Indian 1913-1917 leaf spring Mesinger Superba saddle seat. (Whizzer)

1913 Indian

Price: US $99.00
Item location: Bellingham, Washington, United States
Make: Indian
Year: 1913
Vehicle Title: Clear

This auction is for a 1913-1917 Indian leaf spring Mesinger Superba saddle seat. With a late 40's-50's deluxe leather Whizzer seat mounted on it's frame. Purchased from an older gentleman who had a Whizzer as a kid. His Uncle had an early teens Indian that was wrecked and gave him the leaf spring seat frame to mount the Whizzer seat on his bicycle. Though the bicycle is gone he held onto the seat. I purchased the seat knowing it was also used on 1917-1921 tall framed Harley Davidsons. I purchased it for the seat mostly to use on an old stripped down Harley Sportster and have since then decided to sell as a pair to someone with a need to put back on early Indian or Harley. I am selling the seat for my Father who is located in Bellingham Washington. All shipping will be responsible to the buyer and will ship from Bellingham Washington.

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