Gorgeous Classic 1936 Velocette GTP British Motorcycle

1936 Other Makes

Price: US $4,600.00
Item location: Duvall, Washington, United States
Make: Other Makes
Year: 1936
Mileage: 48,822
Color: Black
Engine size: 250
Vehicle Title: Clear

 I have a Velocette that was purchase by my father in the late 70's. It was a show bike when he bought it. He rode it once in awhile but my Dad died at age 48 in 1982.   The bike has not been ridden since. We have tried the kick starter and it does turn freely.   It was stored in the garage in California since the 70's then inside houses since 1983.    It was in my Mother's living room window for about 10 years until I moved to Seattle and she let me keep the bike in my living room window from then on. Due to payment of divorce lawyers. I have to sell the bike. I know my brother took a part off the bike so that it wouldn't leak oil onto the carpet. I remember seeing the bike with the license plate when I was younger but it also disappeared over the years.   I believe those are the only missing parts as well as the battery.   Of all my possessions - this is the one thing I never thought I would have to sell - this is killing me. I have a photo of my Dad with the bike from the 70's and the bike has been in my possession for over 12 years now.  

I believe this bike is a 1936 Velocette GTP.   There are markings (stamps as to age on parts)  all over the bike.   The frame is printed with GB6361T.   There is another part on the motor I assume that is printed with No. GB 6365.   The seat has a back plate that says "Lycett. " The tires says 3-25-19 Dunlop Universal. The tank says 1926-28-29 TT Winners.   The mileage is 48. 22.

Info from the internet states the GTP is a 250cc two-stroke single built from 1930 until 1946. As you can see in the photos. it?€™s a pretty wicked looking machine. Note the external flywheel and dual exhaust. From 1932. the GTP featured automatic oil injection that was tied to the throttle. This particular year featured a special badge commemorating 3 victories at the Isle of Man ?€“ 1926. 1928. and 1929. According to the TT archives. Alec Bennett took the ?€™26 and ?€™28 Juniors and Freddie Hicks took the ?€™29. Both riders were mounted on the factory?€™s KTT racing machine. Sadly. Hicks died two years later competing on an AJS at the Isle of Man.

I know these photos are not the best but I am happy to send any additional photos you need.   Ask any and all questions you need to and I will answer as thoroughly as I can with the knowledge I have about the bike.  

THE BEST EXAMPLE I HAVE FOUND OF AN EQUIVALENT BIKE TO THIS ONE IS HERE: http://motorcyclethread. com/2013/12/05/velocette-gtp/  My bike is original I believe - I've been getting messages with other bikes ebayers are comparing it to but those other bikes are not like this one - there are major differences.   Seats being repro. not all the chrome this bike has. the rack at the back missing. not original dials. meters etc.   The metal case the little letter carrier fits into is still intact. the tires!  This bike could be a show bike again with a little effort and you will not come across another one.   I've been looking periodically for years and have not found one like this one.   Bikes in England go for less because they are more plentiful over there  - this is after all an English bike and was made in the UK.   Its a much rarer bike here.   This bike is gorgeous - not the norm - I am partial I know but I just don't think you can compare it to other years or bikes with lots of their parts being reproductions or painted black.   The bike should be as it was from the factory and to my knowledge - that what this bike is - or damn close to it.

Buyer will have to arrange shipping.   I will assist of course in any way that I can.   All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer and payment will be made and cleared prior to the bike leaving my possession.   Title - I show as "clear"  none of the other choices for the listing applied.   I am working on getting the paperwork on this bike so that the new buyer has it in hand.   Again. bike belongs to me and was given to me by my Mother when we moved to Washington.   I know my Dad most likely had paperwork and I may have it amongst the manuals I have - which would make it much easier but I will make calls and get it through the proper channels.

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