1942 Indian 841 RARE WW2 XA Knucklehead henderson indian four chief pre war look

1942 Indian

Price: US $45,000.00
Item location: Sacramento, California, United States
Make: Indian
Year: 1942
Mileage: 14,278
Vehicle Title: Clear
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  Super rare Indian 841. you don't find'em like this too often! You probably can't believe your eyes. but yes its true. on ebay up for auction is a genuine legendary/super rare 1942 indian model 841.   Matching #'s / still sporting its military license plate from Fort Leonord Wood. in Missouri . nbsp;with its shaft drive. and a transverse mounted V twin motor! Simply unreal for the year!  A pure work of art in many ways. its hard to imagine that in the early 1940's the Indian gods could have created such a masterpiece. The motorcycle equivalent of a Monet or Van Gogh!  Only some 900+/- made. ery few exist.  These practically never come up for sale. most are in historical museums) maybe. maybe once every 3-5 years(last complete one on ebay was quite awhile ago) one scarcily comes on the open market. (last April an 841 sold at Mecum auction for $45K) usually they are snatched up fast by private parties behind closed doors. Here on this ebay auction anyone who takes action soon enough will have a equal shot at it. . About as complete as can be with the exception of the air cleaner (And I just found a scource for one two days ago!). nbsp; this is the real McCoy here!.  Was recently taken out of long term storage and after all fluids were changed.  she fired right up!  Runs. but curently lights are not working. This was my grandfathers bike that he brought to California from the mid west in the 70's very orig/ unrestored and she runs!.   Indian 841's for those in the know. know that when one surfaces. nbsp;its a truly unigue opportunity to own a part of motorcycle and U. S history.  A priceless addition to any collection. - thanks and good luck!



During World War II. the US Army requested experimental motorcycle designs suitable for desert fighting[1] and offered Indian $350. 00 in exchange for 1. 00 shaft-drive. side-valve. twin-cylinder test motorcycles. In response to this request. Indian designed and built the amazing 841

The Indian 841 was heavily inspired by the BMW R71 motorcycle. as was its competitor. the Harley-Davidson XA. [2] However. unlike the XA. the 841 was not a copy of the R71. Although its tubular frame. plunger rear suspension. four speed transmission. foot operated shifter. hand operated clutch and shaft drive were similar to the BMW's. the 841 was different from the BMW in several aspects. most noticeably so with its 90-degree longitudinal-crankshaft V-twin engine and girder fork. [1][2][4] Also unlike the R71 and the XA. the 841 used a heel-and-toe shift pedal with heel-operated upshifts and toe-operated downshifts. [4] The bike also had a low compression ratio of 5. 1:1. meaning that it could be run on low-octane fuel. crash bars to protect the cylinders. 18-inch wheels. two separate gas tanks for a total of 5 gallons of available fuel and newly designed girder forks for better shock absorption. [7] In order to reduce costs. the new V-twin shared several internal components with the existing Indian Sport Scout. resulting in the same bore and stroke of 2. 87 in ? 3. 50 in (73 mm ? 89 mm). [3][6]

The Indian 841 and the Harley-Davidson XA were both tested by the Army. 1][4][8] but neither motorcycle was adopted for wider military use. It was determined that the Jeep was more suitable for the roles and combat missions

Indian enthusiast Sammy Pierce used the tank and frame of his 841 along with the case and cylinders of an Indian Chief to make his P-61 American Rocket. featured on the cover of the May 1952 issue of Cycle magazine


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