1949 Triumph 5T Speedtwin. V5C Transferable Number Restored VGC Rigid Sprung Hub

Price: £4,600.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Dronfield, United Kingdom
Make: Triumph
Model: Speedtwin
Type: Tourer
Year: 1949
Mileage: 23,148
Color: Black
Engine size: 500
Gears: Four-speed manual
Start type: Kick start
Drive type: Chain

For auction this time is a 1949 Triumph 5T Speed twin. This bike has a current V5C present and is on its original number which is transferable. The machine is classed as historic so is tax and MOT exempt. The machine is not currently MOT. and is on SORN. The machine has been restored and is in excellent working order. Its is very very tidy. but not mint. I think for mint it would possibly need a re-paint to be fair. but its more than respectable as it it. The bike has a little badge pinned on the back of the seat stating that it was re-built in 1995-96 and I guess it was a good re-build as the machine is still in great condition. The last tax disc on the bike is 1998 which is when it was last used as the last owner passed on and the machine has been laid up since then. So it was rebuilt in 1995/96 had a little amount of use up to 1997/98 and then has been laid up. The polishing and chrome work is all still good and the general appearance of the machine is sharp. This year 1949 is the first year of the Nacelle type headlamp and the first year of the tank top parcel grid. The nacelle in the first year was the smaller nacelle with a 6 + 1/2 inch lens fitted. which I understand lasted one year only as they moved up to the 7 inch lamp the following year. In many respects this is one of the best looking Triumphs produced which the rigid frame. the sprung hub. the chrome tank. single seat and small nacelle which is also extremely collectable for that reason. In terms of running. again the news is good. It starts first kick the engine is very quite. no smoke. no rattles really good oil pressure. no leaks etc. The bike all lights up. and is showing charge. I have rode the machine briefly and the clutch and gears are super smooth. no crunching as gear is selected. clutch is very good. The bike pulls well and is a nice light quick little bike which feels very well sorted. In a nut shell the bike is really good and operates pretty much faultlessly as far as I can tell. There are little styling cues like the little golden arrow that has been put on top of the rear lamp unit. which I take as a reference to the nickname "Longbow" as this model is occasionally referred too I believe. The wheels have been re-built. it clearly had a new exhaust system at the time. the tank is genuine. and has been refurbished because the Indian reproduction tanks were not around in the mid 1990s. Note the flip up style filler cap for example. To be fair there is some small flaking of the chrome in one area underneath but it is not major and it is not leaking. It has a correct pre mono block carburettor fitted and a correct Smiths chronometric "revelator" speedometer fitted as well. The bars. levers and general fittings around the machine all look to be correct. This bike has a lot going for it. Its one of the best looking bikes. I like the iron engines as they are quite and smooth and less stressed and it has a lot of original fittings. The bling is good and the motor is sound. Its on its original number which is transferable and its historic so is tax and MOT exempt. This is one of the nicest Triumphs I have had in a long long while. Yes there are things to improve. but generally this is a good machine. The rear mudguard has more holes drilled in it than a Swiss cheese for example. and as I have said. the paintwork is not mint. but passable. Its in black which was a colour option and makes a change from the usual maroon. The rear tail lamp is a bantam style lamp instead of the correct fitting etc. so as you can see. there is always room for improvement. but these are details which can be attended too in the fullness of time. The last owner had gone for a black and gold or brass theme and as you can see has polished the chrome off the speedo and ammeter rims and they are back to brass. Theres gold stripes up the mudguard centres and all the brass around the carburettor looks like it was polished up as well as gold lining on the tank. It looks good. not over done. not over stated. This machine has had an engine change in its life. but is a 1949 chassis with a 1949 Speed Twin engine in it and Triumph did not start matching numbers until the following year. so you would not ever know without ringing the club to be honest. The log book matches the bike also. so again it is not obvious. It did however originally leave the factory as a T100 so there is scope to put a 1949 T100 engine in it and further increase the bikes value. The 1949 Tiger 100 would have had an iron engine as well as they did not start with the all alloy motor until a year or so later. This could give you the excuse to re-paint this silver which was in fact the colour for the T100s and would really brighten this bike up in terms of finish and looks should you choose to do so. So really to achieve this. all you would need would be a good set of 1949 T100 crank cases and you could swap most of the engine internals over during a re-build and you would then have a period T100 on your hands. Possibly something you could choose to do the next time the bike is refreshed. So viewing is welcome. 01246 411977 for an appointment. Collection is preferred. although I can arrange for delivery within the mainland UK by courier for ??100. Finally. if you bid. you buy. No trye kicking excitement afterwards please.

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