1973 Norton 850 COMMANDO MARK 2

Price: US $4,999.00
Item location: Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
Make: Norton
Model: 850 COMMANDO MARK 2
Year: 1973
Mileage: 707
VIN: 300424
Engine size: 850
Vehicle Title: Clear

MISSING: Battery strap, attery, enter stand, xhaust system, assenger foot peg rubber, irrors, uel line and steering head bearing cap... Probably a few other parts as well. It has compression and kicks through nicely. Frankly, don't know what the story on this thing is. I acquired it with another Norton and some parts. I didn't think much of it until I looked at the odometer and then at the title. The seller never said anything about it. He was old and just wanted rid of them. The bikes had been sitting outside (in Arizona). I started looking closely at the bike and what I think MAY have happened is that it was a demo at a dealer which had been cannibalized for parts. Back in the old days spare parts took a long time to come from England and bikes at a dealer's routinely had parts 'borrowed' until the ordered part would arrive. I have no idea if this is the case or not. The whole 707 mile thing may in fact be an error or an outright hoax. The engine and drive components don't look like they have much mileage on them but I have not been inside this thing so I can't say with any authority whether it does or does not.
If I were to keep it - and that may end up happening - I would service it and try to start it. THEN I would decide whether to restore it or not. Why don't I do that? Glad you asked... I have a whole gaggle of old Ducatis that were in line long before this bike ever arrived. They are getting impatient with me. I am getting older and the bikes won't ever get done if I am diverted with Nortons. This is a cool bike, hough, nd I think it needs attention, oo. I will most likely regret selling it... So many bikes, o little time...
Questions, uggestions, tc... Bill 928 606-7379
PS; Other things that will need attention are: The tank has some kind of old oil or something in it as well as some surface rust on the inside. It should be cleaned out. The tank and side covers are metal but have obviously been rattle can painted. The shock shafts are rusty and pitted. The tires are dry rotted. The front fender has some dings, tc. The headlight bezel has a scrape. The master cylinder has some scrapes. The frame and engine cylinder have had some amateur paint work done to them. Many things will probably need to be restored or replaced. Please don't expect a new bike. I, yself, ave hung some parts on this bike just to make it more complete because some things were missing when I got it.

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