1968 harley flh full dresser survivor bagger vintage generator shovelhead

1968 Harley-Davidson Touring

Price: US $9,100.00
Item location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Touring
Type: Touring
Year: 1968
Mileage: 47,263
VIN: 68FLH6xxx
Color: Green
Engine size: 1,200
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Basically a very stock bike w/ all the period bling: beauty rings, ub caps, arker lights, Someone partially disassembled the bike untold years ago to "chrome it out", fter which it sat in a basement until I got it. When I got it, he lower end of the motor was together and still in the frame and the swingarm was still on- everything else was apart.I set to work checking, ixing, eplacing, nd reassembling. Almost allsoft parts or wear items were replaced in the process, ut keeping it just as it was. I kept all the crust and hokey bling, ut made it rideable and reliable.Motor- Clean MD title in my name. Matching belly numbers, o repairs or mods. Unaltered VIN.

  • Cases & Lower end- looks 100%stock.
  • Heads+Top end- The cylinders were still on bike and looked good with good crosshatching. I don't remember the bore, ut it wasn't more than 30 or 40 over STD. I went through the heads, ncluding lapping valves and new gaskets and seals.
  • Carb- Not quite correct but I went with a rebuilt Zenith to retain stock air cleaner (same as a bendix).
  • Ignition-stockauto advance with points.
  • Charging- Stock 12v -65a generator. Works properly. Using old repop regulator housingin stock location, ut it's gutted and has a small solid state unit grafted to the inside for reliability.
Trans- Nice original trans. I've had it open and it looked very clean. I did put new parts on the kicker since it had been removed. New seal and gaskets. Shifts like it should.

Frame- original and unmodified, ncluding paint.

Forks-Original and decent, ther than being crusty. I disassembled, leaned, nstalled new seals, nd new fluid.

Primary-All stock, xcept it has been isolated from the rest of the oiling system. New Foamette gaskets and Primary oil.

Oil tank- Stock. New oil and filter. Oil lines appear to have been replaced (based on the hose clamps).

Sheetmetal-I thought it was original paint, ut came to find out it's not. There's another green underneath that might be, ut it's definitely been repainted. Rear Fender is nice. Tanks and emblems are OEM. Not repairs.Left tank is nice, ith original petcock.Right tank and emblem have a dent on the right side, ut otherwise nice. Front fender is good except for a tear in the front where the giant ornament was mounted. Nacelle and cowbells are decent and original.

Brakes-Basically all original, ut just gone through. Cleaned and new fluid. Rebuilt original Wagner MC. Replacment wheel cylinder. clean and greased all moving parts. They work well (will lock up rear wheel, nd front brake is as good as any glide I've had).

Wheels-original and crusty. I did go through the bearings and replaced any that weren't up to snuff.

Tires- original Goodyears. I left them as there was decent tread and no sidewall cracking. But one has a weird wear pattern and they are old. You're on your own as far as tires. I'd ride them around town, ut for a real road trip, 'd put new ones on.

Handlebars, rips, witches-Original. slight bend in right bar (right at the riser), ut it doesn't bother me. The clutch and brake levers are not original.

Foot Controls- Original, ncluding white rubber buddy pegs (with HD lettering)

Exhaust- original 2:1 dual exhaust with crossover, nd chrome slinky cover on front pipe. The megaphones are obviously a vintage aftermarket item.

DashSpeedoignition-all original and working. I don't have a key for the ignition or neck lockthough. The choke cable has been moved from the dash. I believe it is original mileage on speedo. Even the original hi beam indicator works in the nacelle.


  • Saddle bags areoriginal. Nice shape except for extra bling holes (missing pike nuts and the extra weird emblem), ut the right bag does haveone hole that could be repaired easily if desired. I have a "42" key for the locks. Weatherstripping is even usable.
  • Luggage Rack and nice Original tour pak- nice OEM tour-pak with the sticker, ey and lock. old chrome OEM luggage rack.
  • Bullet lights are all vintage glass lenses- a mix of green and red. working. New cork gaskets
  • NewReplica cloth harness. Basically exact, nd I tried to duplicate the original wiring runs as I replaced the original wiring.
  • new12VAGM battery. New replica starter relay. Andrews coil. New solid state regulator hidden in old mechanical regulator housing in stock location.
  • Newfinal drive chain
  • OEM panhead era buddy seat (a little crusty). Seat post and T are new reproductions.
  • Every button and light works- horn, ignals, tarter, i/lo, tc.
    • FLH chrome sheetmetal covers and a heat shield or two.
    • has white rubber mudflaps, hite bumpers, hiteOEM buddy pegs,and white solenoid rubber cover
    • vintage cast aluminum rear cylinder air scoop
    • cool old gas cap covers (1 capis OG Eaton)
    • chrome beauty rings on both wheels, s well as old chrome hub caps.

FINE PRINT(none of this isunusual, 'm just telling you everything I can think of, n the name of full disclosure). See HERE

  • it is crusty, ut I kept it that way on purpose. much of the chrome could clean up considerably but would never be perfect.
  • tires are original, r at least old.so it's up to you if you want to replace.
  • Right tank and emblem have a dent.
  • front fender has a tear in the front (under ornament).
  • Panhead buddy seat, hile original, s a little crusty. But it fits bike perfect.
  • starter works as well asall shovelhead starters do.
  • right saddle bag has a puncture (it's the gray spot in the picture).
  • cracked original front fender marker lens (almost impossible to find replacement)
  • cracked left front turn signal lens (original)
  • Slight tweak in right hand handlebar, ight at riser. Not really noticeable.
  • both heads look like they've had spark plug keenserts installed, nd in the process the same fins are broke off on both heads (that's the only plausible explanation I can fathom).
  • Not original or period aftermarket parts:
    • starter relay, iring (but it is a cloth exact replica harness), attery, aillight lens, arb is a zenith (not tillotson), ome hardware, oilplugsplug wires, egulator cover doesn't have logo.

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