Yamaha 1974 RD 350 two stroke race bike, many performance parts, titled

1974 Yamaha Other

Price: US $2,300.00
Item location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Make: Yamaha
Model: Other
Year: 1974
Mileage: 10000
Engine size: 350
Vehicle Title: Clear

this is a great opportunity to not just buy a Yamaha RD 350 two stroke motorcycle, ut one that hashad multiple up grades for performance, s this bike was raced at one point, do not know the history of the bike just bought it in a package deal to get another bike I was after, ow I am selling just what you see in the photos....what I do know about the bike is that it has performance exhausts, ectron performance flat slide carbs, set of air performance shocks made by Monroe,a set of John Tickle rear sets complete, t has gauges and a key along with a complete fiberglassfairing set up as seen in the photos- made by Don Vesco of California...all the grey faring parts are just sitting on the bike, ut all the zeus fasteners are on each piece- non are missing, lso all thebrackets are on the bike/frame to hold the fiberglass parts on to the bike, llthe fiberglass parts are just in a primer ready for paint of your color choice...oh and the gas tank takes a rubber strap to hold it in place is not present, or is the gas cap for the tank, he front clip-ons need to be shimmed just a little the right one fits pretty tight but the left one has a little play in it, o I would just shim them both so they hold better, think the last person who may have ridden on this bike decided to but the extra performance parts then bought the fairing/fiberglass kit parts got it ready to assemble but never put the parts on to the bike, o I know some of the brackets on the bike might need a little more support to hold the fairing parts in place better, he bike has a clear/clean title......but the bad part is that the motor or gearbox is seized, have not taken it apart, ll I have done is I put some wd40 in the sparkplug holes so it may be in the gear box or it may be the crank, hese two stroke motors are easy to work on and there are a few companies who in Florida will rebuild them for yo, his a neat project bikethat is very complete..i will help anyway I can to ship the bike at no extra cost, ut I will require the buyer to get a shipping service to pick it up, will not take the bike apart unless the buyer contacts me and we discuss what they have in mind for shipping the bike..it would be easy if you look for a U-ship company I have used them before and haven't had any problems, will not ship the bike out of the country, gain unless buyer contacts me and you have a proper shipper come and pick up the bike, lso I will not ship to Malaysia, ndi, r Thailand, ave had problems with your postal service..feel free to ask any questions, he price will be set at 2,300.00 USD, o lower, on't want to trade for anything else. I listed the high number in the mileage as it is unknown to me how many real miles are on the bike. I also will take payment through paypal, r cash on pickup, o checks unless you can wait for the check to clear for a couple of weeks.....thanks

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