1966 BMW R-Series

Price: US $500.00
Item location: Burlington, Vermont, United States
Make: BMW
Model: R-Series
Year: 1966
Mileage: 38,000
VIN: 629007
Color: Black
Engine size: 600
Vehicle Title: Clear


Here we have a 1966 BMW R60/2 project bike with a Watsonian Flyte sidecar.   This is one of the most exciting and interesting projects we have seen come our way in a long while. The project came from an old BMW dealership that was converting to just service some 30 years ago. The owner collected matching number /2s and this was one of the nicest ones he had in the collection.   The restoration process was started on this bike and the motor bottom end was taken apart and redone with the slingers cleaned and so forth.

The sidecar is an ultra rare Watsonian Flyte model. These sidecars where imported in the 70?€™s to a dealer in California.   The Flyte is a fiberglass shell with a brazed lug steel frame and upholstered seat.   This sidecar is the type with the fully enclosed convertible type top. and all those pieces are included with the sidecar.   What makes this sidecar rare and unique is the tail fin in the back. not a common accessory at the time.

We have extensively gone through this project and believe it to be very nearly complete. There are some obvious things missing such as tires and the exhaust system but mostly everything else is there including a lot of the consumable stuff like brake shoes and cables that you may want to replace anyway.   We've recorded a video walkthrough of the parts and their condition. which can be seen here:  http://youtu. be/2AGkWWI2W3s

Please allow the pictures and video to tell the tale. and if you are having trouble making anything out please see our detailed list of parts below. and as always. e-mail us with any questions.   Thanks for your consideration.


List of all parts included:

Top end:

NOS (New part from Old Stock) rocker shaft & posts (might not be /2) NOS base gaskets (4) NOS head gaskets (7) Head with valves installed Rockers with head bolts (4 sets) Pushrods (4) Piston & cylinders (2) Valve cover. rough condition Tappets (4) Head with valves installed Extra thick base gaskets Valve covers in OK shape (2)


Bottom end:

Oil pan Oil pickup Breather plate Dipstick (might not be /2) Engine front cover Timing cover Dipstick Rowe aluminum deep fin oil pan R60 short engine block #629007 with crank. rods. flywheel. timing gears and oil pump gear.   Turns smoothly. no play felt in rods.



Generator brushes NOS ignition points (3) Ignition advance mechanism. broken Bosch generator housing. rough condition Bosch generator housing. better condition. with rotor Ignition advance mechanism. decent condition (2) Magneto housing with rotor. rough condition Magneto housing in OK shape with rotor Ignition keys (1 plastic. 1 flat metal)



Air filter Carb float without needle (2) Gas tank. small size. original paint with pinstriping and cap NOS carb bottom screw caps (might not be /2) (2) Air filter housing. choke-type Complete carb. 1/24/134 Complete carb. 1/24/133 Carb air tubes (2) NOS carb-to-air tube rubber boots Everbest petcock Karcoma petcock



Frame #629007 with kickstand and centerstand ID plate. R60 #629007 Engine top mount pinch bracket Complete sets of front and rear shocks Rear brake pedal (2) Bench seats. Schorsch Meier (2) Chrome steel rimmed wheels (2) Earles fork steering stem/down tubes with top nut Watsonian Flyte fiberglass sidecar body and frame. body with tail fin. and with windshield. convertible top with frame. seat Driver and passenger footpegs Rear swingarm pivot pin cap nuts (2) Rear shock top caps (2) Wheel axle & nut Engine top covers (2) Non-finned exhaust nuts (2) Swingarm pivot nut Earles swingarm with pivot axle Chrome front fender brace Straight-pull handlebars Right handlebar controls Friction steering damper. complete Left handlebar controls without switches Steering triple top plate Rear swingarm. good condition Complete final drive Transmission. shifts smoothly through all gears in a bench test. kicker engages smoothly Front brake hub without shoes Top engine mount bracket Driver footpegs Extra hub caps (2)



Taillight assembly. complete. bare metal unpainted License plate bracket. bare metal unpainted Headlight ear set. bare metal unpainted Gas tank tool box door with key BMW roundel. sans-serif. no cracks. bronze edge Front fender. bare metal unpainted Rear fender. bare metal unpainted License plate bracket (might not be /2)



Headlight reflector & lens & chrome ring Speedometer in miles. 38k miles on it. appears to function properly from a basic bench test Rear swingarm boots (2) Horn Miscellaneous nuts bolts and other small parts. too many to catalog


Parts that are known to be missing: wiring harness. exhaust system. tires.   We have not included in the list used items which are considered consumable or which are commonly replaced during reassembly. for example cables and gaskets. unless they were in NOS condition.


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