Custom Made Billet Engine accessories BIMOTA


Price: US $595.00
Item location: Englewood, Colorado, United States

For Sale :  BRAND NEW CUSTOM MADE BIMOTA PARTS / ACCESSORIES CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum BIMOTA components for the SB8R /  SB8RS  /  SB8K  /  SB8K Gobert  /  SB8K Santa Monica And /or the Suzuki TLR engined models Included in this listing : 1) Brand new  CNC Billet aluminum Clutch Case Cover  and billet oil filler plug 1) Brand new CNC Billet aluminum Front Sprocket Cover / Guard ( skeleton design that shows through the front sprocket teeth and chain ) plus spacers and mounting hardware for the front sprocket part included .  All of these CNC machined parts are in their RAW / NATURAL billet aluminum finish They are not anodized . nor plated . no "colored " They can be used as is . or they can be finished and or anodized ( painted / powder coated / clear coated ) or finished to the buyers wishesThe clutch case cover has the BIMOTA "B" Logo machined into its face .  I had a number of these made for my custom build BIMOTA project bike(s) .  I have a number of these made in different finishes and these are an extra set in the Raw / Natural unfinished "color" that Im not going to be using Since these are extras Ive decided to sell them . Please Note :      The stock plastic parts on the BIMOTA Suzuki TLR engine IMHO look like crap.  The BIMOTA is such a gem of a bike . it seemed only natural to replace the cheap black plastic clutch case cover and black plastic front sprocket cover with something that fits the bike BIMOTAs are known for their gems of CNC machined aluminum components . The stock cheap black plastic engine parts look terrible on the bike IMHO So these beautifully made aluminum gems were  custom made from aluminum billets and CNC machined to replace the plastic OEM parts     Im selling these as a set .  The clutch case cover fits the right side of the engine ( when sitting on the bike ) The front sprocket cover / guard fits on the left side of the engineI suggest putting both of the one as they will match each other on the bike They vastly improve the looks of the bike IMHO      They can be used as is / in the raw natural aluminum ( but may require cleaning to keep them like new ) Or they can be "finished " with whatever color and or finish of the buyer choice For example : they can be clear coated they can be anodized they can be painted they can be powder coatedOr they can be kept natural ( with periodic clean and polish ) They color choices ??? Clear Black ( similar to the OEM parts )Gold Red White Italian Flag color combo ???????what would you like ?      Im selling them as a set Contact me with any QsthanksDAO

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