1968 Honda Z50A Mini Trail K0 "Monkey", rare, restored, vintage and collectible

1968 Honda Other

Price: US $250.00
Item location: Southern California, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Other
Year: 1968
Mileage: 25
VIN: Z50A109579
Vehicle Title: Clear

1968 Honda Z50A KO

This is a 1968 Honda Z50A KO model in exceptional restored condition. This is the first year for the Honda “Monkey bikes” and is the most collectible. They only made 20,086 of the K0’s and the only year that they did not have lights. In 1969-70 – they made over 150,000 of them (K1’s) and in 1970-71 – they made 117,648 K2’s…so this first year Monkey is very hard to find. This is also a straight bar model and not the slanted bar, hich is the protective bar near the exhaust. The slanted bar was on approximately the first 5000 of these made and then they revised the placement of the bar to make it “protect” more of the exhaust, ot to mention it looks better.

Summer is here and you possibly may have had this same bike as a child growing up – my first bike was a 1970 Honda CT 70 Mini Trail. By the way, hese first year Z50's are going for over $5000 on Ebay.

Two years ago I disassembled this bike all the way to the frame and had the frame and goose neck and powder coated them Honda Red. I also powder coated the wheels, andlebar, procket, enders, evers, ickstand and foot pegs in a chrome based color. The aforementioned parts were not chrome plated, ut powder coated. It would be very easy to remove the fenders and handlebars and get them chromed, ut at the time of restoration, did not have the financial assets to pay for the expensive chrome process that the State of California has imposed on chrome service facilities. Please see the few pictures of just the frame and engine during restoration process. The bike has almost new Cheng Shin tires that have less than an hour on them. The bike ran great after restoration and the brakes work perfectly. The seat cover is brand new and reupholstered with brand new foam. The hand grips are the vintage type ribbed cushion grips and are in excellent condition and the levers were powder coated. To be Z50A KO correct – the grips and levers should be white. Why Honda would install white grips and levers on a dirt bike is beyond me.

The rest of the bike has all of its original parts, gain, ith the exception of the hand grips and levers. It even has the original on/off toggle switch (see close up picture of switch) that was only available on the 1968 KO model. Those switches, y themselves, re listing for several hundred dollars and one NOS switch listing for $450 on EBay – see item number 152032902257. The engine was disassembled and new gaskets installed and engine cases polished. The exhaust – a Honda Spark Arrester Model 103 - is in great condition and original to the bike. The gas tank was professionally painted and cost over $500 to paint and seal. The gas tank decal is brand new as well as the decal on the exhaust straight protective bar. The gas cap is original to the bike as well as the two side gas tank Honda badges. Those tank badges are going for over $100 on EBay. The kill button, oot pegs, ick starter, ir cleaner and cables are all also original, ut the front brake cable has been taped up with black electrical tape half way. The rubber on the foot pegs and kick starter are still in great condition for being almost 50 years old. The chain is the original chain that came with the bike and is in great condition. It still has all of its Honda “8” hardware. The bike was run for about an hour after restoration and then the gas tank was emptied and the carburetor was also cleaned out. The bike has been inside my house for the last two plus years and will continue to live inside my living room, f, t does not hit reserve, o I am not going to gas back in it. The front rubber fork boots are in great condition – no rips and the forks work great – which is the bikes only suspension and why some people call this mini trail a “hard tail”.

The first and early year Honda Mini Trials (both CT 70’s and Z50’s) are in gaining popularity and several collectors are buying, s well as restoring them. As previously stated, hat is an original Honda Mini Trail with all original parts, ith the exception of the grips and levers.

Please do not ask me what the reserve price is because I will not tell you and it is not fair to other potential buyers. But I will tell you, hat it is very reasonably priced for an original, estored motorcycle in exceptional condition. These rare ’68 Z50’s are going for well over $5,000 and I will tell you that my reserve is well below that amount.

The motorcycle will be sold as-is, ith no warranties implied and it comes with a valid California title that is in my name and has not been signed and/or dated. Most vintage bikes and particularly Mini Trails do not come with titles. Also some people will say they have the title, ut it is already signed and dated and California DMV will charge you late fees from the date that it is on the title because you only have 30 days to transfer vehicles into your name in California, fter purchase.The bike is currently on non operational status and had been in that way since November of 2013 – see picture of title and non op status receipt. There are not too many 1968 Honda Monkeys with a valid title, ut I believe in having and selling all of my vehicles with titles. You will also notice the VIN number and engine number on the title. The 1968 Monkey VIN numbers were from 100001 to 120087 – so this bike is a mid production (9579 of 20K) build. Also the VIN number is only 22 digits (109579 to 109557) from the engine number, o it's a "number matching" K0 Monkey.

Also included in the sale is a color printout advertisement that shows how original this bikes is compared to the ad and all of the motorcycle’s specifications.

Please check my EBay feedback history. I have over 200 positive feedback's and it is at 100% satisfaction for a reason and ninety five percent of my EBay sales are related to motorcycles, otorcycle parts or mini bikes. I have been riding, acing, estoring and collecting motorcycles for over 45 years. See my EBay profile picture of me on a 1975 Honda 125 Elsinore at a recent Lake Elsinore Grand Prix race.

I also have several transport contacts and can get this Honda transported almost anywhere in the United States for much less than most motorcycle transporters and USHIP. I also have transported motorcycles to Australia and Europe and I have no issues selling to anyone out of the country. I know of several international transporters and I will charge only $150 to get the bike to the transporter/logistics and fifty cents a mile both ways – you have to pay the transporter to get it over the ocean, ut I will assist with the logistics and finding a shipper. I will also deliver this bike for fifty cents a mile, oth ways, nywhere in Southern California.

As you can tell from the pictures, his is a great bike to have. This bike is as close to how it came from the factory with the exception of the hand grips and levers. Please contact me with any questions or if you would like other pictures.

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If you are new to eBay, hen you may not be aware that your bid means you are buying what you are bidding on. If you have less than ten feedbacks you must contact me to let me know that you are serious about completing the sale or I will cancel your bid. Please bid only if you really want this rare motorcycle.Don’t be a flake.

I am not desperate to sell, m not a dealer, don't do this for a living, am a motorcycle enthusiast. If you'd like any detailed photos of a specific area of the bike, ust ask! Please ask any questions you like before bidding. You will be answered quickly and honestly. With all the bikes I own or have owned over the years, know how disappointing it is when someone over-sells a bikes condition so you may be sure I won't do that to you. I have disclosed and will gladly provide photos of all known defects for your inspection.

I reserve the right to end this auction at any time in order to sell this item locally as well or this bike will go to the highest bidder over my reserve price here on Ebay!

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