Z Electric Vehicle S-6000L Electric Scooter 62mph top speed, 54mi @ 50mph range!

2013 Other Makes S-6000L

Price: US $3,000.00
Item location: Lexington Park, Maryland, United States
Make: Other Makes
Model: S-6000L
Type: Standard
Year: 2013
Mileage: 1,100
VIN: 1Z9E5067XDM354033
Color: White
Vehicle Title: Clear
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I've been commuting to work on this beauty for about 18 months but I have to move in a month and where I'll be living come August is too far from work for this scooter to get me there and back. I'm hoping to sell this model and buy one of ZEV's bigger bikes so I can keep commuting on an electric bike.
You almost certainly haven't heard of ZEV but they're a small manufacturer out of Morgantown, V, nd they make some incredible electric scooters and utility vehicles. I'll refer you to theirwebsite for all the details, ut I've been to their shop in Morgantown and I've met with Darus (the owner), nd they're as legit as it gets.

The 6000L model I'm selling is a "scooter" because it has a step-through chassis but because of its capabilities (62mph top speed) it's considered a motorcycle per Maryland state law (and many other states), nd must be titled, egistered, icensed, tc. It retails for $4,595.00(plus $100 more for the cargo box I have).
Here's the product page on the ZEV site and the key specs:

Top Speed - 100 kph / 62 mph
Range - depends upon terrain, eather, oad. The following ranges were measured on flat land on standard day conditions.
54 miles at 50 mph
72 miles at 28 mph
84 miles at 12 mph
Curb Weight - 462 lbs / 210 kg
Gross Weight - 759 lbs / 345 kg (bike and load)
I wouldn't push more than 20 miles at max speed, o this is by no means a highway bike. It's a local area commuter, nly. My 6000L is white and still in great shape. It has its quirks. The right turn signal indicator (not the light, ust the indicator in the instrument cluster) is intermittent and the speedometer is inaccurate (but consistent!). Darus sent me procedures to take the front end apart and resolve both of these issues, ut I haven't had the time to get it done. Other than that, he rides like a dream, s completely silent and isn't particularly "cool" looking but always starts a conversation when people see it. I've loved riding it and I really don't want it to just sit in my garage for the next two years.

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