Thank you for taking a look at our auction!

In this auction we have a pair of consecutive serial number Bultaco Tirons from 1973. Before considerin" />

1973 Bultaco Tiron minibike pair with consecutive serial numbers. Very rare.

1973 Bultaco

Price: US $107.50
Item location: South Point, Ohio, United States
Make: Bultaco
Year: 1973
Mileage: 9,999
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Thank you for taking a look at our auction!

In this auction we have a pair of consecutive serial number Bultaco Tirons from 1973. Before considering the rest of the listing, ouíll want to know this is for the more serious Bultaco collectors (who already know getting consecutive serial numbers is almost an impossibility). If you're not interested in the collectibility of consecutive numbered bikes, his will probably not be the auction for you. However, f you're a serious minibike enthusiast, Bultaco Tiron would be top of the line and adding a pair to your collection could be a good way to set yourself apart from more casual collectors. I have included some details about these bikes below. I have uploaded two videos to show them running here and here and have included a folder full of all of the pictures of them that I have available here. Be sure to check out this folder because there are 46 individual photos available.

Here are some standout details for these bikes:

*For their time, hese were top of the line minibikes with all of the highly valued features of a full sized motorcycle.

*Hydraulic forks were standard.

*Hydraulic shocks were standard.

*Five speed transmissions were standard.

*Full width wheel hubs with real motorcycle style brakes -- as opposed to the more primitive options on typical minibikes

*Front and rear suspension no hardtails or bouncing spring suspended bikes

*Comes with lights factory installed.

*Motor is the same as what was used on some of their full size trail bikes.

*Essentially, his is a real motorcycle in every sense of the word (as far as what would come on a full size version) -- it's just a scaled down machine made for children.

As far as we know, o consecutive serial numbered bikes or cars are for sale at this time in the US. Period. We also know there are no other consecutive serial number Bultaco Tirons -- and likely never will be again because these were simply sold at random at the Bultaco dealerships that were lucky enough to have one. While we will not disclose the reserve publicly, e can tell you the last Tiron on ebay that was in a similar condition sold for $2392.67. We donít think a pair of these motorcycles warrants a quantity discount. However, hese are fairly priced and will be valuable even without restoration due to their sequential numbering.

Once again, oth of these start easily and run. The clutch and transmission work as they should with no issues. With some attention to the cosmetic concerns, ou will at least know that the main components of this machine are functional and a complete running restoration is possible.

Please note, hese bikes come with a bill of sale as a title is not available since it they were licensed or acquired with a title by the current owner.

Possible delivery to Davenport, owa on September 3rd.

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