Kawasaki GPZ600 A2 - Very clean '86 bike... OFFERS INVITED

Price: £1,250.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Make: Kawasaki
Model: GPZ600R A2
Type: Super Sport
Year: 1996
Mileage: 31,339
Color: Black/Red
Engine size: 592
Power: 75
Performance upgrades: Brakes
Gears: Six-speed manual
Start type: Electric start
Drive type: Chain

So. a change of plan requires I offer for sale this great example of the GPZ600R - I was going to road/track it (as I've done with a couple before). ut I don't think that's going to happen this year - so here it is. 1986 A2 Model (just slight cosmetic changes to original A1)First A2 off the line is frame number ZX600A-xxx001 - this bike is actually frame number xxx002!Best colour for this model. Totally standard apart from exhaust (aren't they all) and full braided lines. Previous owner had it 1991-2014. Serviced and MOT'd - ready to ride away. A very good candidate for detailing/full return to original spec. See pics for great overall condition. Bear in mind this bike is nearly twenty-nine years old. so does have some odd marks here and there. Please read the full listing for full details/condition etc. So. I bought this bike slightly on a whim. It's so nice and in such great original condition that I couldn't resist. It was out of MOT. had mis-matched mirrors. an odd footpeg. some missing detail parts -  and a top-box!But I could see past that - something about the feel of the bike and the fact the last owner had kept it all those years. My big idea was to sort out the details and get it ready for the 2015 season. including some track time. Anyway. like most great plans. the plans have changed a little - so I don't necessarily need it!So. there are a lot of terrible examples of this bike out there - this is one of the exceptions. As the class leader/instigator ofthe 600 supersports class. this is a significant. but underappreciated. motorcycle. However - one day. these will come into their own. (They were reckoned a better proposition to the RG500 of the time. and at least as quick on a twisty road). It's actually a bit of a mysterywhy these haven't caught on properly yet - but they will! If you want to grab a GPZ600 for six hundred quid on here on ebay. I'm sureyou'll be able to find one - but it won't be as nice as this! (why do people think they'll get a good bike at that sort of money?)The bike has now had a service (inc valve clearances). a new ignition switch/keys (so the fuel cap is a different key). a few detail touches. ew mirrors and the correct footpegs fitted. Whilst the valve cover was off it was stripped and painted. The bike has also had/passedan MOT in December. The GPZ600 is nice to work on - valve clearances are screw and locknut. so no expensive shims to buy. Bodywork-off check and clean-up has been performed and all found to be good and above average for this age of motorcycle. Tested up to temp and fan cuts in when it should. Braided steel brake lines all round and (unusually) anti-dive still connected and functioningwell - front end nice and firm/progreesive. It has the usual (factory fitted?) "grumble" at low revs from the primary chain - yes. they ALL have it. but it's quieter than a couple I've had beforeand is not evident at 1500rpm+ and as engine warms up (which is the important bit). On the choke it's better than most too. as you can get it to runat around 2. 5-3k instead of the usual (and ridiculous) 5k. Once warm idles around 1k. To be honest (because my insurance was going to be mainly admin fee) I've only done around 10 miles on it - but have been all through the gearsand up to 7000rpm on the road. Brakes tested good also (no indication of warping) - though the discs are usual Kawasaki-fare of the period. If I were to keep it. I would eventually have the tank resprayed. there are some scratches on the left-hand-side and back edge (though not major)and a little surface-rust on the lower seams (please look at the pics). The rest of the panels are just about perfect for finish. though the odd minorscratch/mark here and there - it's a twenty nine year old bike. There's one missing inner-lug on the r/h side panel and a small crack/repair on thefront mudguard. Overall though. it's clear that the last owner took some pride in this bike. The wheels are straight and clean but paint a little thin -a respray or powder-coat would make them look like new. Mileage is pretty low for a motorcycle of this vintage - in fact the previous owner only appeared to put some miles on around MOT time. o - 2010/11 - 107 miles. 2011/12 - 164 miles. 2012/13 - 59 miles. 2013/14 - 111 miles. I'm thinking it's had quite an easy life and probablybeen used for commuting - this is presumptious on my part. nbsp; but a top box - on a GPZ? (with a very nice custom-fab'd stainless rack). Chain was mucky but has cleaned up really nice and looks recent - everything else checked out good. The tyres have enough on for maybea few hundred miles. but I'd be tempted to just fit a pair of brand new Avon Roadriders for around ?158 (off ebay. if you know a friendly fitter). If you were buying to restore to original then an after-market four into two system can be found from a couple of makers/suppliers. If you're thinking that the seats should be red. then so did I. However. on researching period photos. some did come with black seats. Not sure if the fuel gauge works - only had a few litres in but no movement. so probably not. Everything else seems spot on. Overall then - a good. good example of this particular model. I don't HAVE to sell. so I'm not prepared to lose any money on it. The start price might seema little high compared with some of the nasty ones that find their way on here. but it's a better bike than that (otherwise I wouldn't have parted with my own cash). In other words I do have a bottom-line that I won't go under at all. If you want to grab a GPZ600 for six hundred quid on here on ebay. I'm sureyou'll be able to find one - but there WILL be a reason it's dirt cheap!Only listed for 10 days. so feel free to tell me your best price for best chance of winning. If you want it now then there's the BIN price above.   However. the price is also designed to invite realistic offers - so contact me (Nige) on 07754 309931. Take a look at the pics. talk to me. better still. come and see it if you can. If you put full asking price (or agreed offer) in my hands and you canprove insurance for this machine then there's no reason you can't test ride (usual "bin it. it's yours" conditions). Otherwise a demo of starting fromcold and running through the gears on the centre stand is the least I can do for you. I can also take/send you specific pics if you request. or answer your questions on the same number - don't be frightened to ask!If you feel like making a realistic and sensible offer. then you could do worse than talking to me. I'll give you a decision within a few hours. ?100 (non-returnable)paypal deposit straight away to reserve with me if I accept your offer. with cash balance (and absolutely no haggling) on pick up within one week please. And sorry. but the top-box is long gone. All information given is as accurate as possible in terms of condition. specification and operation of the motorcycle. I know my way around bikes and onlybought this one myself as I liked it so much and it all feels right. Change of plans is the only reason it is currently offered for sale. Thanks for looking. Nige

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