Clockwork Orange Bobber Cafe Racer Monster Dirt Bike Enduro Desert Racer VIDEO

1991 Custom Built Motorcycles Bobber

Price: US $1,990.00
Item location: El Paso, Texas, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Bobber
Year: 1991
Mileage: 15,601
VIN: JKAZX4D15MB502326
Color: Orange
Engine size: 600
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Here's the famous Clockwork Orange Monster Dirt Bike/Enduro. Any bike that I list, usually put it in the bobber/caf? category. But this is a bike that I purposely built for myself at the beginning of this year. In the one pic, ou will see it with another bike. That's my son's Kawasaki enduro. I built my Kawasaki to spend time with him riding the fire roads out near where he lives in Clint, exas. Miles and miles of fire roads and clearings. Nothing like scooting down the back roads at 70 miles an hour. That's as fast as I want to go. Bike can do a whole lot more. It's a great place to ride. That picture was taken about 2 months ago. Haven't really had time to get back there, o before the year is out I thought I would list it here on Ebay.

Since then, recently installed blinkers, eadlight, ail light and horn. Also, ront blinkershave the passing lamp option. You know when someone is describing their bike and uses the phrases "turns heads", gets attention", hey've never seen this bike. It is 110% in your face. The few times I've taken it on the road, think I'm starting to gain a small cult status here. So if you're into having as much fun as you can while going from point A to point B, ou're looking at it.

Particulars on the bike: '91 Kawasaki ZX600. Definitely is in the race for the H/P Wars. Lots and lots of new parts. Pretty much every change that you are looking at done to the bike was a new part. New battery, ew electrics, ew chain, ew tires, ew exhaust canisters, ew seat, ew handlebars, ew throttle, ew grips, ew throttle cable, ew number plates, ew blinkers, ew horn, ew radiator shrouds, ew universal starter switch, nd front fork override springs. Only the headlight is from a military vehicle. As far as starter switch, urn key, ust as you would start your car. In the video, ou will hear me turning the bike off and back on using the universal starter switch. Extremely easy to use, ut it's also very fast, nd with a bike that looks like this, f you're a newbie and you purchase, ust don't think you're Clint Eastwood and get in over your head. Take it easy, se common sense because, eally, ith this bike it's enough just to be seen on it. You really don't have to stunt your way for attention.

I recently purchased a Mini black speedo for the bike. Will be installed before delivery. If winning bidder has a desired location for speedo placement, ust let me know.

Winning bidder has 30 days to arrange pick-up. If new owner needs more time, lease contact us. We will easily work something out. Bike will be stored safely indoors.

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