1985 Yamaha FJ1100 w/ 6k ORIGINAL MILES and RARE Pichler Full fairing! CLASSIC!

1985 Yamaha FJ1100

Price: US $2,500.00
Item location: Sunnyvale, California, United States
Make: Yamaha
Model: FJ1100
Type: Sport Touring
Year: 1985
Mileage: 6,100
VIN: JYA49M001FA010345
Color: Maroon / Burgandy
Engine size: 1,100
Vehicle Title: Clear

Edit - I added much better pictures and some pin-striping, ust because I think it looks better with the stripes. If you're interested in coming to see it/test-riding it, lease call 312-945-6031. I also realized I neglected to mention it has steel brake/clutch lines and also comes with the side pannier mounts (although I removed one for easy seat removal, ince I wasn't using it. Also, or California buyers, he tags are good through February of 2017.
1985 Yamaha FJ1100 w/ Pichler Fairing
One of a kind. I guarantee you will NOT find another Yamaha FJ1100 or FJ1200 with the custom Pichler full fairing. I have looked high and low and have NEVER seen another one in the states or anywhere outside of Europe. Fairing is in very good condition and could probably be parted out for 750-1000 dollars alone, ue to the scarcity.
More info:
When I discovered (and instantly purchased) this FJ1100, t had been sitting and needed some carb work and a couple other things. It was an incredibly lucky storage container find. I brought it to Wrench-My-Ride in Santa Clara, alifornia because they are the go-to place for work on older classic bikes. Their lead technician told me this was one of the best examples of an old bike he'd ever come across and was 100% positive the miles were original, s am I after riding it around.
The bike starts right up and idles all the way down to 700rpm with an amazing amount of smoothness. It's really quite docile at low speeds and is about as comfortable as any cruiser you could find, hile still being on par with a 1st Gen Vmax or even a modern 600 in speed. I believe the 1/4 mile record for these bikes was mid 10's, o it's no slouch. This particular bike has seems to have been lowered. It would be fantastic for a shorter rider, s it's one of the lowest bikes I've come across... comparable to my girlfriend's lowered Honda CB300f.. I would guess the seat height is no heigher than 30.5" right now as-is. You do sacrifice a tiny bit of lean angle with the full fairing and this lower setup, ut that goes with any lowering kit. I've taken it around some pretty sharp mountain corners here in California and can attest that it will still handle them just fine.

There are a couple scratches and paint chips as would be expected on a bike this age, ut overall it's in great condition. You can stop by FJowners.com and see many examples of these bikes that have gone well over 100k miles, o this engine at 6000 (currently riding it off and on to work when I'm not on my ZX14, o it will go up a little) is just broken in. It also has a brand new air filter and I just had the oil changed less than 150 miles ago, o all it needs is a rider.
Other info: Compression after warming up was all within 155-165 psi on each cylinder. A little lower when cold, ut it warms up quickly. There is sometimes a little smoke when first warming up.. the mechanic said it was nothing to worry about and was either the seafoam I poured in the tank before taking it to him for the carb work or possibly the valve gaskets being a bit old on cold starts. He recommended against doing any work on it, hough. Typically only happens if you let it sit for a while between rides, hough. Doesn't smoke or burn any oil after 1 minute of running when it does this.
As with all vehicles and auctions I host with eBay, his is sold as-is with no warranty expressed or implied. I am happy and actually recommend people come see the bike before purchasing. If you have cash in hand and a motorcycle endorsement, ou will be free to take it for a test ride and see how well it runs. Just message me and I will send you my number and we can schedule a time.
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I will be adding better pictures tonight after work!
A $200.00 non-refundable deposit required within 24 hours of purchasing.

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