Triumph Trident 1969 T150 Unmolested Ray Gun original ,Rare, 9287 low miles

1969 Triumph Trident

Price: US $5,200.00
Item location: Alto, Michigan, United States
Make: Triumph
Model: Trident
Year: 1969
Mileage: 9,287
VIN: NC00660T150T
Color: Green
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1969 Triumph Trident T150 750cc unmolested original . 9287 low miles . Awesome original condition. Clear Michigan title . This is a rare find ! I purchased this bike from the estate of a deceased collector. This is what I know about its past history, he man a long time collector, nbsp;had a very large collectio, hoard of British bikes and parts. This bike was one of a number of original machines and shows 9287 miles on the speedo.

What I have rea, lsewhere confirms my own idea that this is a rare find . A low production # bike, model that was seldom left in original Stat, ut some how was unmolested over all these years and has survived very close to the condition it left the factory in. It will need a little work but I donít think they come much better than this.

When I first saw the bike it was complete and original but very dirty with dust and grime. It looked like it had all the right parts and was in solid condition. I took it home and gave it a light bath, o heavy cleaning . What I found underneath was exciting . The bike appears to me, o have original paint of very high quality.But Iím not a paint expert so you be the judge. No dents or scratches . There is minor hazing on some chrome parts, ay be some pits or a minor scratch somewhere but the paint and finish are great. I have not polished it or done any major cleaning just light soap and water . The metal and chrome parts must have had an oil bath or spray applied at some time . It seems the bike was prepared for long term storage by applying oil or a film of grease to it. Areas such as the rims were dark and had a yellow tin, ad accumulated a very dirty greasy appearance . But when this was washed of, here was little rust on the wheel rims or chrome parts . The painted areas were in a similar state. The tank was grimy until I washed it and underneath was incredible.

I think this bike may well have been put in storage shortly after new and layered with a protective film. Iím of an age and was in the Navy in 1969. Many of us who had purchased bikes, prior to leaving for an extended time in the servic, uch as Viet Nam. Stored them in the basement, prayed them down and covered them with a shee, o they would be like new when we got home. Some of those guys never made it back home. This bike seems to have gone thru a long time storage of this nature.

Looks to me that the battery has been replaced more recently and the bike may have been ridden by the last owner. I have not tried to start it. It is not running at this tim, would assume the carbs are dirty and the bike should be gone thru completely before being ridden. It turns over freely.

Look for your self at the photo, here is minor pitting on the handle bars and some paint has a patina of age on it. One front Gator is torn. Gas tank is dry and does not appear to have any heavy rust. Look at the filler neck photo and you can judge for your self about the original paint. Side cover decals are gone .

After I washed the bike off, had to roll it thru some mud and the tires look messy in some of the photo, hey will wash off easily.

This bike does have some flaw, ome scratches on the fantastic Ray Gun pipes and it still has this residue of oil on many of the parts . Of course today, any original bikes are left as is and for that reason I have not polished or done much cleaning . But if you are of a mind to do that. With wax and chrome polis, nd a through degreasin, his bike would be a brilliant Gem. These are smooth, ast, good handling bikes, hat are a wonderful ride.

This original trident is sold as i, hipping is at the buyers expens, t is not runnin, ill need cleaning and a complete go thru by the buyer before any use. Shows no compression on the right cylinder. Comes with a Clean Michigan title . I will load on your carrier but will not do any packagin, s reliable carriers donít require this. Bike is located in Grand Rapids Michigan. This bike is only available to buyers in the lower 48 States . I will not get involved with any export paper work! Only because its time consuming and I donít have the time. I expect deposit and payments on time via pay Ėpal or real funds to my bank. I can hold the bike for a reasonable time while you arrange pickup. Please take a good look at the Photos but Any questions Iíll do my best to answer. Check my feedback!

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ď As introduced in1969, he Trident came with a"Shoebox"gas tank, normous side covers, nd those laughable"Ray Gun"mufflers. Needless to say, ales suffered for it. Many people bought them like this then quickly converted them over to more conventional-lookingBonneville-style bodywork, o much so that finding an unmolested original like this is rare.Ē

The story of the Triumph Trident and her sister-bike, heBSA Rocket 3, s one of the most interesting, nd at the same time most exasperating, ales in all the annals of Classic British Motorcycles. Interesting because the Triumph Trident might actually have been one of the few instances in which Triumph's parent company,BSA, ould have actually been ahead of the curve with its planning. Exasperating because it took so many years to get from concept to prototype, hen prototype to production, hat the window of opportunity had closed. Now instead of an incomparably fast, adically new machine, y the time it launched in late 1968 (as a 1969 model), t had to compete with the much Cheaper,Honda 750 Four.

The Trident though selling in small number, ompared to the Hond, as smooth, as, much better handlin, lighter machine. Winning many production road races and was as fast or faster than the Honda CB750.

Its stylin, eemed unusual at the time has become an Iconic Ray Gun Gem, oday!

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