Triumph T110

Price: £1,420.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Spaldington East Riding of Yorkshire, GB, United Kingdom
Make: Triumph
Model: T110
Year: 1956
Engine size: 650
Gears: Four-speed manual
Start type: Kick start
Drive type: Chain
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T110 Production Racer


Built for 1992 season VMCC 'Production & Clubman class and fitted with an alloy T100 engine. This was replaced by a 650cc engine for the 1993 season.

Final season was 1997 with Mallory practice and VMCC Round 1 at Mallory in March. Rounds 3 & 4 at Cadwell in May. Rounds 5 & 6 Lydden 31st May & 1st June.

Did 1999 AJS & Matchless club day at Cadwell in June and not used since. but stored in the house warm and dry.


If you clean the carbs and sump out and check the tappets it will probably fire up and run.


Weight 22/2/94 154kg (339lb)


Frame; No 79102       No docs & no reg number Year 1956 Model T110   

Frame checked & trued on Motoliner jig

Stiffening plate added under swinging arm pivot

Taper roller steering head conversion

No mods to frame apart from above so can be used as a road bike

Rear set folding footrests fitted. we tried to copy the race kit footrests


Forks; 1968 ?ˆ“ 72 shuttle valve damping & internals. Manx Norton external springs. Homemade fork brace/mudguard bracket. we used to have a late unit nacelle fitted but this is now on another bike.

1957 type Clamp-up type fork spindle.


Engine; Alternator type 650cc with 9?ˆ“stud twin carb splayed head (9th stud recessed and rocker covers de-finned to make it look like an 8 stud head); on Castrol R

Engine number T110 027519

Compression ratio 9. 5:1. we used to get around 48hp at the back wheel on the rolling road.

Bore size + 0. 060?ˆ?

Big end size ?ˆ“ 0. 010?ˆ?

Cams; Inlet E4220                  opens 60?° BTDC   closes 80?° ABDC

Exhaust 71-0042 (8mm lift)    opens 55?° BBDC   closes 38?° ATDC (E3134 timing)

Tappet settings; 8 thou?ˆ? exhaust    12 thou?ˆ? inlet


Blister rev counter timing cover with drive worm removed (a Scitsu electronic rev counter was fitted but this not with the bike). crank end oil seal conversion done.

Was raced with electronic ignition but now has standard K2F Lucas Magneto ignition


Carbs;              RH & LH 389/689 Monoblocks on rubber stubs. No choke slides (a pair of bath plugs with a hole in were used for start-up). Has balance pipe between inlet stubs as this was found to work better than plain stubs.


Gearbox; Number 127158. Standard 4 speed. Speedo drive blanked off but parts included to reinstate. Kick-start fitted and working (cranked forward to clear rear-sets)


Primary drive & clutch; Duplex primary chain. sprockets and clutch from T140; 6 plain plates & 5 friction plates.

Inner primary cover fitted with T140 oilseal and drive centres fixed to suit by means of twin adjusters above swinging arm pivot


Front wheel;  8?ˆ? single sided scalloped brake drum. Green linings fitted by Ferodo man at Whaley Bridge. Brake anchor plate reinforced to take strain of green linings

19?ˆ? Akront alloy flangeless rim x 1. 85

19?ˆ? Avon Road Runner 90/90 H19 racing tyre


Rear wheel;    standard bolt-up brake drum/sprocket

19?ˆ? Akront alloy flangeless rim x 1. 85 same as front

19?ˆ? Avon GP 3. 50 x 19 racing tyre


Oiltank; Standard tank rubber mounted; drained but not washed out. On Castrol R


Toolbox; comprises home-made battery carrier covered by fibreglass dummy toolbox cover. we used to have the battery for the electronic ignition fitted in it.


Petrol tank;   Standard tank shell is badly cracked by vibration. Bottom has been cut out and a 3 litre inner tank welded inside. Knee pads and flashes are stick-ons. Used to work just fine on the track. but would be a bit of work to get it back to standard.


Seat; Pattern steel base seat adapted to mount direct to frame for quick removal


Handlebars;   Vincent straights 7/8?ˆ?


Front mudguard; Alloy ribbed one sprayed in Triumph colour with stick-on black stripe


Rear mudguard; was badly cracked due to vibration and has been scrapped. A new standard alloy one is included with the bike


Other bits included; new pattern standard rear chainguard. New pattern rear number plate


Parts not fitted or included; sidestand. centre stand. electrics. lights. wiring. nacelles.


Was a really good bike to ride. with a very flexible engine that never used to give us any trouble and not highly tuned so would make a good road bike. we will be sad to see it go. but its time it got a new home and someone to use it.

The bike is located in Barnsley. South Yorkshire and would need collecting. cash on collection please.

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