Magnesium case + Custom made Carbon Fiber BIMOTA LOGO +

BIMOTA TESI DB5R DB6R DUCATI MAGNESIUM Engine Case Cover Carbon Fiber Cover

Price: US $995.00
Item location: Englewood, Colorado, United States

 LOWER PRICE FOR THE HOLIDAYS :)    FYI. this price good for just a few days For Sale :  CUSTOM MADE /  BRAND NEW /  SPECIAL BIMOTA - DUCATI  ITEMS THESE ARE ALL BRAND NEW PARTS that have never been on a bike . not on display . and never used in any way REAL MAGNESIUM ( not magnesium colored paint over an aluminum part / a recent way to fake the magnesium look of an ordinary part ) REAL CARBON FIBER ( not  the cheap carbon look or fake carbon materials )REAL TITANIUM ( not titanium colored aluminum or titanium colored painted parts) CUSTOM MADE FOR BIMOTA  ( with a wet clutch system ) .  Will also fit DUCATI models that use a wet clutch system Magnesium Wet Clutch Case Cover Assembly /  brand new plusCustom Made Carbon Fiber Case Cover Guard for the magnesium case cover ( Wet Clutch applications only ) plus Billet CNC Machined BIMOTA LOGO "B" added to the Carbon Fiber Case Cover Guard ( see pictures )plus  Titanium fasteners to secure the Carbon Fiber Case Cover Guard to the Magnesium Case Cover  (  this custom made genuine Titanium drilled bolt hex head and Titanium Washers / Spacers can be used with or without the Carbon Fiber Case Cover Guard . see the variations in the pictures. this gem Titanium parts can be used to allow immediate access to the clutch center without needing to remove the clutch case cover(s) . ) plus Beautifully made Red billet and stainless Steel Oil Filler Cap / access plug with special tabbed washer to allow safety wiring of the oil filler plug . ALL OF THESE PARTS THAT MAKE UP THIS LISTING ARE BRAND NEW AND HAVE NEVER BEEN USED IN ANY WAY. This composite set of racing components was custom made for street / track - race / or show .  It is designed so that the magnesium engine case cover can be used with or without the Custom made Carbon Fiber cover guard .  This gives you the option of having the magnesium parts used alone . or with the carbon cover guard.  I bought / made / had made ; these components for my BIMOTA Tesi 3D LE custom build project .  But I have since decided to do a complete Dry Clutch Conversion with the bike.  So I no longer have need of these beautiful pieces .  This superbly crafted custom Wet Clutch Case Cover / Guard Assembly will fit the BIMOTA Tesi 3D /  BIMOTA Tesi 3D LE and other BIMOTA(s) with the Ducati Wet Clutch assembly (  DS 1100 / DS 1000 engines . possibly also the 848 ?? ). This set will also fit work on the DUCATI models with WET CLUTCH SYSTEMS ( they will not fit or work on a dry clutch system ). exactly which Ducati models that it will work / fit . this is for the buyer to research as I do not know Ducati(s) well enough to conform or deny the fitment options for these special items . my guess is that it should work on the DS 1100 / DS 1000  with WET CLUTCHES . and maybe the 848???? Its the responsibility for the buyer to confirm fitment prior to purchase This set up should greatly enhance the looks of the BIMOTA and or Ducati it goes on.  The magnesium case cover is much lighter in weight. The Carbon Fiber Case Cover Guard is not just cosmetic. It actually is a protective cover ( and is ultra light weight too ). The Titanium is both super strong and super light weight . and the billet and SS oil filler / access plug is a beautiful accent for the other parts. The MSRP / Retail price of the magnesium part was over $1000 USD. the Custom made Carbon Fiber Case Cover Guard with the billet BIMOTA LOGO Roundel. titanium and billet components ( plus the drilling and threading of the magnesium parts and the carbon fiber parts  was well over an  additional $1000 USD . so I have close to $2500 USD plus in this set up.  Contact me with Qs To confirm fitment . I would suggest you contact your BIMOTA / DUCATI dealers and or mechanics. The set up was made for the BIMOTA Tesi 3D LE which uses the Ducati DS 1100 ( 2 valve engine)  with a Wet Clutch system. you should be able to use this to help determine other applications thanks DAO

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