1979 Kawasaki Z650 Caf?© Racer Project

Price: £1,300.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Penn, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Make: Kawasaki
Model: Z650
Year: 1979
Gears: Six-speed manual
Start type: Combo
Drive type: Chain

1979 Kawasaki Z650 Caf?© Racer Project

So I?€™m afraid here is another one of those unfinished projects being moved on. I hold my head in shame!  I just can?€™t find that extra bit of effort and time to get on with it. it started well but has been sat in the corner of the garage for a year and half untouched. things have moved on and now so does this bike. it?€™s part of a big a clear out I?€™m having. and no doubt something I?€™ll probably regret in a time!

Here we have a decent Caf?© Racer project for someone to pick up and take forward and make their own.   I bought this as a project myself and have added a bit here and a bit there in the first 6 months I had it but it?€™s been sat time neglected since.   There?€™s plenty of work left to be done but it?€™s not a basket case. needs last few bits of engineering and fettling before a bit of tidying and painting.

Engine should be all good. it was running very nicely a couple of years ago.   The already butchered loom was stripped out and is mostly labelled up so would probably be possible to use it to rewire. or at least help with making a new custom loom. there are loads of new connectors and connector blocks in the spares package to aid building a new one.  

Although it?€™s being sold as a non-running project I?€™m 100% confident the engine would run once electrics etc. are sorted.

If I were keeping it I would finish the mock up before tearing down. sending the engine off for cleaning and maybe blue printing or at least bearings and rings. along with carbs cleaning and set up.   Frame needs some dressing here and there. then paint removing and painting/powder coating etc.

?·         New Vonzeti custom built fuel tank and single seat unit built for this bike.

?·         New rear sets

?·         New clipons

?·         New small speedometer and rev counter

?·         Electronic ignition

?·         Avon Venom-X tyres with very little wear

?·         Marshal full stainless steel exhaust

?·         Loads of parts and spares. some new. most old!

o   Levers. master cylinders. lights. rear sets. flasher units. new air filters

o   Loom. indicators. new cush drive. polished Z650 top yoke. rear caliper. new wiring/loom connectors/blocks

o   Set of spoke wheels. front Z650. rear believed to be from a Z1

?·         V5 log book present

 Apart from frame. engine and electrical stuff already mentioned. other bits that still need doing off the top of my head: -

1.       Battery to be supplied and fitted. space under seat hump but will need bracket.

2.       Make loom and obviously wire up all ancillaries.   Starter Solenoid. Regulator and Rectifier already in place under seat.   Coils are in place.

3.       Ignition barrel fitting (I was going to make it key-less myself with a secret cut out. but ignition barrel is present still on loom with key!)

4.       Need headlight bracket and light fitting

5.       Need indicators fitting (if you want them?)

6.       Gear selector rod fitting (rear set to gearbox spline etc. ) there are some with the spares.

7.       Front and rear master cylinder. front brake lever and clutch lever (old ones supplied which would work. but was planning on finding new)

8.       Brake caliper overhaul?€¦ they?€™re probably fine?  But I?€™d be servicing them and painting. and probably treat it to new braided brake lines but what?€™s there should be OK.

9.       New chain needed and come to think of it sprockets could probably do with replacing?

10.   Exhaust hanger fabricating?€¦  I was planning on using MotoGp style end cans on each side (supplied by RedMax) with small hangers from suspension top mount area.

11.   Needs fuel pipe/fuel filter from fuel tap to carbs.

12.   Swap current top yoke for replacement supplied.

I think that?€™s about it?€¦  Obviously this isn't just plug a few wires together and drop some fuel in it. there?€™s still a bit to do to make it you?€™re own but it?€™s very solid foundation to take forward.   If I put some effort into it I reckon I could have it running in a day or so?€¦  maybe some faffing with some of the bits mentioned above to ride it. but getting up and running wouldn't take long at all?€¦

You?€™re more than welcome and highly recommend to come and view it.  I?€™m around and available most of the time during the day and evenings mid-week as well as weekends if you want to come and see it. give me a shout to arrange and I?€™ll try work around your schedule.

I can potentially deliver for a reasonable charge within a reasonable distance. approx. 100 miles radius of High Wycombe. please contact me to discuss in advance of purchase. funds will have to be cleared 100% in advance for delivery.

It?€™s priced a lot lot less than what it owes me!  I?€™m not desperate to sell it so wont?€™ let it go for peanuts but I am open to sensible offers.   Sold without warranty or any guarantees applied.

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