1973 Kawasaki Z1 900 Bill Wirges NO RESERVE

1973 Kawasaki Z1 900

Price: US $5,000.00
Item location: Princeton, Illinois, United States
Make: Kawasaki
Model: Z1 900
Year: 1973
Mileage: 2,300
VIN: 87
Engine size: 900
Vehicle Title: Clear



THIS IS #87 (Z1E00087) ENGINE ONLY, OT A COMPLETE BIKE. Bill of sale will be provided. Engines do not have titles, ut e-bay required an entry under title. Winner of this auction also has the option to buy or pass on a titled frame andswing-arm for a1973 Z1 900 for $1200. The frameis a later 73 manufacture date and does not match this engine.

The history on this engine is a little hard to follow, ut I will do my best to explain the history. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

This 1973 Kawasaki Z1 900 engine #87 was in the bike that was displayed at the Kawasaki dealer show at Laguna Seca Raceway in 1972. Yvon Duhamel, ary Nixon & other Kawasaki factory riders were there for the Z1 introduction.

Kawasaki gave me the above bike and a few crate engines after the dealer show. Regarding the #87 1973 Z1 900, e installed a mild cam, 0.5:1 compression pistons, into 1 pipe and we ran it at Bonneville in 1973. At that time, e were running Kawasaki H2 750 two stroke triples (2) in our streamliner and anticipated converting to the new Z1 900. The H2 750 streamliner set a Bonneville Salt Flats class record of 241.950 mph. We had a one-way run of 261 mph, ut a 2-way average within one hour is what goes in the record books. http://www.bonneville200mph.org/2014_speedweek_insert.pdf As far as I am aware, he 241.950 mph class record still represents the world’s fastest Kawasaki triple.

I built-up one of the Z1 crate engines with an 1130cc big bore kit, tc. After completing the big bore motor, took the #87 engine out of the dealer show bike and placed engine #87 on a shelf. I then placed the big bore motor in #87’s chassis and headed to Daytona Bike Week. While sitting 50 feet from the entrance, his bike became one of many stolen at Daytona that year.

Since the original frame was stolen at Daytona, his #87 engine sat on a shelf for several years. I eventually placed this #87 engine it in a 75 Z1 street chassis. This engine has less than 2,300 miles on it, .e…2,200 street miles and approximately 50 miles at Bonneville.

I recently decided to sell this #87 engine, o I cleaned & synched carbs, hecked valve settings, hecked compression, ent through the ignition, ent through the clutch and pulled all covers. Internals are like new, he transmission shifts correct and the engine runs like new.

If you are a vintage collector, ooking for an early engine #, his engine can easily be converted back to original. All that would need to be done is install standard pistons, ams, overs and paint.

I currently have two other motorcycles listed on e-bay, 973 S2 and 1977 KZ1000 LTD. I will also be listingan H2 and a1953 Studebaker coupe in a couple weeks.


When I ran this add initially, had the following questions………….

  • Concern with zero ebay rating: I just opened my ebay account, o the rating reflects that.

  • Do you have Z1 or triple pipes? Just 1 new set of H2 stingers (unmuffled) & 1 used set of H2 muffled.

  • Do you have Z1 or triple parts for sale? No

  • Do you still have your streamliner & would you consider selling it? Yes & yes. It will be on e-bay this summer.

  • Is this really Bill Wirges selling this item? Yes. A family friend setup my e-bay account for me, ut this is my add. Responses to your questions will be answered as promptly possible. If you are interested in buying this item, ut want to speak with me, ust leave your phone number through ebay and I will call you. I didn’t list my phone number because most questions are usually about engine work, arts or pipes.


Bill Wirges

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