Cafe Racer CB750 Honda 1972

1972 Honda CB750

Price: US $7,500.00
Item location: Roseland, New Jersey, United States
Make: Honda
Model: CB750
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 1972
Mileage: 22,781
VIN: CB7501100965
Color: Black
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear

Offered is a caf?©-racer custom build. Honda CB750 1972. Motorcycle was designed and purchased directly from Steve Carpenter of CB750cafe. com  in April 2012. Original bill of sale and title is included with this sale. You can see the bike on his home page where he?€™s advertising the exhaust pipes he designs.  As well. all service and upgrades have been documented and kept in a binder.

This is a very sweet ride and a complete head-turner. Upgrades included Dyna Performance Coils with dyna 2000 electronic ignition. K&N performance air filters. LED turn signals and breaker switch. new wiring harness. new engine complete rebuild and bored. new carbs. with larger jets. new OEM voltage regulator. new manifolds. new tires. shocks. chain and more. Powder coated frame. custom handlebars. seat. and tank. Custom exhaust pipes Carpy had designed that seriously sound like a formula 500 engine. It?€™s insane.

I have also a second engine complete in parts in marked bags for a build I was planning on doing myself. See pics for the complete setup. I?€™m including a Red Dog bike lift. jacket. helmets. goggles. extra foot pegs (custom). handlebar mirrors. brake pedals. bolts. wiring. and a second Dunstall Tank from Dime-City ?€“ which I started customizing to fit the Honda frame. Also included with that second engine are PAMCO ignition coils and all of the parts you?€™d need should you ride the bike to the ground and want to put in a new engine.

This is a steal for all of the gear and all of the part. You are almost getting two bikes with riding gear and lots of extras.  I?€™ve got easily EASILY $12. 00 invested in the bike from purchase (8. 00) to the upgrades and tuning and hours I?€™ve spent tinkering to optimize. This bike is fast. and extremely nimble with the shortened handle bars. The Dyna Coils make for quick start and very quick pick up. You can feel the power kick in at 3500rpm. The bike literally takes off from under you and you?€™ll be glad you?€™re leaning forward.

Some nits: This is a long-reach bike. I?€™m 6?€™00 exactly. I sit and lean forward comfortably. Carpy was insistent that the buyer be at least 5?€™10. If you are under 5?€™10. you are going to reaching and probably won?€™t be very comfortable.   The tank is long which makes for the baddest caf?© profile.   Just don?€™t try and talk yourself into the idea that you can reach. It?€™s definitely a bike for medium to tall built riders.

Bike has NOT been down. But there are little nicks here and there. I rode this bike ?€“ a LOT! Everyday to work. I?€™ve been in and out of so many places its sick. Everywhere it goes. people come out to take photos. or to ask about it. I haven?€™t kept up with the constant polishing and waxing. and buffing that one should for a showpiece like this. If you are serious about putting it into shows. you can get it up to show-spec in just a few days.

?€?Carpy?€? originally named and painted the tank ?€?Nutbasher?€?. Pretty funny and cool. but the gas cap isn?€™t fully sealing the tank so if you fill to the brim. there was leakage which slowly began detoriating the paint. I had the tank repainted and Carpy paid for it. without the lettering and thought the problem was fixed. But over the winter months. I started to see slight rippling of paint coming undone around the gas cap seat position. This continues to grow so either a new paint job. or a entirely new gas gap set and cap will need to be drilled and set. In anticipation of this. I purchased an alternate Dunstall Tank from Dime City Cycles.   This is purely cosmetic.

Carpy has a really cool set of aluminum air filter covers which came original to the bike. You can see them in the original pics. You can put those on or opt for the K&N filters I?€™m including.

Other then that. she?€™s a head-turner and a blast to ride. Gotta let her go to get a sport touring bike for long weekend trips. Wife will only agree to one bike in the garage. L.

Even though there are lots of new parts. the engine and frame are original. This is an early Honda ?€“ 1972. Cb750 started in 1969 and revolutionized the motorcycling world. Because of age and originality. this bike is sold as is.

Original build pictures from Carpy's shop can be found by googling nutbasher cafe racer.  


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