1982 Suzuki DR

Price: US $2,999.00
Item location: Auburn, California, United States
Make: Suzuki
Model: DR
Year: 1982
Mileage: 500
VIN: DX175AE000878
Vehicle Title: Clear
Contact seller: Contact form

CALKOVSKY Vintage Motocross Company. CUSTOMER SERVICE 530-392-3025 BEFORE bidding. please let me know how you will pay and pick up this bike. I can ship it if needed. Thanks!Gorgeous compact power house! Man they don't make em like they used to! I just can't stop looking at this neat bike! It has super cool lines and styling. Just a gorgeous bike. Great for display in your home. office or museum. or ride it as you desire. Very rare bike. and in this condition!82 SUZUKI DR250 ENDURO DUAL SPORT! BEAUTY! LOW MILE! LOW MILES!!! This bike has had some great work done! The fuel tank was professionally perfected of any ding and repainted with factory decals and clear coated! It looks amazing! NOS side panels found and also professionally painted. The tires are aggressive with thick tread. Factory decals still on swing arm! NEW seat cover looks gorgeous! New matching grips. The compression is tight as new! This bike has not been ridden very much. Runs. shifts. and drives excellent!Rear tail light lens + bulb is missing. The gas cap is the wrong one. The front frame "fork-stop brachet" is missing so you have to be careful not to slam the steering to full left or right or the triple clams could hit the gas tank. This is an easy easy fix! Just attach a bracket to the front frame like the factory had. Great bike for cross country and enduro's with AHRMA and AMA. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL BIKE! Very rare to find this bike in this condition so hurry! Comes with a bill of sale. CALKOVSKY Vintage Motocross Company. CUSTOMER SERVICE 530-392-3025SPECIAL NOTE! This is a special note to a certain type of people. People who like to cause problems and send nasty emails. This is NOT for the kind GENTLEMAN so please gentleman. this is not for you. Don't take offense. You real gentleman are the best! God bless you. We receive hundreds of nice emails HOWEVER. o anyone who feels the desire to send us an insulting. rude email. or your "comment" or your "opinion" SAVE IT! Our ads are not for you to vent your insulting rude comments. If you can't act like HONORABLE GENTLEMAN. then do not email. Any insulting emails are reported to Ebay and will go on your record. It saddens me to see how many weak cowards there are. and so few REAL GODLY GENTLEMAN. In other words. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and SPREAD KINDNESS and BE GODLY HONORABLE GENTLEMAN! NOTICE. ANY MOTCROSS BIKES WE SELL ARE SOLD WITHOUT WARRANTY. THE FACTORIES THAT MADE ALL THE MOTOCROSS BIKES DID NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY. SO WE OF COURSE AREN'T GOING TO WARRANTY A VINTAGE BIKE. IF THE BIKE NEEDS ANYTHING THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE TO BUY AND REPAIR AS NEEDED. THAT SAID. WE ARE HONEST AND HONORABLE PEOPLE SERVING 113 COUNTRIES! CALKOVSKY WORLDWIDE. Thank you! Rudi Calkovsky--Owner

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