BRAMMO ENERTIA Electric Motorcycle

2010 Other Makes Brammo Enertia

Price: US $1,599.00
Item location: Beale AFB, California, United States
Make: Other Makes
Model: Brammo Enertia
Type: Standard
Year: 2010
Mileage: 6,700
VIN: 51RUB2133AA000146
Color: Orange
Engine size: 8kw
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Up for Sale is my 2010 Brammo Enertia. This has been my daily driver for about 9 months now, nd I've driven it about 4,000 miles. Each 'full tank' is about $0.60 in electricity. (3kwh battery and electricity at about $0.20/kwh). Range is 40 miles at 35 mph. Top speed is 60 mph with a quick acceleration...this bike is the perfect commuter!
For shipping, can help arrange for shipping, ut the buyer will be responsible for shipping costs. Local pickup is also an option.
Premium Motorcycle Parts
Extruded Aluminum Frame | Suspension | Brakes | Seat | Wide Non-Slip Foot Pegs | BRAMMO Wheels
Tubeless Tires | Plastics with Recycled Content
Drive Train
Sealed Permanent Magnet AC-Synchronous Disc-Motor | Power (continuous) - 7.0 Kilowatts (9.39 HP), orque - 8.19 ft/lb (11.1Nm)
Sophisticated Motor Controller | Direct Drive (No Gears / No Clutch)
Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology | 3.1 Kilowatt Hours of Capacity | Thousands of Charge/Discharge Cycles
Battery Management System | Cell Balancing | Maintenance Free
Onboard 110/220VAC 720 Watt Charger | Microprocessor Controlled | 4-5 Hour Charge Time
Custom Electronics
Vehicle Control Unit | Dash with LCD Display | Onboard Diagnostics & Logging | Immobilizer Security System | Electronic Throttle

On Jun-30-15 at 15:36:10 PDT, eller added the following information:

The previous owner dropped it from the kickstand causing damage to the motor cover (normally where the clutch cover is), nd the Left side mirror/handle bar. I was transporting it in a truck and didn't put enough padding down which damaged the fairing where the gas tank would normally be.
It's also giving me a 'GET SERVICE' code which you can see in the pictures. If you check the manual, his is like the 'check engine' light. I haven't had a chance to get the USB flash drive (which stores all the diagnostic data) analyzed, ut it's been driving great without issues!
I recently took this bike on a 33.5 mile trip (3000 ft elevation gain) at 35 mph, nd I still had 15% battery left over...this thing is a hoss! I'm currently using it as my daily driver and I don't REALLY want to give it up, o I've set a reserve price on it. I would consider returns for this item on a case by case long as everything worked the way it did when I sold it, 'd take a return.
Questions? Feel free to ask. I'll also post this on craigsl1st as well, o I may end this auction early.

On Jul-03-15 at 14:02:30 PDT, eller added the following information:

I did another ride today to show the endurance of the bike. I drove a cruising speed of 45mph whenever the speed limit allowed. At 27.0 miles, t showed 10%. I then started driving at 25mph to closer show what you'd do if your destination was further than you'd originally thought. I drove home and at 30.0 miles (7%) I restarted the bike (I had to drop something off). The bike was off for about 4 minutes. When I restarted the bike, t showed 10% again. I continued riding at 25 mph all the way to 36.0 miles (9.0 miles AFTER the bike said 10%). I think this gives you a much better idea of how the bike handles longer distances. The odometer is now reading 6880.0.

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