1979 Other Makes PUCH MAGNUM MKII

Price: US $1,600.00
Item location: Nicholasville, Kentucky, United States
Make: Other Makes
Year: 1979
Mileage: 64
Color: Silver
Engine size: 49
Vehicle Title: Clear

THIS VEHICLE IS FOR PICK-UP ONLY. NO SHIPPING UNLESS BUY TAKES CARE OF ALL SERVICES.65 miles! What you are looking at is probably one of the lowest mileage vintage PUCH mopeds anywhere. This is the story at least as best as I can tell it.It was one of three mopeds purchased by a family in Ohio in the summer of 1979. They rode them for ONE WEEKEND and never touched them again. My friend the late Ike Fist from Ike's Bikes in Ohio somehow found out about them and bought all three. His intention was to build a moped shop and put them on display. Well he did build his shopbut ended up selling one. I approached him about buying this one and he agreed...but I told him that he could keep it there as a display bike where it sat for a few more years. Sadly Ike passed away in his sleep in 2013 and I had to go get the bike along with two others.Ike never tried to get it running and sold the taillight lens off of it. The fuel tank was dirtybut really didn't have any significant rust to speak of. The oil injector lines were empty and hardened and the fuel line was cracked. Mud daubers had made a small nest in the airbox. I took care of all the lines put the correct fittings on the ends and cleaned the airbox up. I checked the carburetor (which somehow was clean) and put fresh gas with an oil mix in the tank. It started on the 3rd attempt. I purged the oil lines of air until I was satisfied drained the tank of most of the newly mixed gas and took it around the block a couple times. It ran OK but the shift dampeners must have gotten hard and it shuttered a bit going into 2nd gear. I ordered new dampeners put them in and the shifts became silky smooth. I had a NOS taillight lens in a box so I put that on. And surprisingly enough...the switch bases had already self-destructed on the handlebars. I ordered two remanufactured ones. They look original to my eyes and are much stronger.The only real flaws now are the underside of the rear fender is discolored from dirt that set on it there is a small scratch on the right front fork and it looks like Ike's cat put its claws on the seat as there are very tiny punctures that almost go through. They are hardly noticeable.The sticker says 1HP on the engine cover but I think they put those on to satisfy the locals because the bike pulls very nicely right up to 30mph without any straining. The fuel jet was 1 size too big causing it to 4-stroke so I put the next size down in it. Problem solved. The bike was sold back in the day when they didn't need titles so it has none. You can get a title service to remedy that if you absolutely need it.So the bike looks and runs like new. Original tires brakes lights cables...everything. This bike really should find its way to a collector that knows what it is and how rare it is to find one in the condition that it's in. It would be tragic to modify this bike thus turning it into something common that everyone else has. It's a display/conversation piece that's also a viable bike.Here is a video of it just after the transmission was reconditioned. https://youtu.be/CBhgOEsB4BUSeller is responsible for picking this up. It is located just south of Lexington KY. Payment must be complete within 24 hours of the auction. I will hold the bike for up to two weeks while you make your arrangements to pick it up.

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