1956 Honda JC56 Benly

1956 Honda JC56 BENLY

Price: US $500.00
Item location: Bakersfield, California, United States
Make: Honda
Model: JC56 BENLY
Type: Standard
Year: 1956
Mileage: 22,532
VIN: 4J56-11162
Color: Burgundy
Engine size: 125
Vehicle Title: Clear

Here is a very rare opportunity to own a piece of motorcycle history. This 1956 Honda JC56 Benly is seldom seen and even more rarely seen for sale. This particular bike, hown in its brilliant red livery, as just imported from Japan along with some other bikes I brought in. It was delivered to me exactly as you see it presented here.
The name Benly, oosely translated as "handy" or "convenient" is more recognized by its more contemporary 160- 250cc twin-cylinder models of the 1960s. This was the predecessor to that model, eing displaced with a mere 125cc capacity. That being said, hese were a very robust bike, nd very capable of doing much heavier work than one would think. The first factory warranties for motorcycles were conceived around this bike. Mr. Honda thought so highly of his bikes, his one in particular, hat he designed a very well respected customer service based system around them that included a warranty for full 1 year after purchase. Factory reps actually went out into the rural areas of Japan and performed warranty repairs and other needed services. One can't help to think that very sentiment is what made Honda into what it is today.
Please take a look at the pictures. I think it photographed probably a little too well. In an effort to give full disclosure, will describe parts of this bike that really make it a great bike, nd some parts of the bike that disappoint. Let's start with the good, hall we? It was obviously restored at some point. My guess is that it is an older restoration. It looks like all of the heavy lifting has been done. By that, mean it has had extensive chrome work, ainting and electrical work completed. Spokes are new and correctly zinc plated. It is very complete (minus rear chain and steering lock). The shocks, hich are always a challenge for these bikes, re absolutely gorgeous. Tires are older, ut in nice condition. It has great compression and strong spark, hough no attempt has been made to start it, or has gas been put in the tank. It shifts through all gears. The body work is absolutely dead straight and solid. That is one of its biggest strengths. I was not given much of any history on the bike, ut the engine appears to have been disassembled at some point. It is nicely detailed, nd the ultra rare glass bowl petcock joins tank and engine together via the tiny little Keihin carb. It presents overall, ery beautifully from 10 feet with its funky reverse levers and all.
Upon closer inspection, nd this is the part that disappointed, he chrome on the tank has deep pits where rusty areas were cleaned and chromed over. (Please see pics) The tank is not thin by any means, ust poorly finished. The same goes with the rims. They are original rims, ut are re-chromed in the same fashion. Again, he pictures will show this. The paint work is decent, ut has nicks and scratches where the tank and body parts come together. They were, n my opinion, astily assembled. As mentioned before, he bike did not arrive with a chain, or will it leave with one. Some of the hardware could use re-plating. The rubber bits are overall decent, ut dry. Grips look new. (I should put this in the paragraph above)
This bike will be sold with a bill of sale to U.S. buyers. I have not titled it as of yet, hough the title section of the auction says it's clear. If it is sold internationally, hose buyers should be prepared to share the burden of getting a title. This will require some time (about 3 to 6 weeks) to get the bike inspected by the CHP, nd then titled with the DMV. That said, can store the bike until this is done and while shipping is arranged. It must be paid in full prior to that time and per the auction terms. I will require a non-refundable deposit of $300 via Pay Pal within 48 hours of the auctions end. The balance will be paid in cash, ire transfer, r cashiers check. This will be done no later than 7 days after the auction has ended. The latter two payment options will require bank time to process funds before the bike can leave my possession. Shipping is 100% up to the buyer. I will assist where I can, ust ask. I've done it before.
Please ask any questions regarding condition, hipping, torage, tc. before bidding. These auctions take a lot of time to construct and maintain. My time to do this is very limited and therefore, ery precious to me. Please be mindful of that. Best of luck.

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