Scooterotica Dealer Special Lambretta Scooter - Italian Innocenti Frame & Engine

Price: £4,695.00
Condition: --not specified
Item location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Scooterotica Dealer Special Lambretta Scooter

Hi-Spec Italian Lambretta in Scooterotica Livery - (engine package optional).

Italian Heritige: Italian Innocenti Lambretta. every nut & bolt replaced and the whole scooter is fully restored from the ground up. to the highest spec! We take an Italian Li Lambretta and fit all new bodywork and components. then build up to the highest spec and complete the scooter with our very own exquisite livery paintwork.

Additional high-spec components include: Hydraulic disc brake for extra safety and stopping power. sports tyres for assured grip and performance. Hi-spec Front Dampers and Rear Shock absorber for great handling (not shown in pictures). Ancilotti style sports seat for that sleek look and a 12. 5 litre long-range fuel tank to ensure you don't get caught short on a ride out!

Optional Engine Package: The scooters are fully built and ready for the additional engine build of your choice. We offer excellent engine build packages to complement the scooter using the original Italian cases we can build a lovely BGM195 touring engine. or a sporty RB20 engine. and everything in between. the choice is yours. Alternatively. we can of course set the Italian casing aside and build a TS1225 or RB250. again. the choice is yours. just ask us to quote.  

Build: Using Italian Innocenti Frames - we build the scooter using entirely new parts - adding all the high-spec components you would expect for modern times and modern road conditions.

Theme: Our Dealer Specials will not be numbered like other dealers. each one will be named individually. and be based on a theme. Our first release of four Dealer Specials are named after Japanese Warriors: Ashigaru. Byakkotai. Shizoku & Sohei

Ethos: The ethos for the Scooterotica Special is 'discreet-quality'. No bling or tat. just quality parts. built to the highest standards. and finished in a discreet sporty look. Each scooter will have its own name and bespoke engine build. ensuring every single one is unique.

Value: Try pricing up the cost of buying a donor scooter. and then paying for a decent dealer to strip the chassis back to bare metal. panel beat. weld and restore the panels. paint the whole scooter in a quality sports livery. fit all new cables. rubbers. rim. fixing kits. then add a selection of high-spec components. and finally build the scooter backup ready to accept an engine. Done the maths? You'll easily be looking at ?6k-?7k+. Our Dealer Specials offer not only great quality. good looks and a decent spec list. they offer great value too. You know it makes sense wink emoticon

Registration: These are freshly imported scooters and you will be the 1st owner on the UK V5 documents - It's the closest you'll get to owning a brand new Lambretta wink emoticon

Price: The price shown is for a single finished scooter chassis with empty engine casings. so you can either take the scooter 'as is' and complete the engine and registration yourself. or commission Scooterotica to build a bespoke engine of your choice to suit your budget and requirements (POA).


(For our fully restored and painted 'hi-spec' Italian Chassis as described - engine build packages available on request)

Scooterotica Dealer Specials:The more you know - The less you need to show.

Ring now for more details: 07534 375813

Located in Harrogate. North Yorkshire. Pickup preferred. but happy to assist with delivery at buyers cost. Ring 07534 375 813 or 01423 734957 and ask for Dan if you need more details.

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