Honda CB125J 1978 CB-125 CB 125 CB125S

Price: £499.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Winchester, United Kingdom
Make: Honda
Model: CB125J
Type: Learner
Year: 1978
Mileage: 2,600
Color: Orange
Engine size: 125
Gears: Five-speed manual
Start type: Kick start
Drive type: Chain

You are looking at a CB125J. I believe this is what it was called in the UK at that time but it's the same as a CB125S. This one is from 1978.  I'll try to be as thorough as I can.   I bought this a few years ago as a restoration project. The last time it was taxed before I taxed it was 1982. so I have good reason to believe it wasn?€™t used for about 30 years!!! As you can imagine it required quite a bit of work which I did all myself. I will try to list as many things as I can remember here.  new clutch new brake cables and pads (front) new drums pads and cables (rear) truing front wheel replacement rear wheel new sprockets new wheel bearings (front and rear) new tyres (front and rear) new bulbs new key mechanism adjusted timing restored carburettor with kit new exhaust cleaned up chrome parts cleaned up front shocks and restored.  There?€™s probably more but those are the things I remember.   Lots of money and sweat spent doing this.   So I got it to the point that I got it through it?€™s MOT and had it taxed for a year. Unfortunately however due to time and weather I stopped riding it after that time so it?€™s been sat in my garage for about 1 year not doing anything. So I?€™ve decided to sell it because of that and also because I?€™m saving for a mortgage deposit.   So here?€™s what I can tell you about it?€™s current condition. It?€™s not MOT?€™d or Taxed. It?€™s is SORN. The battery is dead. So I haven?€™t started it recently. However I have no reason to believe without a bit of love and attention it?€™ll start up nicely again and pass the MOT. So a new battery. possible new spark plug and a bit of fiddling and you should have it going. However I am an amateur mechanic on this with very basic knowledge so I can?€™t guarantee it or cannot take responsibility for my work.  Condition : The bike is getting on for 40 years old and although it?€™s in ok condition it does have some defects.   A few dents in the tank as well as rust spots rust spots on the front forks.   It?€™s all mostly cosmetic but it does have quirks and this isn?€™t the bike for you if you want something that you are sure is unlikely to breakdown on you. Although I can thankfully say I have never broken down seriously with it.   I have a few original parts for the bike that you are welcome to. Including one of the side covers. The original (broken exhaust). A very retro box for the back complete with retro stickers (even a bluepeter sticker) and probably some other things that I can?€™t remember. Yours if you want or not. it?€™s up to you.  Year of first registration and mileage are rough estimates as I can't remember right now. I will up date after the weekend. nbsp;Well I think I?€™ve waffled on for long enough. This is a great runner and great fun to ride and an amazing bit of history. I will be sorry to see her go but needs must. Hopefully the info is complete. Bid to buy not to view. if you win you buy etc. etc. Happy bidding.   Helmet not included!!! Please watch this video of the bike running. https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=Y64BYtCsLgY&list=UUYZDe5spYVIgX1rHM-5D_lQ

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