicate those on the original bikes.This means these bikes will never need an oil change and can never develop a messy dipping oil leak. Perfect for those that plan to not only displaythem but to also enjoy ridingthem.

Safety First...
We HIGHLY suggest draining all fuel from the bike before displaying them in a home, ffice or place ofbusiness !!!
We pride ourselves in building our bikes not only to be eye catching art,but also to be completely functional andride-able.You will find that all of our fuel tanks are hand crafted for each individual build. Building each tank by hand not only gives each bike a functional fuel tank, ut also allows us to more accurately replicate the style of tank for each individual motif. All of our tanks a crafted using 16 gauge steel TIG welded, nd internally sealed with fuel tank sealer. All this add up to a very strong long lasting product that is sure to function without fail for years to come ! Depending on the style of bike, ach one of our tanks hold at least 1 US Gallon, iving the rider a riding range under motor power of around 80 miles per tank.

On this bike the style called for a much larger tank. The fuel tank on this build holds right around 2 gallons. We have not put enough miles on this bike to get an accurate MPG with the added weight of the sidecar. Our best educated guess is that it will still get well over 60 MPG. We have paced the bike at top speed (with sidecar) at 30 mph. That was with myself riding it being 5 ft 10 inches and 170 lbs, idecar empty on a level roadway. It is difficult to give an load capacity rating for the sidecar. New owner should use their best judgement with safety always 1st in mind ! We can say however, hat we have tested it with loads ups to 125 lbs in the sidecar.

With that being said, hort of loading it until it fails there is no way to accurately give it a Max load rating for the sidecar.

In most of the U.S.A. thesetypes of bikes are classified by the states DMV, department of motor vehicles), s "Mopeds".Therefore theyDO NOTrequire title, icensing or even amotorcycle endorsement. In most states the only requirements are that the rider is at least 16 yrs of age, ith a valid drivers licence. However, heck with your local DMV to be sure.

So many people from different walks of life all seam to have a common draw to the timeless look and feel of these bikes. Many people like to ask questions and take a few photos, ever a dull moment riding one of these around town ! As much fun as they are to ride, hey are just as fantastic as a functional art peace for an office, en, r as that attention grabbing conversation piecefor your/his man cave. They are also fantastic for promotional events or as an eye grabber for a store front. Have had a few customers order builds to be used as "PIT" bikes on track days, nd other customers have ordered a few for RVing around the country. Also great as a compliment piece to ride in the bed of your classic truck. The best part is, t the car show pull out the bike and ride around to view and enjoy the other beautiful machines and people. What more fun and unique way can you think of to get around the pits, amp grounds,car shows or just cruise around town. These fun, ne of a kind bikes can truly go anywhere and everywhere, nd are sure to turn heads wherever they go.

Over the past few years we have built quite a few of these fun bikes in many different styles and motifs. Though we love replicating the look and feel of the rare vintage originals, e are more then happy to build to a customers design. If looking for a great marketing or promotional piece for your Business we can incorporate your logo and overall company themeson a platformthat is sure to draw attention.Whether yourlooking for a fun new toy, one of a kind display piece, r an attention grabber to help your bottom line. We atBuddy's Vintage Cycles will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.

Viewour "contact us" page andfeel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or inquiries.Pricing varies by model, esign, nd motif. Simply let us know what your looking for in as much detail as possible and we will get back to you with a quote and projected time line for your build within 2 Business Days.

Shipping and Payment

Buyer is responsible for shipping arrangements and fees. Depending on buyers location we can even deliver, t a cost to bedetermined by distance and time line.

A deposit of $500 is due within 24 hrs of auctions end to secure your purchase,(Non-refundable). The remaining Balance less the deposit is due within 7 days. Full payment can be made via bank to bank wire transfer, ashiers / certified check or cash in person at pick up. We will also except full payment via PayPal if buyer pays the transaction fees. (reference Paypal calculator online to calculate fees). We will only except Credit card payments in Person at our shop, ith proper customer Identification with an additional transaction fee of 3%.

Please note the bike(s) will only be released for shipping and or pick up After Full payment had been made and has cleared.



Should one choose to ride these bikes, hey should take all the proper safety precautions for operating a motorcycle. For example... the use of a D.O.T. approved helmet,proper eye protection and clothing.Also be aware of the motorcyclinglaws of the state in which they areriding.Builder / Seller claimsNOresponsibility for any injury ofpersons or damage to property, s a result of any and all use or misuses of these items.These bikes are Motorcycles by definition and shouldONLYbe riddenby person qualified to operate such vehicles.


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