1942 Harley Davidson WLA Military Motorcyle

1942 Harley-Davidson WLA

Price: US $35,000.00
Item location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: WLA
SubModel: Type 7
Year: 1942
Mileage: 1
Color: OD Green
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1942 Harley Davidson WLA Military Motorcycle. Type 7. This is destined to be a show piece in a collection or a museum display. Has zero miles on entire bike.
Engine is 42WLA699XX and is registered with the WLA Registry.
Engine casting date code is A5 (January 1945)
Transmission casting date code is A5 (January 1945)
Front end casting version 13 (early 1945)

Approximate registration number is USA6140996

The frame is original WLA and has the one year only 1945 welded air cleaner mounting tabs.
Matching belly numbers 45-14787 are also registered on the WLA Registry.
The data plate is an original data plate but is dated APRIL 25 1945 and does not match my engine. Original DOD is estimated at JULY 5 1945 based off known DOD of other confirmed through other orginal data plates.

April 2016 Insurance Apprasial was done. Motorcycle was appraised at $35,000. This is an appreciating asset. Will only go up in value.

XLS spreadsheet of the parts, rices and sources of most of my parts is available. First page is parts and prices, econd page is my DOD research and registration numbers.

Alot of documentation pictures were taken as I built the bike.
This bike took me 5 years and $46,000 in parts to build. NOT including labor besides engine and transmission overhaul.
Engine is all orginal or NOS and was shipped to Don Dzurick in Wisconsin, SA and rebuilt. (Judge for Antique Motorcycle Club of America) has not been started and no oil has been added. Bike was to go into museum and display.
Transmission was gone through and rebuilt by Al at Hyper Cycle in Edmonton,AB
Motorcyle was bought as a basket case (10 boxes of parts) in April 2011 from a gentlemen in Missouri and was shipped to Canada.
Motorcycle has official importation papers for Canadian registration OR for importation back into the USA.
No expense was spared on this full restoration.
Everything except what is listed below is either NOS or original equipment that was refurbished back to original.
I reparkerized what ever parts needed it.
All leather is original.
Those saddle bags are NOS.
The Thompson SMG is an original 1928A1 Savage with numbers matching receiver and frame group. Bolt and barrel have been dimilitarized. It is correct for late WW2 and matches the vintage of the bike.
The seat is original and came out of a box.
The scabbard is original and near flawless
The ammo box is original.
All the radio suppression equipment is NOS and included.
The rims are NOS
The extremely hard to find battery box is NOS.
Skidplate is original but not pictured. Wasnt ready for pics. All mounting hardware is NOS
All exhaust and muffler plus hardware are NOS
The primary cover is NOS
The handlebars are NOS
The oil tank is NOS and the fuel tank is OEM repaint.
All lights are NOS.
All wiring is NOS
The dash panel and speedo is NOS
Mirror is NOS
Its probably easier just to say what isnt original. Drive chain is new reproduction (primary chain is NOS though)

Tires are Coker reproduction but the motorcycle COMES WITH NOS TIRES. Not pictured.

Battery is original but gutted to fit modern sealed battery inside. As much original paint was saved and used as possible.

Brake light switch is a modern reproduction.

A few nuts and bolts were purchased from Colony that I just couldnt find. Very few are Colony though.
All original field gear as pictured is included.
All books are original field manuals / guides.
The spare parts roll is all original but missing the friction tape.
The tool roll is a mixture of original and reproduction.
The TL-122A flashlight is original and comes with a rough spare that isnt pictured.

Triple mag pouch is original and includes 3 30rd Thompson magazines.

CS-90 Flag set is original

M1936 Musette Bag is original

Canteen is original

Shovel is questionable as to its originality.

M1935 Bedding roll is original and marked by original owner from WW2

Please, f you have any questions, sk. If you could, sk as detailed a question as possible so there is no miscommunication. Thanks.


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