In this auction we have a 1967 Royal Enfield Continental GT that is in good running condition as you can see in the video here. These bikes were factory built cafe racers and are a much " />

1967 Royal Enfield Continental GT

1967 Royal Enfield

Price: US $2,950.00
Item location: South Point, Ohio, United States
Make: Royal Enfield
Year: 1967
Mileage: 11,809
Vehicle Title: Clear
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In this auction we have a 1967 Royal Enfield Continental GT that is in good running condition as you can see in the video here. These bikes were factory built cafe racers and are a much sought after model. While they are fairly common in the UK (as common as a running bike from 1967 can be) they are much more difficult to find here in the United States since they were imported in extremely low numbers.

There are some interesting points about this make and model specifically as well as points of interest about this bike and the current interest being shown for it. This machine is one that was manufactured in England. This was not one of the Indian made Royal Enfields. If you’re looking for a mid 60s 250 cafe racer there are only a few choices -- a Bultaco Metralla a Ducati Diana or a Royal Enfield Continental GT. The Enfield is much harder to come by and ours is priced at a much more reasonable rate than any Metralla or Diana. Another standout feature is that this bike has all the restoration parts available through Hitchcock’s in England. This includes the clip on handlebars and flyscreen that was common on the British models but was typically an optional part purchased through your dealer in the United States. Currently there’s also a contemporary resource for rebuilding this machine -- you’re not going to have to dig through decades of old bike magazines to find a road test with the specs photos and other related information you’ll need to rebuild this. Classic Bike magazine began a feature in their May 2015 issue they are now calling the Project Royal Enfield Continental GT that’s a part of their Classic Workshop series. They are rebuilding this motorcycle from start to finish with modern full color images and all the tech specs you’ll need to potentially create a Concours level restoration. If this is the size and vintage motorcycle you’re interested in owning there will be no better choice for you since there were no Triumph or BSA variants to be had with this motor size.

A few other things to know about this bike before you buy it will be shown in the photos and in the following description. We can afford to sell this bike to the right buyer because as you can see this bike has been in an accident. The fork tubes are bent along with the swingarm. The fork tubes can be straightened or bought new and the swingarm can be easily straightened since it is still intact and the material is still in one piece. The frame has been inspected however and it is not bent. With these obvious flaws we are selling this at a reduced cost so this is your chance to have an entry into a rare British cafe racer without having to pay a premium price or pay those very premium import prices to have it shipped from England.

Once again all the missing parts for this bike are available from Hitchcocks in England -- one of the foremost Enfield specialty parts companies. In the May article there was a great quote saying “This bike typifies the ideal first restoration project”. Having been in a shop that has seen several top end restorations we can agree that any machine with so many fundamental pieces included (or readily available) would be the best one to start with as a novice or would serve as an easy project for the well seasoned restoration artist.

We have been selling motorcycle and motorcycle parts here on eBay for over five years now and we do our best to help other enthusiasts and professionals have a chance to get what they need in a painless friendly transaction. We are glad to accommodate any shipper you may use (don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions) and can also offer storage for your new purchase for a reasonable amount of time until you have made arrangements to get it. Because we are also very active in the vintage bike scene we can offer an economical delivery option to the Mid-Ohio and Wauseon swap meets.

Finally this motorcycle has no title but will be sold with a bill of sale (a title was not available at time of original purchase). It is also sold with no warranty and no returns accepted. If you have any questions or concerns just let us know. We are happy to help and want to get this machine into the hands of someone who can breathe new life into it.

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