Norton Dominator 1957 88 for restoration - no engine

Price: £1,750.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Montrose, United Kingdom
Make: Norton
Model: dominator 88
Year: 1957
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I offer for sale my 1957 Norton Dominator 88 for restoration.   Please note that although it is mostly complete and original in that it?ˆ™s not a bitsa. there is no engine.   I bought the bike from a relative of the previous owner around 25 years ago and at that time it was dismantled and in big lumps.   There was no engine or gearbox with it then and I suspect this is why it ended up dismantled.

 I have the original logbook but no V5.   It was registered in Glasgow in February ?ˆ™57 and was originally polychromatic grey.   It looks to have had only two owners before myself.   I had begun restoration when I bought it by having the frame and tinware stripped and had primed/painted it all before it was bundled into boxes and forgotten about due to other priorities.   It has followed me through two house moves and countless other restorations and I?ˆ™ve faced up to the fact that after 20-odd years hidden in the loft. I?ˆ™m unlikely to ever go back to it.

 Have a good look at the photos as what you see is what you get (except for the front mudguard stays which are not in the pictures as I borrowed them for my other domi but they will go with this bike).   It?ˆ™s basically all there and as I say it was once a complete bike. it?ˆ™s not a collection of parts (with the exception of the front engine plates and head steady).   There are. however. a few bits missing as follows:

 Engine. ignition system. carburettor. charging system. rear engine plate cover. inner primary chaincase. one shock absorber lower shroud for some reason is missing. I don?ˆ™t think the horn is correct. ammeter. most of the battery retaining strap.

 Other small negative points to note ?ˆ“ the rear mudguard has originally had the removable tail section but this has been welded on.   It looks like this could be reversed with a bit of care as all the inner strengthening is still visible.   The top of the tin panel on the oil tank at the carb recess has been cut away.   The rear brake rod is broken.   There is also a small dent in the frame bottom tube near the centre stand ?ˆ“ note. it?ˆ™s a dent in the tube and not a kink. the frame is straight.

 On a positive note. the fork sliders are un-damaged. there is no sign of cracking at the pinch bolt.   The tin-ware is really solid i. e. it hasn?ˆ™t been rusty and there are no major dents.

 The exhaust pipes are quite nice and are the correct height for a 500cc motor. they have nice stainless locking rings.   The silencers are an approximate copy of the original type and while they are in reasonable order and will do the job they aren?ˆ™t brilliant.

 I did buy the AMC box shown for it with a correct Norton serial number but I have since realised that it probably would have had a laydown box as there is the tunnel through the oil tank for the clutch cable.   I also don?ˆ™t know if the bike was mag/dyno or alternator ?ˆ“ certainly the outer primary chaincase is an alternator type.   I was going to make it mag ignition with alternator electrics.

 There are quite a few new parts with the bike ?ˆ“ seat. wiring loom. lots of stainless nuts and bolts. engine studs. rubbers. badges. wheel bearings. final drive chain  etc.   There is also a box of misc fasteners but I have no doubt that a good few nuts/bolts/components will still need to be bought.   The wheels. forks and gearbox will all need to be rebuilt.

 Please note that I do have some engine parts which I will make available to the purchaser of this bike at additional cost ?ˆ“ I have a mostly complete 88 motor based on a 1960 bottom end with good barrels (I think the earlier dynamo type) newly bored to +40 but no pistons. push rods. correct early alloy head with all valve gear. single carb manifold. monobloc carb.  I also have a 650SS bottom end.

 If there?ˆ™s anything you want to know please ask.   I politely request that anyone daydreaming or just looking for a chat about old bikes think twice before making contact as I work long hours and simply do not have much spare time to waste.   I am. however. more than happy to spend time with genuinely interested parties.   This is a genuine sale. please treat it as such.   Make contact via email with a landline and I?ˆ™ll give you a call at the first opportunity.   Viewing is welcome by prior arrangement.

 The auction for the bike as shown in the photos (i. e. minus engine) is set to start at a very reasonable ??1750 and I will let it run to the auction end.   A ??250 non-refundable paypal deposit will be required at sale and balance of price should be cash on collection or deposited into my bank prior to the bike being collected.   It will not be going anywhere until it is fully paid for. Please note that I will not be offering any refunds to timewasters.  If you want to know anything about the bike ask first or better still. come and see it.   The bike is located in Montrose. Scotland. and whilst viewing is heartily welcomed. I am fully aware this may not be possible.   If you cannot view and are seriously interested then please talk to me to get to know as much as you need to know about it to avoid any ambiguity.   I can take more photos if required.  The bike is to be collected by the buyer and a suitable time can be decided at auction end.   Due to location. I will be flexible with pick-up timescales but would prefer it to be collected within a fortnight of sale.  Feel free to arrange a courier to collect but remember. it?ˆ™s not moving until it has been paid.


Many thanks for your interest.

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