BMW K75 cafe racer flat tracker project

Price: £150.00
Condition: Used
Item location: London, United Kingdom
Make: BMW
Year: 1985
Mileage: 211,000
Color: Black
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Here is my K75 project. Was used for most of last year till the clutch began to slip. Stored since then.  I sold the radiator and shock to a friend who needed them. and removed the headlight as it was a custom one made from a gas mask and the latex was falling apart.   Clocks were removed by a previous owner. You should be able to fit digital ones but Ive never bothered. Original ones will need some soldering and wiring to fit. Front tyre is just about scrubbed in (less than 500 miles) rear has plenty of tread.   I replaced the clutch plate not long ago. So the problem is either the spring or I over moly'd the splines and it screwed itself. Bike has done me well though. Whilst it's been stored the fuel tank has developed leaks. These can repaired but a new tank can be picked up cheap. Good fuel pump. The seat as shown is only a mock up. I was intending to shorten the sub frame and figure out how to mount and finish the seat from there. Can be cable tied in place quite easily. For MOT this bike will need front and back lights. All the wiring is there. Because of its age it doesn't need indicators. Though I did have a set fitted.  Controls have been adapted to fit non standard bars. BMW are pigs about that. Right hand switch gear is not standard. Left hand is BMW but a set I bought of eBay and reamed to fit the handlebars. as the clutch cable was a bastards when you change levers. Tried to be as honest as I can. Feel free to message me with questions The wiring under the tank isn't pretty either. the worse part is its been tidied up. When the original clocks were removed whoever done it took the sleeve off the wiring all the way back to the main loom and cut the connector blocks off. I "tidied" it by cutting the wires I didn't see necessary back to the harness. So the neutral. oil. charge maybe high beam/indicator idiot lights. rev and speedo wires. I should probably take a photo

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