Harley-Davidson Panhead 1949 Chassis NO Motor Barn Fresh Survivor Full Dresser !

1949 Harley-Davidson Other

Price: US $17,950.00
Item location: East Hampton, Connecticut, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Other
SubModel: 49EL-49FL
Year: 1949
Mileage: 41,000
Color: Blue
Engine size: 7,461
Vehicle Title: Salvage

This is an early Panhead Roiing Chassis that does not have a Motor but pretty much everything else is there. This is a cash and carry auction with no shipping. I want the buyer to be someone who will travel to look at this chassis so he knows what he is getting to avoid any problems down the road. Please contact me before bidding to discuss pickup and payment options or I will just cancel your bid. As far as the chassis goes I bought this because it had a knucklehead Motor in it that I wanted. It was a running bike and probably one of the nicest barn fresh Harleys I ever found in my lifetime. The Frame looks like it might be early 49 as it has horn blocks welded on to round downtubes. The only major thing I noticed with the frame is near the toolbox area. I'm guessing the frame cracked in that area and someone welded a downtube and gusseted it at bottom and top as shown in the photos. When I personally look at the overall character of the entire machine that repair does not even concern me and I probably would just leave it alone. Originally I had planned on bringing this back to all 1949 even though the fenders appear to be a little later than that. Then when I pulled the motor I realized that the tanks are real deal 1947 only and they do have OEM Emblems and Eaton gas Caps. At that point I decided to maybe pass this one along and go to another project I have sitting here. I left everything as is and did not steal one piece of history of the bike. I never even cleaned the grease off and there is a lot of it as this one was in service for years and is again. as found. The tail lamp lens looks real but it is cracked straight across like some do. The Bags are real HD Bar and Shield stamped and look like someone did some work to the straps. Speedo looks like it has never been fooled with as the bezel is not all messed up. The B&H Footshift unit with the mousetrap and HD hand clutch lever is as shown all complete and working. The Springer type Horn has a face added and 2 or 3 of the frames mount holes have screws broken off in them and need repair/removal. Original but probably a little later 50's style Super Soft Buddy Seat is nice and soft and not dry rotted. The black OEM Inner Primary is broken in the center as shown but it can be salvaged by someone who knows what to do. Original Footboards look nice but they do have some sheet metal screws holing the mats down. The Dual Exhaust looks like old aftermarket and might be the only thing not real HD on this chassis. They made a reducer on the rear pipe for the knuckle motor and ran only the slinky with no inner pipe for the front. Wiring on most of the chassis looks like they ran plastic wire through clear plastic hose believe it or not. Headlight has a T-3 Bulb but I do not know if it works or how long it will work if it does. I have to check the bars to see what year they are and the grips might be bad as they are covered with black electrical tape. And I do not think the Headlight/Glide Fork Panels are stainless and or 1949 correct. Nice period mirrors with slotted clamps and real emblems on the Front fender. The old original BUCO Blue Top Clear BottomWindshield looks tired and I can email you photos of it on the bike. Also notice the old aftermarket brackets for the spotlight/windshield. Rear fender tip looks correct and the front is the later mid 50's style not on the bike as one stud is broken off. Lots of read deal CP hardware everywhere and little things like the brake light switch and pull assy are all real. Personally I think if someone has an early Pan or maybe even a Knuckle motor they don't have a ton of money invested in this might be a deal for them??And if you think my price is a little high look closer and take into account the Foot Shifter assy. the untouched speedo. the HD Bags etc and tell me what that stuff is worth today. where are you going to find it and what are you going to pay for all of it. And remember that this is not a 2015 pile of repop chrome dipped stuff from Taiwan that I see being sold everywhere nowadays. I'm probably going to run this auction for the weekend so if interested don't waste time and lets agree on a buy it now price close to my starting bid. Also please no long term long distance relationships. Thanks!

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