Honda DOHC CB750 Chopper / Bobber - With Title -


Price: US $200.00
Item location: Carson City, Nevada, United States
Make: Honda
Year: 2012
Mileage: 800
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear

2012 Special Construction - CB750 Chopper
This bike was built with the intent to have a fast, un custom chopper.
This is a 1980 CB750 engine and it needs engine work. It has 80 psi compression currently in all cylinders. It should be 120. I put almost 800 miles on it before it started running bad. It currently does not run. The following is a brief description of the work done to date.
With this being a chopperbuild I figured that it defiantly needed to have a true rigid frame with a healthy rake. Not one of those weld on or bolt on rear sections. I searched for a while before I found this true vintage Amen frame. It has great lines and a 45 degree rake. I thought it was important to preserve the frame lines.
Just about everything that made it into this build was modified in one way or another. The tank was cut, xtended and mount tabs relocated. The battery box is a reworked ammo box. The electronics tank under the seat is a modified Honda Trail gas tank with an automotive style ignition switch to get rid of all the extra buttons and switches on the handlebars. The fenders were modified for fit and stability. The frame lost some mount tabs and gained others. The forks were extended by Forking by Frank to accommodate the 45 degree rake and toachieve the low stance. The wheels are 19 up front and 18 in the rear and were re-laced with thicker laces. The rear wheel needed to be wider than 130so it's a Honda inner hub laced to a Harley style aluminum outer rim. It takes a 150 tire now. The grips and pegs are one off pieces.
The stock dual over head cam CB750's are good performers but its fun to make these faster. The Front and rear sprockets were changed to allow more speed off the line. It has a Barnett clutch. It has all new charging parts; rotor, tator and regulator rectifier. The carburetors were also yanked in favor of the Cycle-X, ikiuni dual carburetor conversion with K&N filters to top them off. Finally tunable carbs that breath!
With the new found power a front brake became necessary. I didn't want the front brake master to visually dominate the handle bars so a cb900 rear master was adapted to work and mounted under the gas tank.
The lights are classic Harley turn signal shells converted to 1157 LED automotive bulbs. The rear lights work as run turn and brake. The headlight was converted to a H4 Halogen bulb so its bright and compatible with car bulbs. That way the color and brightness can be changed for your liking cheaply.
Again this bike is not turn-key. It needs engine work. Please ask any questions.

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