1971 Norton Commando 750 **MINT CONDITION**

1971 Norton COMMANDO

Price: US $9,099.99
Item location: Corona del Mar, California, United States
Make: Norton
SubModel: 750
Type: Naked
Year: 1971
Mileage: 16,500
VIN: 142749
Color: BLACK
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear
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The Commando "S"
The earliest Commandos were made at the old Matchless factory in Plumstead, outh London. When the Plumstead site was slated for redevelopment, ssembly was moved in 1969 to a new facility in Andover, ampshire (on the famous Thruxton circuit), hile engine manufacture went to the Villiers factory in Wolverhampton, est Midlands.

Along with the change in location came an opportunity to tidy up the Commando engine. Principally, he ignition points were moved from a chain-driven jackshaft behind the cylinders (where the magneto had been on the 750cc Atlas) to the end of the camshaft to simplify the design and make the points easier to service. The tachometer drive, reviously taken off the end of the camshaft, oved inboard, ith the tach cable now coming off the front of the engine instead of the right side. The new Wolverhampton engine became know as the 20M3S, hile production of the old 20M3 “jackshaft” engine stayed temporarily at Plumstead pending the plant’s closure. (The numbering scheme works like this: the 750 twin engine was Norton’s Model 20, nd the Commando engine the Mark III version; hence 20M3.)

The fiberglass bodywork and general styling of the original Fastback Commando, hile distinctive and racy looking, as somewhat unconventional, nd wasn’t as popular as the Norton folks had hoped. So to boost sales for 1969, wo new models were introduced: The Commando “R” and “S.”

The more conservative R model was in essence a transition model from the Fastback to the Roadster. It used up the remaining 20M3 engines, ith the side-mounted oil tank and sausage-shaped mufflers from the Fastback, ut was fitted with a stylish new fiberglass gas tank and a conventional dual seat. All R’s had gray side panels regardless of gas tank color.

The S, owever, ade a radical styling statement. Its 5in headlight wore a chrome “halo” attached to a special upper steering yoke, nd side panels, olor-keyed to the metalflake-painted fiberglass gas tank (the same tank as the R model and later Roadster), overed a central oil tank. Gone were the sensible shrouds and gaiters from the front forks, xposing slender chrome fork tubes with token dust excluders. Chrome exhaust headers wove around the frame downtubes, xiting on the left and sweeping along the side of the bike, ith chrome heat shields adding a finishing touch. Chrome also anointed the fenders, ear damper shrouds, hain guard and seat trim. Gaudy, aybe — but subtle it was not.

The R model ended with the final closure of the Plumstead factory in 1969, ut the S model lasted into 1970.

The S took it all the way with the naked front, igh-level exhaust pipes and peashooter mufflers. The S retains the stock 19-tooth countershaft sprocket and direct-drive rear hub — early Commandos have no driveline shock absorber.

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