Price: £1,031.11
Condition: Used
Item location: LONDON, London, United Kingdom
Model: Harley Davidson Armstrong
Year: 1993
Mileage: 8,350
Color: GREEN
Engine size: 349 cc
Power: 349
Gears: Four-speed manual
Start type: Electric start
Drive type: Chain
Extra Features: Front Panniers, SA80 Rifle holder, Tool kit holder
Previous owners: 1
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Bought this bike for ?2000 from LMS in Lichfield in 2007.   It had done just 1500km since 1993 and had spent most of its life up 'til then in a warehouse in Germany with its mates just waiting for those pesky Ruskies. When they didn't come. the MOD started flogging them off little by little. I remember that it looked mighty fine in its drab military green spray job.   I have had a great time using it to commute. firstly in Norwich and then in London.   Has recently ferried me to France and back and performed tres bien!

I keep my sarnies in one of the panniers and my laptop in the other.   I just wish on occasions I had the rifle in the holder as well 'cos there's some real knobs about on the roads.

Has kick start as well as electronic start. Odometer is calibrated in MPH for speed but KPH for distance.

Am moving to La Belle France for good and unfortunately they won't let me bring an ex-military vehicle without proof of 'conformity'.   Don't you just love the EU!

I need to sell the bike by next weekend.   Please don't mess me about because I haven't got time to re-sell it if you let me down.   I am available in North West London on Friday 27th if you want to kick the tyres and all that sort of thing but you must collect it on the Saturday 28th if you've been successful.

It hasn't been started since October and sits on the road under a tarp but it has been professionally looked after by some sh1t hot Harley mechanic dudes for all of the 7 years I have owned it. so I imagine that any failure to start will only be temporary.

I have a full service. MOT and repair history.   No reserve - It has to go so I can afford a donkey and cart in France.

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