Suzuki GT250 Hustler GT 250 CLEAN Restore Clean Title - RAM AIR - DADS RARE ZUK

1975 Suzuki Other

Price: US $2,699.99
Item location: Buckley, Washington, United States
Make: Suzuki
Model: Other
SubModel: GT250
Type: Standard
Year: 1975
Mileage: 100
Color: Gold
Engine size: 250
Vehicle Title: Clear
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STORY: This bike was purchased in approximately the fall of 2010. It was sold to me by the daughter of her passed away father who kept the bike the running until the day he passed.   He put the bike "away" in the shop in 1984 (last time it had tabs).   His daughter and I filed the correct WA state paperwork. and I have clean title in hand.   It took 3 trips to the DMV and my persistence to inform the lady at the DMV that I wanted. and was legally allowed to keep the vintage plate from 1975. and run it without tabs.   I finally had all the correct paperwork and after many fees and hassles. I have title in hand. with ORIGINAL gold/green WA state license plate to proudly mount on the bike.   Shortly after purchasing the bike to get going for my dad to get back into the sport. we decided the twin 2 stroke was going to need proper attention. My friend Tim. who happens to be the president of WMRRA (Washington Motorcycle RoadRacing Association) stated he'd love to work on this rare smoker.   Tim did what a true motorcyclist would want done to a vintage bike.   The chrome and paint don't have any rust. they have sun fading. the cases are clean. but NOT polished or chromed or rezinc'd or anything crazy.   We simply did what needed to be done to have a reliable motorcycle.   See below for more info.  Please note. I am 33. and have been riding for 30 years. I'm an owner of many machines. and this will be my first bike for sale on ebay. I'm a 14 year P@WER SELLER with a perfect record. I'm a rider. just as yourself. I'm going to include so much info you'll be ready for a shot of fireball whiskey after I'm done. Because that's the amount of info I'd want as well.

Includes: Dad's rare 1975 Suzuki GT250. Also known as the "T250 Hustler. "  Titled in my name. free and clear. this Washington state GT250 is in cleaned running condition.   It includes bike. title. 2 keys. I will ship anywhere in the US at your expense.   I will meet locally. or I will also offer personal delivery up to 50 miles from the greater Seattle area.   Listing for sale for the approximate value of what we have SIMPLY into parts and labor fees. Not even what the bike cost. or the additional parts bike! Either way. nbsp;likely we will not recoup our costs. You'll be hard pressed to see another GT250 ready to bring to your local bike night. or ride to work.

Condition: Some of the condition was listed above in the story of the purchase. but heres more to the story.   Tim took the bike and did the following modifications.   After he was completed. dad and I purchased a 2nd GT250 that was immaculate except for an engine that was gernaded.   We sold what we didn't need. and stole what we felt was in better condition.   Parts that were upgraded with TRUE 1975 Suzuki parts were rear fender. fork bolts. 2 of 4 turn signal lenses. Small things.   All of the bolts (to my knowledge) are Suzuki GT. Meaning they have the "S" logo that they should. to be period correct and look cool! Its important to me to point out that there are no "repop" items on this motorcycle. Engine/bike have 100ish miles on it since restore.   Dad's back just wouldn't let him ride it after trying a few times. He felt it was too dangerous to try to ride much.

video: https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=01dEDDcItbU

Areas to point out/concern:

As previously stated. tank has SOME sun fading on top areas of tank. I think it looks cool. Some might not. I didn't want to repaint it.

This is a common problem with the GT series line. but the lenses on the gauges are sun faded. or just faded in general. Maybe they can be buffed/polished like headlight covers?

Bikes rear brake light stays on.   Electrical is not my forte. Maybe a simple fix or flasher issue.

Bike is a restored rider/runner but of course it wasn't a frame off 100% build down to bare metal. She hasn't been run in easily over 12 months.  Battery will need recharge/replacement.  I DID store dads bike with a FULL tank of gas.   I will drain bike before you pickup or shipper picks up.

Since this is my first motorcycle for sale. I must point out the obvious. Bike is 41 years old. It has blemishes. its not new.   But it sure as hell IS NOT a "barn find. "  There have been hours and thousands of dollars spent to get the bike where it is today; performed by a true 70's Suzuki tech worker.   I check the market from time to time. and NICE GT250's pop up about once a year.   Most of which need ALL of the attention noted below.   Thanks.


Bike's engine was removed from frame. and new crank seals were installed. Engine cases were not polished in any way. They do have a bit of natural 40 year patina.

Oil injection system was 100% removed. overhauled. cleaned. and reinstalled.   

New oil lines from injection system (more rare than unicorn teeth) were purchased from Netherlands. yes Netherlands. and installed it weeks later.

Tim noted crank rod play was tight. no need for attention. Pistons looked good. so new OEM rings were installed just for good measure. new headgasket installed. Bolted back down. New plugs in.

Carbs removed. carbs rebuilt with new jets/seals/springs. throttle cables. clutch cable. OEM grips. dash. bars. key. etc.

Timing adjusted. points gapped. Good to go.

New air boot (also rarer than unicorn teeth). air filter.

Countershaft sprocket. nut. and chain. are new.

Exhaust pipe manifold gaskets are new.

Exhaust pipes look good. have typical low use pitting. but overall good pipes. I decided to stay OEM.

Bike will start. stop. idle. shift through all gears cleanly. no leaky cases.


Front brake assembly (master cyl. and caliper) were removed down to the core. rebuilt with new seals. and were re-installed. This bike stops like a new bike. but 40 year old componenets.

Rear brake has not been touched.

Seat is OEM

Front forks were not rebuilt as they were in good. nonleaking condition.


Frame has not been repainted.   Frame was hand wiped. degreased and that's all. Which means theres 40 years of nicks and small potential scrapes. No rash.

Gas tank was sealed with POR-15 inside. NOT kreem. Done correctly. It took hours to simply cover tank to make sure OEM paint on outside would not be ruined. Which was successful.

Tank has original decals. original paint. original chrome gas cap. Gas tank IS naturally sunfaded on top.   Like any OEM paint that's 40 years old. may be.   Though you wont find rust and you wont find chipping.

Gauges. headlight. headlight ring. key. switches. signals. light bulbs. all OEM. No china.

After tank was etched. cleaned. properly sealed. a Suzuki NOS petcock was installed.

You'll find that the oem seat. fenders. taillight. headlight and headlight ring are in good condition. Also has correct OEM Stanley turn signals. Not china repops.

Shipping: This should be treated just like any other motorcycle for sale on ebay. The bike is available for pickup by yourself or shipper at a specified time. You will pay for all shipping/packing fees.   After ebay transaction is complete. shipping is 100% up to the buyer to plan and pay for.   Nonrefundable payment of $250 USD will be due within 48 hours of end of auction. Remaining balance to be paid via cashiers check.   After funds clear. bike will be available for pickup. Video of me talking to my dad like a kid (embarrassed). but his back was already hurting by the time he got to try it. You can hear my mom scared in the background. ha!  Sounds great. https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=01dEDDcItbU




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