1973 Yamaha RT3 360 dual sport two stroke vintage classic

1973 Yamaha Other

Price: US $7,500.00
Item location: Vacaville, California, United States
Make: Yamaha
Model: Other
Type: Dual-Purpose
Year: 1973
Mileage: 870
VIN: RT1128213
Engine size: 360
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Up for auction is a professionally restored 1973 Yamaha RT3 two stroke dual sport bike from back in the day. I had Mike Tillman restore this bike in 08 and have had nothing but good times since he laid his magic hands on it for the last 870 miles. The bike is a show winner at the VJMC show here in Northern California and would make a great addition to anyone's collection. Mike is well known and highly respected in the VMX series as he has restored bikes for Brad Lackey among others. He has restored many, any bikes and runs an independent Porsche repair shop during the week. The biggest difference he provides compared to your random bike restorer is his motor work. This bike does not leak, ing or pre-ignite, un hot, eak gas or oil, ave starting difficulty when hot or cold, ave a difficult clutch that slips or pulses when hot, tc. I also have new motocross and street bikes and the transmission on this bike is simple to find neutral while the bike is running, ever jumps out of gear, nd is comparable to my 2015 yz450f for simple trouble free shifting. The bike runs better than new and goes like stink. I did replace the 14 tooth countershaft sprocket with a 15 tooth to give it a taller final gear for the rare occasion I get on the freeway. This seemed to help around town driving too as you don't have to shift as much.The 73 is the last year of the good 360's and arguably the best looking with the beautiful copper color paint and Nike swoosh stripe that is exclusive to the 73 model. The reason I went to all the cost to have this bike restored is I feel it's the best of all the RT/DT series bikes due to the paint and full strength motor compared to the smaller cc bikes and the later de-tuned 360 models, bviously this is my opinion but shared by many I'm sure. The paint is drop dead gorgeous on a sunny day!!!!!!As far as value I have seen a few recent RT2 and RT3 bikes sell that were unrestored bikes that had been painted with new seat covers in the 3500-4500 range. There is a BIG difference between a fluff and buff bike and this affectionately restored, udged bike with every single crank seal, ire, ubber grommet etc replaced.The bike will come with a brand new battery but the turn signals are something I decided against as I think it looks better without. That said the wiring is all there should you decide to add them later.A few more details; the gauges are NOS and work perfectly, he front and rear brake light switches both work as do the lights, ncluding all the dash lights, he tires are the correct dunlop for this bike and look the part, he compression release works but really isn't needed, he bike will sit and idle for an eternity and never loads up, he bike runs perfectly and will pull full rpm or bog down low with a load and doesn't care if you short shift or let it rev a little bit, he brakes both front and rear don't pulse or throb and stop very smooth, he tank has no rust and doesn't require constant fuel filter changes.Basically this is a pristine bike both inside and out that the buyer will have no regrets owning.The picture of the gentleman with the bike is Mike Tillman
I love motorcycles and don't mind taking calls to discuss details that I'm sure I forgot, ut please respect other buyers and don't ask my reserve which is much less than what I have invested.Additionally all shipping is the buyers full responsibility but I can store the bike for an extended time while you make arrangements. I'm happy to work with international buyers, nd help with local shipping recommendations to facilitate a good experience for all parties.
Best regards, ark

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