1957 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler, Correct Concourse Restoration

1957 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler

Price: US $10,000.00
Item location: Utica, Michigan, United States
Make: BSA
Model: A10 Spitfire Scrambler
Type: Off-Road
Year: 1957
Color: Red
Engine size: 650
Vehicle Title: Clear
Contact seller: Contact form

Please read this entire ad prior to bidding. Thank you!

The 1957 A10 Spitfire Scrambler has some significant differences from the A10 Scramblers that followed. (1958 to 1963)

The 1957 model was the only A10 Spitfire to have the "so-called" light weight frame and front and rear hubs that were similar to the Goldstar.  

Years 1958 through 1963 had the same basic frame as the A10 Road Rocket. including provision in the front steering head for a key lock. The 1957 Spitfire did not have a steering lock.

The 1957 and 1958 models did not have the short scrambler seat. instead they had a longer dual seat. (see factory photos provided in this ad)

The 1957 and 1958 models did not have high level exhaust pipes that exited on the left side. The high pipes started in 1959 and continued to the end in 1963.

The exhaust pipes on the 1957 and 1958 models were downpipes that extended to a midpoint on the swing arm. (see factory photo)

The 1957 model came equipped with "grab rails". (see factory photo)

The 1957 and 1958 models came with a magneto. not a "dynamo" or generator.  

The front and rear hubs are unique to the 1957 model. They were nearly identical to the Goldstar with chrome plated backing plates. The models from 1958 to 1963 used "full width" alloy hubs with painted black backing plates.

The 1957 model was not equipped with an air cleaner when it left the factory. (see factory photo)  

The 1957 model was the first year of the A10 scramblers. they continued through 1963. Less than 300 A10 scramblers were produced in 1957.

This example was shipped to Hap Alzina in California on May 24. 1957.

It has been dated and authenticated by the Vintage Motorcycle Club Ltd. . and the BSA Owners Club of the UK.

Note: I have avoided putting the full and correct vin number in this ad. due to unscrupulous people faking the real thing. I will provide those numbers to the buyer. and also give the buyer the original dating certificates from Great Britain.

This motorcycle would make a fine addition to any collection or museum. It has never been run since it was restored in 2008. It has always been stored in a "climate controlled environment. If the new owner wants to ride it. simply add fuel. fluids. and go!

Since moving to a condominium from my previous home. I am downsizing my collection. Please note. I have no other motorcycles for sale at this time. and I have no spare parts for A10 Spitfires.

The photos provided in this ad were taken on Jan 25. 2015. The lighting was not that good. but I did not want to take the bike outside into the snow to take the photos. Prospective buyers should get a good idea of the quality of this restoration from my detailed photos.

This is not an inexpensive motorcycle. but my reserve is reasonable and is below what three A10 Spitfires sold for in Las Vegas recently. (google the auction results for the Jan 2015 Mid- America- Mecum motorcycle auction. ) (Gavel Prices were 16. 00. to 22. 00.

Those of you who have sold "big-ticket " items on ebay will understand why I have to put the following details in this ad. When you run an ad that reaches a world-wide audience it is a "risk-reward" situation. The vast majority of people in the Motorcycle "hobby" are awesome. but one has to try and protect oneself from any potential "scammers". So here are the details.

I will not sell to anyone outside of the USA. No exceptions! (due to previous bad experiences)

If you have little or no ebay feedback you must call me prior to bidding. otherwise. I will cancel your bid.

The winning bidder must pay a deposit of $2000. Within 48 hours of the end of this auction. I will accept paypal for the deposit. Also USA bank cashier or certified checks. and USA bank wire transfers.

The balance must be paid within 72 hours. For the balance I accept USA bank checks. cashiers or certified. Cash (in Person Only)

This motorcycle will not leave my premises until all funds have cleared my bank.

Shipping is the total responsibility of the buyer. including costs and arrangements. Shipping for a motorcycle can be $1000. or more depending on how far you are from my address. Shop around on-line and get your quotes. Be aware. cheapest is not always best. I have no recommendations on shippers. they typically work to their schedules. not yours. For getting shipping quotes I am located in Rochester MI. and my Zip is 48307

I will respond to any legitimate questions from prospective buyers regarding this motorcycle.

I prefer to talk by phone. Call Jim at (248) 266-6494 at any reasonable hour with your questions. I am located in Rochester Michigan

Which is Eastern Standard Time. If you get a recording I will return your call ASAP.

Note: I will respond to emails. but I am a dinosaur (71 years old). I can't type and I do not text. Frankly. in my opinion. if you are "truly" interested in this motorcycle you should call.

Please look at my feedback. I have sold several "big ticket" motorcycles on ebay. Thus far everyone has been pleased with the motorcycles that I have sold.

               Thank you for reading this entire ad. /p>

                          Best regards. /p>

                               Jim (248) 266-6494


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