NEW Board track racer rolling chassis motorcycle bike antique indian harley cafe

2016 Custom Built Motorcycles Other

Price: US $1,499.00
Item location: Miami, Florida, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Other
Type: board track racer replica
Year: 2016
Color: choice of yellow black or red
Engine size: 80
Vehicle Title: Clear

Board track, r motordrome, acing was a type of motor sport, opular in the United States between the second and third decades of the 20th century, here competition was conducted on oval race courses with surfaces composed of wooden planks. Although the tracks most often used motorcycles, any different types of racing automobiles also competed, nough so as to see the majority of the 1920s American national championship races contested at such venues. By the early 1930s, oard track racing had fallen out of favour, nd into eventual obsolescence, ue to both its perceived dangers and the high cost of maintenance of the wooden racing surfaces. However, everal of its most notable aspects have continued to influence American motor sports philosophy to the present day, ncluding: A technical emphasis on raw speed produced by the steep inclinations; ample track width to allow steady overtaking between competitors; and the development of extensive grandstandssurrounding many of the courses.
Board track racer rolling chassis or bicycle!CHOOSE YOUR COLOR FOR A LIMITED TIME, nbsp; BLACK RED AND YELLOW
(ebay would not allow me to list without declaring a cc in item specifics, ls ignore that)
Turn this blank canvas into a period Indian or Cyclone Replica or the black for a Harley
We make our frames just a little larger than a average beach cruiser.
This will lead to a project that feels like more than just a bicycle.
If put side by side with a normal bicycle build this frame will look much much better.
Not 2 big but not a bicycle build size either.
I would like you to google images 1909 indian board track racer"
or Steve Mcqueens cyclone board track racer"
I feel these bikes will be as close to those lines as you can find.
Pls google images and take a look and see there drop loop frames,
pls compare and look closely
honestly many build on Ebay are not even in the correct lines of a board track racer.
In frame tanks look very nice but its not a board tracker without a proper drop looped frame.
If this bike costs more than others that is because of quality standards.There are very solid tabs to hold your gas tank.
3 inch wide all black wheels
period correct heavy duty girder forks,
stainless steel painted tanks, ot fiberglass
or a cheap plastic cover that fits over the peanut tanks that come with the engine kits
all black chain ring. everything is black other than the color of the bike frame and forks
A very clean look.
all you have to do is provide the power plant of your choice.
With some attention these can really transform into something even more special
that could create a much higher value item.
Your hobby may make you a few dollars in the end
We would build with average china engines but we sensed the community wanted something more,
So for those buyers heres the chance to get what could be classified as arolling chassis blank canvas
or abicycle depending how you look at it.
Id love to see what you guys can pull off. These are blank canvases for creativity.and id love to get your pictures on my website as it develops a customer builds section. Perhaps we can do an award every few months for top builds
if you are near Miami FL come pick up for free
international shipping can range from 300-500 dollars, will only charge you the lowest price i can find.If you have a preffered shipper we can also do that,
thank you
any questions dont hesitate, ls visit us on facebook "harken cycles "We are a small boutique operation but we are growing and will be introducing many more cool itemsas long as the interest is there. join us

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