Triumph Daytona 955i Centenial Edition

2002 Triumph Daytona

Price: US $5,000.00
Item location: Homestead, Florida, United States
Make: Triumph
Model: Daytona
SubModel: 955i
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 2002
Mileage: 3,823
VIN: smt502fpx2j157328
Color: Green
Engine size: 955
Vehicle Title: Clear

Selling my Triumph Daytona 955i CE. This bike is the cleanest and looked after bike you will find anywhere. 'm willing to bet on that. And with only 3823 original miles on it. Some history on it. I bought this in May of 2014 from an older guy in his late 60s. Original owner. He and the bike are from Massachusetts. He rode this bike only on weekends. And for the last 5 yrs sat in his garage untouched. with a couple of starts here and there. The last fill up with gas he added stabil. for that winter. After that he never rode it again. It did lay over onto his work bench making a tiny hair line crack in the lower fairing. About 1 inch long. He even had that repaired. He had told me he lost interest in the bike. I had no reason to doubt him. I booked a flight from Florida and went and met him and the bike. The bike started on its first try. ut was bogging. Stayed the weekend and made some arrangements for the dealer servicing. The dealer ship was Riverside Triumph (2 Union Sq. Somerville. a. 6176286400 Ken Brown was the technician. After a complete tune-up. a new throttle body. Sync throttle bodies. A new fuel level sending unit. tc. The bike had everything that needed to be replaced . eplaced with new Triumph parts. A total cost of $1325. After 2 weeks at the dealer I then talked with tech Ken Brown about the work done. He told me the bike runs like new and everything (quote) from top to bottom was checked and if it needed replaced it was replaced. I then had it shipped here to Florida. So now a little about me. I've been riding bikes since I was 5 yrs old. I'm now 50. Bikes are my passion and know a lot about them. I do all my own work. I do all my own fabrications. etc. I own 3 bikes as of now. Never owned a Triumph. Always wanted a 955i CE. Before the purchase I've did a lot of research on them. There common problems and such. The biggest concern for me and I'm very picky and want things to be perfect. Now keep in mind the bike is already in perfect running condition. So the first thing I did was the replacing of the complete charging system. So I ordered a new mosfit type rectifier from Roadstercycle and a new stator from Electrosport. Had Jack at Roadstercycle put a metri PAC connector on the stator end to plug in directly to the rectifier. Cost over $300+ Everything is direct from battery to rectifier and stator to rectifier. Bullet proof charging system. And a new Shorai battery. I purchased a Penske rear shock off eBay you can probably see the purchase in my feedback. $400 + Shipped from New Zealand. Once here had it refreshed at GMD Computrac. $180. New foot pegs better than the stockers. Next thing I did was all steel fuel fittings no plastic crap. Cost over $70. I'm on the short side at 5'8" and the Daytona's seat height is tall. One of the remedies is to put the eccentric chain adjuster at its highest point in return it drops the seat heigh(lowers the bike) about 1 inch. But in order to do this you need to remove the rear brake assembly. If you don't the adjuster will not rotate the 180 degree's that's needed. So you will see in the pics there's no rear brake assembly. I do have all the parts no worries. The fix if you want a rear brake system and keep it lowered the 1 inch. is to get a Triumph Sprint rear brake assembly. ( rotor. caliper. nd caliper hanger)$100 at most. ) I was going this route and even purchased the Sprint's caliper hanger and put it on. So less than $100. Actually going with a Sprint set up is going to be much better because of the larger rear rotor diameter. The stock rear brake on these Daytona's are not the greatest. ol. However I will say this the front braking on these Daytona's are one of the best I've felt on any of the bikes I've owned. They are very good. Also I did not care for the cannon like stock exhaust(very long and very heavy). I purchased a mint cond. stock exhaust and shortened it a lot as you can see in the pics. I also gutted it clean and made my own insides(packing material. tc. ) Way way lighter than a regular stocker. And it sounds very. ery good. I also if you want have the original stock exhaust. I also took the liberty and purchased a like new Yoshimura exhaust from a 2011 gsxr 750 with only 800 miles on it (Mint) . I then fabbed a mid pipe for it. (all tig welded for a cleaner look) The welds I must admit look better that factory. hat can I say I'm good and multi talented. If you look at the pic of the stock exhaust I cut down. nd zoom in where I welded the end cap on you will see a rainbow (like a titanium exhaust gets) welds are that good. Okey???? enough about my welding skills. The Yoshi exhaust sounds like no other I swear. Sounds like a Lamborghini . Beat sounding bike I've ever heard bar none. Bike has a new chain and a 46 tooth rear Vortex sprocket. Very easy to lift the front up 1st FOR SURE a little tug on the bars in 2nd and it will gradually start floating up very controllably . I've owned a 2006 gsxr1000 3 R1's 2 Honda cbr1000's and more. And in my younger years did lots of track days. So trust me when I say with the gearing this Daytona has right now. one of the bikes I've mentioned will walk this Daytona in a 1/4 miles sprint. Now after that those bikes will walk the Daytona. So if your looking for good violent xcelleration this as it in spades. And no I never tracked this bike. lol. I could go on forever. Bottom line is this bike is worth what I'm asking. 'm sure of that. If your a Triumph enthusiast you know. If your not and don't see it then pass it up and look for something else. This bike sat and me doing things (upgrade. renching on it) more then it's been riden. ol. I'm pushing 51 years of age and it's a little over kill for me now. I thought I was going to ride it a lot. I'm always on the cruiser more so. So there it is. hat's the history of it. Any questions just ask. I no for sure if it sells you won't regret the purchase. Guarantee you that. Couple vids http://youtu. be/NOQVU5pvBrE and http://youtu. be/r6hwjmAu178 some more vids on YouTube search kris9r.

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